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BEWARE of Green Life Seeds

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by ManCheese, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Green Life advertises in HT, and seems to be well known.
    In spite of a thread at TY where someone had a fit about some unresolved issue, and because the person who complained didn't seem to be very diplomatic about their complaint, I chose to contact Green Life to see how strong their service would be.
    "Brian" (admittedly just a handle) was very quick to respond when I had a specific question about their inventory/strain availability.
    "Brian" e-mailed me twice in response to my questions.
    "Brian" did so very quickly, and was both friendly & helpful.
    More than 6 weeks later, and AFTER an order was both placed and paid for,
    nothing has shown up.
    More than 10 requests for status update, requests for explanation RE: "what happened and/or what is the problem?", and ZERO replies.
    I've written to the address "Brian" wrote from, I've used the automated "Contact Us" link. I've never once been unfriendly or disrespectful.
    I was very patient. I waited WEEKS before the nature of my e-mails was anything other than simple and inquisitive.
    About 1 week ago, I wrote what was at least the tenth message - explaining that I would prefer to figure out what went wrong privately and 1-on-1 with Green Life via e-mail... but that if there was no response soon, I would not hesitate to make my complaint public by explaining what seems to be a blatent rip-off on "the forums" i.e. making fellow community members aware of this situation.
    I decided to trust Green Life because they claimed to have BBCheese in REG (not fem'd) form, and most others only seemed to have Fem'd.
    I decided to place trust in them because "Brian" was prompt and courteous when I first contacted Green Life.
    Everyone knows you take your chances...
    But people should know that based upon current lack of e-mail response and NO ORDER BEING FILLED, you might be taking a much BIGGER chance of getting ripped off if you choose Green Life.
    $120 down the drain (apparently).
    I'm surprised HT accepts advertising from a biz with such horrible customer support.
    If anything changes or gets resolved, I will update here.
  2. biggs


    sorry to hear the bad news bro. i was thinking of ordering the very same beans as they claim to have regs. i tried pm'ing buddha on another site to make sure they are legit. but haven't heard back yet. i suggest you hit buddha up to see if he can resolve this for you.
  3. mal

    mal Premium Member Supporter

    Ordered From Them

    About 5 years ago I sent them 250$ for seeds, several weeks later I received a letter from customs asking me to get in touch with them. The original cheap envelope they sent the seeds in was ripped in half and the note from customs was tucked inside, thats what I found in the mail box. Don't order from them

  4. over a year ago....

    Fortunately, i did not have the same experience as others did. i had ordered over 500.00 worth of beans from them. it certainly took a long while. i never email or anything, and they showed up. i recently popped the beans and everything seemed to be as they say!

    so i did have a different experience with them. my order showed up, no problems, except they took a long while to get here.

    in defense to all legit seedsbanks in europe,
    we all take a risk when we purchase beans that customs will intercept them. i would not be so quick to blame the "seedbank" for customs interception.

    its a tough place out there for seedbanks. selling souvenir's that may have legal implications in most countries. (marc emery) im still trying to figure out how the blame can be put on them, when we all know the risk we take to purchase them and we all know that the beans just might not show up.

    and for christs sake: we all know the american government is completely against cannabis!

    just like gambling in vegas, odds are always in favor of the house, but people still play thinking they can beat the house! and they do sometimes.
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  5. mal

    mal Premium Member Supporter

    You Must Be Lucky

    My seeds were sent in an envelope that cost 5 cents. If your sending seeds you need a creative way to package them so some nucklehead doesn't feel them and say "these feel like seeds" and rip the envelope open. Which is why I received an empty envelope with a friendly note from customs
    And is why I say- Don't Order From Green Life Seeds

  6. i agree with you mal...

    a good company would want to get thier product to the consumer as fast as possible, and with as little problems as possible.

    i guess i got lucky!
  7. thinking back...

    when i looked at my collection of seeds, i remembered that i had ordered twice from these people. both with totals over 500 before shipping.
    like i had mentioned before:
    THEY TOOK A LONG TIME TO GET HERE, but they eventually arrived.

    i would be patient. i understand its hard at this point, but i willing to bet they will show up when you least expect it. thats what im rooting for!!!!!!
  8. On top of the excellent customer service they also charge well over the regular prices for most of their seed. It's supposed to be in London too, you would think they would be competitive with other uk seedbanks.

    For example their next gen dynamite is $90, whereas anywhere else in England it's £29...

    Ripoff imho :swear
  9. well that sucks bro, he was nice an curtosy because he is a scammer apperently , thanks for letting board aware... as you are likely to hurt there (wanna say business) but scam sounds like the better word and forum especially this one have tons of followers, so your loss ,probally saved alot of other people.... which is good ... sorry for your loss... chalk it up to lesson learned and never know you could wind up seeing a booth at a future cup and really let them have it.
  10. i just don't order seeds from Europe anymore.....lost to many to customs....takes to long
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  11. Then what seed bank do you use if not from UK? Just curious

    Asking mainly because I was just on breeder page and was chatting with greenlife seeds
  12. I've never ordered from Greenlife but I have successfully ordered from Attitude, Cannazon, Sannies, Sowamazing seeds, hemp depot, cannacollective and this site as well. Good luck with future orders and thanks for the heads up about Greenlife. Glad I never ordered from them. I usually try and find reviews online before I order as a precautionary. You can usually find something to sway your decision one way or the other.
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  13. Very true.. All I found was like 1 single comment and after reading this I'll definitely still with attitude and Herbie's and whoever else..