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BHO With TheNewGuy - 2012 Method -

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by TheNewGuy, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. *BHO With TheNewGuy* - 2012 Method -

    Never empty can's of butane gas indoors, even if you are in a window. sparks from electronics & other indoor appliances(including fans) can cause the gas to ignite. butane gas is heavier than air so just because u don't smell it, doesn't mean there isn't a can worth on the floor waiting to ignite. SIMPLY GO OUTDOORS WHERE IT CAN BLOW AWAY IN THE WIND.

    The Material
    Sugar Leaf or Buds ONLY. Like any other Hash extraction... the better the material going in, the more yield and higher quality coming out. If you can, separate your material while trimming. The material used in this extraction method should be BONE DRY & coated in trichomes. A lot of people run strictly buds, so if you are running trim, the material has to be really high quality. fan leaves just take up space in the tube and don't produce oil... so make sure it's COATED.

    Equipment List
    The Extraction Tube
    I picked up my tubes from extraction experts they are pretty nice glass ones, nice & thick. For the 10Gram extraction tube a small ram rod like a pencil works well. For the 1 ounce tube i like a wooden spoon handle or a 1/2" wooden dowel.

    The Gas
    ONLY 5 TIMES REFINED!!! The only three gases I will even buy are Power, Vector, & FasFil {Thanks for the FasFil tip Slave}
    couple things about the gas to think about. power is a 300ML can but lists 5.8 ounces. Vector is a 320ML can & doesn't list fluid ounces. FasFil is in a 300ML can & lists 10.15 ounces.

    Heat Gun
    The heat gun is essential IMO. It warms the oil without using flames, the heat is instant, and it's really easy to control. Warming the oil before it goes into the vacuum desiccator is highly important for removing residual butane. ALWAYS have a flame/heat resistant surface to set your heat gun after each use until it has cooled. Also ALWAYS operate the heat gun on LOW!!!.

    Reynolds Parchment Paper
    this paper will line the collection plate & also store the oil when it's not in use.

    2 - Pyrex Pans
    A 7" x 11" glass pan is lined with parchment paper and placed inside a larger pan (9" x 13") that contains hot water. This will cause the butane gas to evaporate much quicker than at room temperature.


    5+CFM Vacuum Pump
    A vacuum pump does most of the work removing the residual butane. usually it takes 5-6 quick vacuum cycles to remove the remaining butane and turn your oil to glass. Here I have listed 2 very heavy duty pumps that i know will last a long time if kept oiled & taken care of. The 5 CFM Robinair pulls a vacuum to 27Hg, I believe the 6 CFM Mastercool pulls to 29 or 32Hg. Either one of these will do the job very effectively & efficiently.

    Vacuum and Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit
    this isn't really required but it lets you know that the desiccator is at full vacuum & there are no leaks.

    Vacuum Chamber/Desiccator
    I bought one of these desiccators because glass jars are not safe to put under this kind of pressure. Canning jars are built & rated for 15PSI & one of these pumps will pull a vacuum of 27 Hg in. This pressure can cause the chambers to crack or worse... implode throwing glass. I strongly recommend professional equipment & stay safe.

    The Procedure

    Loading & Preparing The Extractor

    As long as the butane can exit the canister & flow threw the tube... you are good to go. A quick way to test this is simply to blow threw the nozzle hole to test if it's plugged. You should pack the tube as much as possible (without causing blow back of course) for two reasons... The butane costs money & the yield is higher.

    Start packing the tube. Use a ram rod to make sure it's packed good & tight.

    Add more, ram it down, & repeat until completely full.

    Place your filter over the open end of the tube.

    Hose Clamp it down.

    Measure out a sheet of parchment paper that is large enough to line the entire inside of the Pyrex collection pan.

    Place the paper inside the 7"x11" pan & start smoothing it out so it lays flat on the inside of the pan. The bottom of the pan is most important because thats where a lot of the heat will come from to help speed the evaporation process along. THIS ISN'T A BEAUTY CONTEST so don't get discouraged if it looks a little rough & doesn't lay flat the first time. Place holders like jars help me out while i pull everything into position.

    Once in position fold it over.

    Other side

    Remove excess from the edges & tape all 4 sides down.

    Add Hot water to the 9"x13"

    Place your 7"x11" collection pan into the hot water bath.

    Start blasting the butane threw the tube. if you notice in this pic, there are 2 different shades in the tube that fade from top to bottom. that is the butane flowing threw the material which means everything is going smooth. I'll update with a cleaner pic.

    Remove the paper from the Pyrex pan. and heat shine the surface with the heat gun until it foams. then place it in the freezer

    scrape the oil into a small enough section of the paper so that the all oil fits in the desiccator/vacuum chamber on the sheet. work with the big stuff when scraping, the bigger stuff picks up the smaller stuff.

    if the oil is still sticky and doesn't scrape clean, it needs another surface shine with the heat gun. this will cause it to bubble & foam up again. it should flake off the paper in solid brittle little chips. if it does what is pictured below... reshine the surface and try the freezer again.

    once the oil has scraped into a section that fits in the chamber. remove the excess paper and test fit it.

    Inside the chamber

    Pull #1 - Warm the oil with the heat gun on low. make sure all the oil is warm and bubbles slowly. quickly place it in the chamber and turn the vacuum pump on. repeat this to continue removing the butane from your oil.

    Pull #2 - warm it up & throw it in the chamber

    Pull #3 - i decided to warm the oil & spread out the oil some because i didn't think the underside was being evenly heated. if you pay close attention, you will notice that it looks like my tools weren't very clean and added a few spots of burned up residual oil from my dabber. working with clean blades and dabber would have made this oil even more clear than it is. warm it up & vac it.

    Pull #4 - looked like underside of some of the thicker piles wasn't warm enough. dig under the glassy surface and it was all budder. i spread that out along the paper a little, then rewarm it & vac

    Pull #5 - warm it & vac - notice that dirty tools will leave small contamination spots. always use clean tools

    Pull #6 - Warm it & vac

    Pull #7

    Pull #8

    Hope this was informative! Party On!
    Trim 1.JPG
    Trim 2.JPG
    trim 3.JPG
    Cans O Gas.JPG
    Cases O Gas.JPG
    pull 7.JPG
    pull 8.JPG
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  2. thanks for posting!

    I myself prefer to extract into the pyrex pan and scrape into a 250ml pyrex dish which i then place into a toaster oven set at 140. this then goes into the vac chamber for half dozen or so purges. each time I purge heating to no more then 140.

    I store the oil right in the 250ml container

    some purged bluberry and some chemD/recon that has been puged 4times so far this morning.
    DSCN8691 (1024x768).jpg
    DSCN8692 (1024x768).jpg
    DSCN8693 (1024x768).jpg
  3. jagle


    what an intro new guy.

    great guide
  4. ahhh thats fuckin awesome i was just thinking about that shit i swear to god!!! the part about putting the paper in the pan and blowing into it!! yes!!

    also the teflon bag tek i hear works well...was gonna try that one too...props for the ingenuity tho..totally thought about that too!! now im gonna actually do it!!!
  5. thanks all! just trying to keep people informed. I first got the idea to spray right onto the paper when i kept missing the oil in the corners of the pyrex. the only method i saw that was actually working was using flexible razors. i wondered if it would work or soak threw, so i tried it on a 10G tube & haven't looked back. now there is no need to transfer the oil b4 vac purging cuz it's already on it's final storage surface. i made some grapefruit skunk oil today...

    here's some bonus oil shots. hope you all enjoyed. stay safe ~TheNewGuy

    Burmese Kush

    Cranberry oil

    cranberry & burm oil

    mixed batch

    Cherry x blueberry

    Cranberry & cherry oil run

    Random Run

    Mixed run

    Grapefruit Skunk

    mixed trim

    cherry x blueberry

    cherry x blueberry & grapefruit skunk run


    NYE oil
    Burm Oil.JPG
    Cranberry Oil.JPG
    Cranberry and Burm Oils.JPG
    2012 BHO-1.JPG
    2012 BHO-2.JPG
    2012 BHO-3.JPG
    Cherry Oil on Parchment 1.JPG
    cranberry&cherry errl.JPG
    Golden Oils.JPG
    NYE Oil 2.JPG
    NYE Oil 1.JPG
  6. Hell yea TNG nice one. Never thought about the heat gun. Always used a hot plate.
  7. Good post! Good idea using parchment paper to thin the oil film out for faster purging!
  8. nice one!!holy shit i just realized how much cleaner everything will be without having to scrape shit still thinking i wanna try teflon bag tek..looks even easier!!:banana1sv6:
  9. Surfr

    Surfr Just cruisin.... Supporter

    Hey bro nice post! Just to let you know though, the power 5x is only really 3x refined.. Much inferior product compared to Vector...
  10. just curious where ur getting this info? is this in print somewhere? or just heard it somewhere? again just curious, not saying it aint true..also womdering what ur basing vec being better than p5 on...tests? runs? end prod?
  11. I believe the difference lies in what is in the product. A mirror test can be done as well.


    89% Mixture of Iso and n-butane
    11% Propane

    79% mixture of Iso and n-butane
    21% Propane.

    I think Power leaves more of a residue when doing a mirror test. But when making oil out of it I didn't notice much of a difference. Might go back to vector though.
  12. Great idea about blowing right onto the paper! I have lost so much to those darn corners, I've bought so many different glass plates trying to minimize it but now you just figured it out for me!!
  13. Reynolds actually makes parchment paper on one side and tin foil on the other,,, it molds perfectly to the pan and doesn't move during the extraction but your way works great
  14. Where did you find the %s? Anybody familiar with Lucienne? It's 4x, good deal from local distributor.
  15. mal

    mal Premium Member Supporter

    Good Idea

    That parchment paper is a great idea, heard about storing your oil on it but you cut right to the chase. Hope things are good with you and yours

  16. MSDS for Vector and Power. Here is Vector...can't find Power though...think I'm going back to vector.

    Yes I've heard of Lucienne and I know people who do runs with it. Some people even think it's better than vector.
  17. Thanks for the info. Where do you get your filter? What size is it in microns? Do you ever reclaim oil from the filter? How strong is the paper? Ever have it rip?
  18. Hope this helps. :)
  19. zig - i've recently seen that paper for the first time, looks nice & heavy duty.

    phenotyper - The filter i picked up from amazon a few years ago. the extractor tube came with a 120 micro screen (even though they claimed it was 50 micron) but i replaced that with a 75. if u just type it into the search u should get something back. i spray the filter down every so often, once in a while i'll clean it with alcohol. i've smoke the alcohol extract once and it had an odd taste, if i can, i'd rather clean it with butane. sorry i can't really tell you a measurement of how strong the paper is.

    HerbalDreamin - i've been trying to find an msds on the power butane but i haven't come across one. i have always suspected them of having more propellant than butane but i do like the end products that turn out from the power 5 gas.

  20. Nice!!! I saw you post a few of those pics over at TC as well. Looking killer. Can't wait to blast in a few days :D Haven't had some errls for a good month now.