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BHO curing methods or teks....lets hear yours?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by SCFSYNDICATE760, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I know this is somewhat more of an advanced subject re bho making..but def an important one and overlooked by many...I know everyone wants the stuff immediately to smoke so its almost impossible to have some sitting around long enough TO cure...
    no i am not talking about PURGING I am talking about after you have made your stuff, then what you do with it to make it better..
    Many have prob done it on accident...left stuff sitting out or not sold some for a month or a few weeks and it changed and usually gets better..i dont know about this degraded budder stuff...sounds like amber purist propaganda to me!!lololol,......

    anyways..i have not gotten fully into this stage yet..i am just now starting to cure longer...I basically just let it sit out...I am sure theres some other methods ie heating ambiently....i

    anyways..some moron on tc was saying you didnt need to cure concentrates for any reason..i say bullshit,,ive done it...and it seemed to get better to me at least,,and the 5 other people who saw it from og state...sooo...

    so I figured id throw up a thread and see what those doing this step are doing...
    heres a pic of my horrorshow wax....tasted insane..people said best at that point in time..
  2. That's some really nice looking wax. Man I love low-temp vaporizing good wax. Seems like the curing thing would happen more with wax, ya know, more smells and flavors akin to the way icewater hash ages. Shatter and oil not so much?

    I hear people talk about pre-decarboxylating their concentrates and wonder why (unless you plan to ingest or use topically). I mean, it's a way to further concentrate the converted thc, useful for heavy dosing, but leaves some nice aromatics behind in the purge, and perhaps setting up other canabanoids for conversion/degradation depending on the temps used. Suppose it just depends what you want/need from the meds.

    Mine gets refrigerated in whatever form with silica desiccant and oxygen absorbers in a sealed outer container. Vacuum jar seems like a good idea, or nitrogen pack for longer term.
  3. Storage allows some decarboxylation and some of the lighter aromatic phenolic, alcohol, and ketone turpenes are lost, which makes the oil smoother on my lungs, but it loses some of its fresh flavors.
  4. Graywolf, I've learned a ton from your posts on solvent extracts here and elsewhere, thanks a lot. Someone was asking in another thread about the decarb temp/time curve, aren't you the one who posted that a while back? Having trouble finding it again, seems relevant to this conversation too. Maybe on TY?

    I remember skimming a lot of armchair debate on it not that long ago, but seems like the science is quickly progressing as more of us gain access to analytical testing. Seeing the diy extraction equipment posted lately, looks like some of you are rapidly gaining expertise with this? Can anyone share good evidence-based sources on decarboxylation vs effects (ingested or otherwise)?
  5. el cerebro-I have been thinking lately of how to use some type of desiccant pak or some type of industrial desi for sucking out all moisture from you elab a lil on your methods/tek/application for using what you just said you use...the paks etc..
    thanks g
    el that spanish for brain or something?

    thanks for the compliment! got any pics of urs?
  6. Here is the curve of which you probably speak and which I originally got from Jump,

    Sorry, I don't know of any published clinical comparison of decarboxylated vis a vis nondecarboxylated, but we routinely decarboxylate for oral meds based on the preponderance of the published anecdotal data that says that it is necessary for maximum effect orally.
    Decarboxylation graph.jpg
  7. Sorry, missed this until now. I just use the silica desiccant and o2 absorbers in a jar full of smaller vials that don't seal perfectly, or with concentrate in parchment, not part of the actual purging process. I find it helps keep any condensation from forming inside the outer jar, which I keep refrigerated or frozen. My superhero alter-ego speaks spanish but mine isn't so great.

    Thanks, that shows the basic concept, I'll still dig around for that in-depth discussion when I get time, it has a more detailed version of the graph and a link to the whole study. I assume by 'maximum effect' most people would base this on relief for intractable pain or as a strong therapeutic intervention, but I'm also interested in the spectrum of effects at various levels of decarb (i.e. tailoring the cannabanoid sythesis/conversion to whatever your goals). One example of this would be with CBD, which can be ingested in much larger amounts from non-decarbed leaf material yet with little psychoactive effect.
  8. Studies have shown that smoking and vaporizing are not intense or of long enough duration to decarboxylate the majority of the thca within the material. That means a fair amount of what we imbibe is useless and wasted.

    Decarbing flowers detracts from the sensory appeal and opens the active ingredients to rapid oxidation and degradation, so that strategy has never received any traction, but oil, that's a different animal.

    I would posit that decarbing oil would provide for a stronger, easier, and more economical experience for most, especially if one put's connoisseurial considerations aside. My only lingering doubt is the question as to how fast decarbed oil breaks down compared to minimally processed oil.
  9. I did post a curve that I scored from Jump, and is attached.

    No on anything but anecdotal evidence on effect and even with our new gas chromatograph, we can't measure the difference between THCA and THC, without affecting the results. A High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph is typically used for those measurements.

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  10. Kushest


    I know this thread is kind of old but I figured I'd bring it back with some more info.

    I winterize all of my bho and turn it into shatter. I personally don't like any budder or crumble stuff. I like clean and pure smoke.
    Anyways, during my purge I let temperatures reach around 200° or so.
    This leaves me with a stable shatter that is partially decarbed. At this temperature all water and alcohol are gone.
    How much you process at a time makes a big difference in outcome.
    I found that heat purging 20ml at a time will give me the exact texture I'm looking for.
    The shatter may come out a little bit darker and it won't have all the big flavors but the effects are well worth it.
    My trim run will knock you off your ass harder than some of the best nug run you'll find.
    I've stuck with this method because of the medicinal value. I personally need that super indica sedative and it will put you to sleep for hours and make you trip.
    I live in so cal so believe me I've been able to try the best of the best and have spent thousands on shatter before finally making my own.
    None of that stuff ever made me feel like my own does.
    Now I occasionally spend $200 and have wax for months.

    So on to the curing. I've had so much that I've been able to let it sit and it does stabalize more and does become more potent. You might even get more lemony flavor out of it as I've seen.

    So anyways, I hope this helps some people break out of the barrier of the same information.
    Let me know your results.