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Blue Power - Sin City Seeds

Discussion in 'Sin City Seeds' started by bigcountry77, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Just wanted to toss up a few pics of my current grow of Blue Power from Sin City Seeds.
    She has been the standout in my lil 4x4 tent. Running right next to some OGR White Strawberry, White Master, and White Skunk... Blue Power is just as frosty if not more so... and her berry kushy smell is quite intoxicating!

    pics about day 36
    BP 1st run day 36-1.jpg
    BP 1st run day 36-2.jpg

    and these are about day 44 - she really started filling in over this past week

    BP 1st run day 44-1.jpg BP 1st run day 44-2.jpg BP 1st run day 44-3.jpg BP 1st run day 44-4.jpg BP 1st run day 44-5.jpg
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  2. looks real frosty, whats the cross??
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  3. Wbwidow


    Yes that blue power is on my list to get. Sin city has a bunch of crosses I'm interested in just have to get to popping them.
  4. hey im in on this 1 too matey this is the first sin city grow ive seen except for on there own forum(homeofthedank) go check it out if you havent already! ive got my eye on there white-nightmare but its sold out and wont be back till april so they say when i e-mailed em! ill be posting my own thread when my new rooms built, ive picked up some ganga-rebel and green beanz seeds strains so cant wait for that! Anway good luck dood ill be lurkin! as alwayz nuff respect....
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  5. The cross on her is (Sour Dubs x Master Kush) x (The White x BlueMoonshine)
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  6. Hell yeah!!! pop that SinCity Dank!!!
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  7. Yeah they do have a very cool site! I posted some pix of a test grow on here I thought?? Blue Power x Mystery Thai... anyways Goodluck on your new room Dynamix! Yeah the White-Nightmare is BOMB too. Got to dab on some of that at the cup this past weekend!
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  8. Looking kill bc, blue power is a really dank ass strain.. I tasted some flowers gotdank had a few weeks back,it had a very nice master nug structure..

    very nice sour master flavor wit blueberry undertones.. Very unique strain...

    Keep up the good work..
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  9. 619ster


    IIO really want to run this strain!!!! Looks killer BC! Is this the only pheno you've seen? I wonder how similar or stable the phenos come out fro
    them beans?
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  10. Thanks EOS! I couldnt agree more... Blue Power seems to have it all!
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  11. Yeah 619 this is my first chance at running this BP cut. I missed out on the original release of this cross last year, but Sin City Seeds just put out the F2's. I sure wish I had a bunch of space to go through a couple packs and look for some keeper phenos!
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  12. gotdank

    gotdank Premium Member Supporter

    theres a bunch a phenos to look for. sin just found a new master kush pheno, low yielder but frosty as hell.

    great job homie. da new dab champ:dead:
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  13. justblazen

    justblazen Active Farmer

    Nice looking BP big country, im making f2s of it for myself as we speak. I almost lost this cut to aphids but some just rooted. Let us know how the finished nuggs taste bro
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  14. Thanks bro! Sorry to hear about the aphids... thats no good! At least you got some cuts rooted tho! You know I would have gotten you this cut back if you ever did lose it. (im always indebted to you for hooking it up!) I will try and keep this log updated through nuggs and smoking and dabbing! haha

    have you flowered this cut out yet?
    do you know what is supposed to be dominant in this pheno??? Im not sure how shes gonna finish but she sure does have an awesome sour berry kushiness so far.
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  15. Glad I grabbed a pack of those. I'll be springing some of those beans on my next bean pop for sure.:woot:
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  16. bckwht


    Just grabbed a pack elsewhere..are the f2s what's out now? The mug shop just had them listed as blue power, either way I hope they arrive safely..kinda excited to give the sour jefe a try also
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  17. Goldenrod


    i had a great blue power thread on weedyracker but they deleted all the sin city threads for some pussy ass reason unknown to me. im looking back to find the pics i took but think they were in my crashed computer. ill look on canna collective there may be pics there. great to see ya there bigcountry. 2nd on my sin city favorites list is sour flame then aliens on moonshine a close 3rd. the thread is on canna collective but i dont know how to post a luik. its aliens on moonshine & blue power test flight in the sin city forum there. glad these are finally getting the love they deserve. sin city seeds is home of the dank.
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  18. Thats what I like to hear OctoberDee!!! Blue Power gonna be popping up all over I hope!!!

    Yes the F2's are what is out... the F1 release was limited to a few spots in Southern California I believe. The info should denote on the packaging that they are the F2 generation. I hope they get there to you safely as well Bckwht! I heard the sour jefe can be a BEASTER!!!
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  19. Hey brotha GRod!! Damn thats whack to hear they got rid of your thread over there... I havent been on that site in forever...

    So glad I finally got to meet you at the cup this past weekend... I wish I had more time to just chill with you and all the other farmers. But thanks for passing those fine tasting Joints to me while I was helping out at the booth!

    I do remember some of your Aliens on Moonshine pics!
  20. I new I saw some Master Kush in there somewhere... Nice job bro.. Sounds/looks killer for sure.... ~ODB~
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