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Blueberry Grow.

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by grbattle420, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. This is my first ever grow journal guys and gals so be kind to me. Im growing an unknown Genetics Strain of Blueberry, so tell me what you think . My Blueberry clone went outside on 5April2018. It's been outside roughly for 5 weeks now in a 45gallon smart pot filled with Promix HP and Ocean forests with about a pound of earthworm castings. Like I said im new to forum journaling .
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  2. She looks good man...
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  3. Looks good,always love me some blueberry,yum yum.
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  4. Good morning. I stood outside at 1230am sheilding my plant from a massive Hail storm last night. Long night, but my plant's took no damage.
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  5. Getting gerthy.
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  6. So I got this clone 4weeks ago. Was told it was a GSC clone. Can anyone tell from this pic if this is true. It's extreamly healthy and ive started feeding her Sensi Grow. Her stalk and stem are light purplish/light green.
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  7. Just started a batch of Tea. Alfalfa pellets,RECHARGE Microbial, and one Tablespoon of Molasses. 24hour brew makes the lady's grow wild.
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  8. 14June2018 GROWING AT 6200FT above sea level.
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  9. Here's my Proof.
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  10. What a difference 3 weeks will make.
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  11. Nice :) I like your cage too, that's pretty cool.
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  12. Thankyou
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  13. ....
  14. Just added second layer of nylon trellis .
  15. Plant is growing like crazy. Summer Solstice is on 21June. Everything is growing like crazy right now.
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  16. Early morning rain shower.
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  17. ...
  18. ....
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  19. ....
  20. ....
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