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bho, winterizing ... still no shatter :(

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by connoisseurde420, May 5, 2013.

  1. I recently have been experimenting with this practice attempting to come out with that beautiful shatter consistency. while the end product is beautiful, it waxes up on me everytime. I have read on several forums and went thru the incredible skunk pharm site full of info. so here is my process for yall to critique.
    I start with dry fresh trim within a week of harvest usully. I don't frezee, the only thing I haven't tried yet. my trim is small buds and sugar leaf broken down to like u were to roll one up. I use a glass extraction tube and one coffee filter. I may try more than one next. my square glass collection tray sits in water inside of electric griddle on low heat. haven't measured temp but water never boils and I can stick my hand in there pretty sure its not decarbing at all. once I'm done blasting then I just let it sit till the bubbles stop and wether I whip or not it goes to wax by just sitting there. I have found when it looks like shatter it really needs some more purging. IME. what could I be doing wrong. I have used over 15 different strains too so I know that not it and my trim comes from to notch buds. so I tried to further refine after this by winterizing. all in all after two days of sitting in the freezer still came out wax lol lawdy lawdy what have I done!

    below on the flat parchment is winterized and cup is what I started with.
  2. I would need to know the temperature and pool depth to comment.

    A vacuum purge in a thin film at 115F until the solvent bubbles stop and only the Co2 and terpene bubbles remain, is the easiest way that I know to consistently end up with shatter.
  3. temp I can't say without one of those infared temp readers. it very well maybe hotter than 115. pool depth varies from a gram to a couple oz. of finished oil at a time. once I get this down I willl be building a terpenator for fall time and I don't use a vacuuming in my processing only water bath. some prefer wax but that shatter looks more impressive. thanks greywolf for your response.about those bubbles the small ones are the terps right? I stopped processing once I had somewhat close to shatter but it was still runny so j left it longer came back and it was wax. if All I need to do is keep the temps lo for shorter time period that will be easy. I assumed it was impurities from my process. was expecting it not to be able to wax it I did it right but I got it now. I will try to run some to night maybe but I will post results.
  4. Looking forward to your results! Bon appetite!
  5. I agree. Until I purchesed an oven-vac, shatter was a crap shoot. Now every batch is shatter.
  6. hmm thanks for info will keep this all in mind
  7. Wavegem


    Also i have noticed higher thc in material shatters. throw in some Kief.
  8. might try that. I got a infared temp for my next run to see exactly what temps I'm running at in my thin film purge. sounds like I may need a vac. for the results I want. probably won't do it till I get to terp status. everything still comes out waxy no matter what I do by the way. lmao.
  9. well I went in on this vac pump cause this absolute takes forever to purge when I get to half oz batches... and I want shatter consistency. Any ideas about what the best option for heat and containers...? I'm gonna search just wondering what yall using
  10. datDANK


    look at the new hightimes mag. it tells you everything you need to know to make budder from the budderking himself. how you will and will not get a successful product
  11. I see mostly custom made chambers and vac ovens, but im not that rich or crafty lol.

    I use a polycarbonate/PTFE vacuum chamber that is very strong and light weight. It is ready to go out of the box, and is clear so you can see what is going on. I have a bunch of pics of it and info on how i incorporate heat in a thread i made recently if you are interested.
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  12. nice I like your chamber but would like more control over the temp for longer runs. how long does it take to purge for yall. include how much bho output. right bow about 12 hours for absolute and 4-6 without alcohol

  13. I just vac multiple times. Ive done 20+ grams in this thing. Easiest & cheapest way to vac im my opinion!

    The longer you purge in the skillet the shorter the purge in the vacuum
  14. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    I manage to get shatter everytime....and I'm no scientist.

    Here's what I use...
    -Robinair 5cfm 2-stage vac
    -Thermo Scientific Nalgene Vacuum Desiccator, 280 mm OD
    -cooking skillet
    -oven roast pan
    -silica sand
    -Pyrex 13x9 glass dish
    -glass bho extraction tubes
    -un bleached coffee filters
    -un bleached parchment paper
    -electric tape
    -metal strap tightening bands

    First I take the product and stuff the tubes decently tight. I do not break it up much unless the buds are large. I never let my product turn to shake or anything like that. I also keep my product in the freezer. I do let it dry before going into the freezer. Iv seen a few people online state that they use fresh product, iv never done that

    After tubes are packed I cut down a un bleached coffee filter to wrap around the bottom of the extraction tube. Make sure it's tight and not torn. Secure that with electrical tape tightly. Then I take and cut down a cooking oil splash guard and wrap it around the bottom of the tube over the coffee filter. Secure that with the metal strap bands.

    Get that oven roasting pan and fill it with warm water (110 or so is a perfect temp for your water). Place the Pyrex on top of the water and then blast the bho on to the Pyrex dish. (Note: before I start messing with the water temps and setting up the Pyrex dish I put the extraction tubes in the freezer for like 10 minutes.)

    After blasting on the Pyrex I let it sit on the water for about 30 minutes....changing out the water if it gets too cold. After 30 minutes I take the dish off water and dry off the bottom. I set it on the counter inside and let it sit for about 20 minutes or so....long enough for temps to drop a little but not long enough for the oil to become hard on the Pyrex.

    While the Pyrex is chill I cut out parchment paper to fit the bottom of the desiccator. After fitting the parchment paper I scrape the Pyrex dish with a cleaned straight racer blade. Scrape the whole dish onto the parchment and then try to spread it around on the parchment paper so it's some what thinned out.

    Now, I take the over roast pan and dump out the water and dry it out. Fill it about 1/4 the way with silica sand. Plug in the skillet place the oven roast pan on top of it. Now place the desiccator into the silica sand so the bottom is touching all the bottom on the sand. Mess with the temp setting on the skillet until you get to 115 and mark on the skillet with a marker or dot of paint or even a piece of tape so you don't need to figure this out again next time you make oil.

    Place the parchment paper in the desiccator chamber on the bottom. I secure it to the bottom with painters tape. Iv found sometimes when I de gas and open the chamber after vaccing that parchment sometimes flips over so the tape helps prevent that. Now place the dome on the desiccator and attach the vac.

    Turn the vac on and let it get to -30 on the gauge. The initial purge will raise the most so I let it raise up and after it settles a bit ill turn the valve close and open the chamber to de gas for a minute. I then close back up the desiccator and let it pump for 20-30 minute periods de gasing and opening up the chamber in between. I do this till I don't see constant bubbling. Usually takes about 6 sessions of 20-30 minutes on most strains for me.

    At this point I can take out the parchment paper and let it set on a counter for 15-20 minutes and the finished product has been shatter for me everytime with every strain iv done for far. (Only been making oil for a little less then a year)

    This is just my method that has been working....figured I'd share it with you :) ~Smf~
  15. Ok guys. He's talking about winterized though not just blasting shatter.

    On the contrary. Winterizing wax takes out all that bullshit that makes the wax turn into shatter. It shouldn't!!!! Try and and get all those fats/junk out of your oil. If done right you will never get shatter, it will be like a hard candy that's very movable.

    Winterizing takes out the bs that makes it turn to shatter though. Which is a good thing. How long did you leave it in to cool down to winterize???
  16. I left it in the freezer for 48 hours about and used warm bath to evaporate overnight 8-10 hrs

    I believe you are misinformed about winterization taking out what makes it shatter. if anything it takes out waxes and lipids keeping it from waxing up...
  17. It's not waxy or oily but it's def not shatter.

    It's more bendable. Like a gummy candy.

    Leave it in the freezer for 6-24 hours max is what I've been told. And the dude that I saw it from was some of the best examples I've had. And I don't know cause there is a lot of opinions but I think you need to vac purge it after too.
  18. Kk agreed . idk about the freezer haven't tried all that.

    got this aluminum pot as my chamber just need to make a lid. lexan layered to 1.5" and bolted together at the corners to keep it together.

    next I will need to attach the pump to the aluminum pot and add two ball valves for control.
  19. need to go back to store for more parts but should be able to vac my first batch tomorrow!
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  20. trying it out... my aluminum 20qt pot folded on me during testing and I don't even think it was full vac. still need a gauge so I have no idea if its pulling full vac. back with more pics