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BHO Powder

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Adb6488, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Adb6488


    Hi people, new to the forums here but a long term enthusiast :).

    I have seen a few videos of people smoking BHO powder, How on earth do they achieve this consistency?

    Any help/advise would be appreciated :)
  2. wax? there is a hash making thread here several actually
  3. check out river rocks rock budder (their website, facebook, google it im sure there are reviews)

    getting the powder/super dust is a somewhat long process.

    I know they blast their oil then vac purge with very very very low heat FOR DAYS. thats how they get their crazy consistensy like that, but then again they won multiple awards for their BHO, so i'd look a little more into that!
  4. depends on the variety and trich configuration, some are waxier, some oily, some are drier. then processing temps factor in too, both during extraction and 'purging'.

    if you're blasting with a tube, try very thin layer onto warm pyrex, with pre-frozen material/tube/butane. this typically makes shatter which becomes dust/powder when you scrape it. i have some strains that result in wax so dry you can break up into powder if you're careful. scraping and handling needs to occur at low temps too or it can clump and become wax/oil again.
  5. Here is RR rock budder
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  6. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    the dust from shatter is easy to collect, easy to use too! :D

    What % thc are they testing around, does anyone know?
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  7. yeah hold on i have some pics of the tested results somewhere
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  8. Aforce


    I get scrapings like this after making bho..

  9. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    well with all this powder around I'm gonna drop a pic of some

    Made from Golden Gate Kush, yummy n stoney!

  10. all RIVER ROCKs product. definitely some great concentrate thats for sure BB#3 RR TEST.jpg BUBBLEBERRY BHO TEST RESULTS RR.jpg CANNALABS BHO TEST RIVERROCK.jpg RR COOG BHO TEST.jpg SOUR TSUNAMI BHO RR TEST RESULTS.jpg
  11. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    Did you try the sour tsunami ?
  12. yeah, the oil to me is kinda harsh the buds are where its at IMO.... still kicks your ass nicely.

    great effects though. they also have a CBN oil that puts you straight the fuck to sleep....

    pretty good stuff.

    stoner level - Nerd
  13. Adb6488


    Thanks for all the replies guys. I mean the actual powder, rather than scrapings.

    Thanks again for all your assistance, will be sure to post results in here over the next few weeks.

  14. yes.....goin for the 70%+ cbd oil here...
    as for powder theres 2 sep types...and it seems as if noone has actually dsc14d the difference..
    heres a lil pre story..
    so theres this vendor here in sd...well known older kat...
    great indoor flowers..(lil exp @ 35 a unit, but hey)
    so he busts out these envelopes of "dust"...then he proceeds to tell me about how its made in the desert etc where its dry and yadda yadda it dries out im looking at it and its def "powder like" in appearance etc..i mean it is like a sand lets say...
    tried was decent trim very tasty imho

    so i get the stuff back to where its goin, and it actually turns back into a gelatinous blob after some minimal heat/being in containers etc...

    so i thought it was pretty funny that this dude went on and on about how and why it was "dry"
    so it actually wasnt "dry" it was just small..very very small pieces of amber shatter...which we all know will turn completely sappy with minimal heat...
    so no dude, your stuff is def NOT dry, its precisely what someone said earlier...this layer purged shatter, chiseled up into "dust"...
    that will then reglob w any heat...

    DRY means that you can take a chunk press it in between fingers and it will literally crumble to dust..THATS dry. you can repress it together, but u really need to compress it..
    the only way you can get this texture is with decent material and the right combo of time/temp/vac...
    there are several ways to the top of the mountain, ill lay out the quickest-

    blast ur shit
    whip it in pyrex
    transfer to another smaller plate
    spread your glob out a bit (doesnt have to be like crazyyyyyy thin, but it will dry faster if it is, the drawback is youll have less big chunks..the thinner you dry it the more crumbley/powdery it will be
    put the plate on a seedmatt or on top of a stereo receiver or somewhere w a lil warmth
    let it dry out
    could take an hr w added heat (hot plate oven etc, careful tho too much n its back to sap, no dryness) or could take overnight...
    once dry all you gotta do is scrape it up...
    if it dries out properly youll have dust...
    you CERTAINLY dont need 4 days
    theres a big misconception that ALLLLLL wax comes out waxy right out the tube...couldnt be further from truth...u have to process it into wax generLLY..some strains may have more waxy cell structure or whatever, but in gen u HAVE to process..
    embrace the concept of your wax SETTING...
    many times you dont need heat or anything like that...
    purge it, whip it and let it set over night...many times what was budder texture will "wax up" once you package it in containers...

    i use a vac oven and get er done in a few hours...max.

    for more great tech tips,secrets,ideas,wax shirts and everything bho, visit the ONLY BHONLY forum

    and for anyone going for that wax texture everyone loves, your NOT i repeat NOT gonna get it with some shiesty old ass trim your boy gave you from last year...or even last years buds..generally to get light colored crumbley shit, you need FRESH GOOD materials to start...cant make chicken salad outta chicken
  15. I actually made this powder last night on accident with no special anything. No purge even. I was doing my hit water boil off of my tane and out of nowhere it looked like a long stream kf gasoline on the grlund when you light it. In a fast poor it went from looking like it was gonna be crumble and then it turned to dust. It was pretty cool amd its super potent and flavorful. But I wasnt prepared for it. All 4 of my runs did it the same way .But I dont use a blasting tube. I freezer wverything including mason jars and I do a butane soak in the freezer. I pyncture holes in the lid of the had and let it sit for 10 minted no agitation at all then pour through silk screen into silicone pan .Floating in water. Never once did my dab do this. Smokes the same. Works great out of a rig amd great out of my Yocan Loaded.