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Boiling Point Test Question.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by EugeneOregon, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Cryogenic sublimator shown above during high purity run. I propose to use this vessel. That is Delta 9 THC isolate shown dripping and collecting as a bodacious layer on the cold finger.

    I believe I have a way to verifiably determine the exact boiling point of THC in my own lab in a way that I can post a video as a visual confirmation. Chempub lists the boiling point of THC as 200C at 20 microns. I have observerved my own cryogenic sublimator produce THC deposited on the cold finger with a mantle temp as low as 120C at below one micron. Based on mantle temps and pressures and the Pubchem data I created a boiling point chart using the standard calculations.

    However the chart is crude and the fact I used mantle temps and could not measure the oil directly meant I had to estimate. It is not particularly easy to isolate THC but I do this on a routine basis for my own med. So assuming I can indeed place isolated and pure THC into my boiling flask of the sublimator then here is my idea.

    The sublimator has no port for a thermometer but I can tape one inside the unit solely for this experiment. It would be under deep vacuum. Next I need a small glass tube closed on one end. I would fill the tube with compound and place it upside down in the boiling flask compound. Upon pulling a deep vacuum any trace of bubbles in the tube should be removed.

    Then my idea is to raise the temp as normal but obviously there will be no stir bar so this would need to be done in very slow increments. When the temperature of the oil becomes hot enough to effect a phase transition to gas then evaporation has occurred. The inverted tube should begin to fill with gas. When it begins to fill the temp would be set no higher.

    Then when the inverted tube is fully evacuated by the gas the temp would be slowly lowered. Very slow lolz. At the moment the liquid compound began entering back into the inverted tube the temperature on the thermometer would be recorded and the pressure recorded.

    Do you agree or disagree then that this point would be the most accurate possible measurement of what temperature THC actually boils at? For the sake of discussion let us assume that the compound is indeed pure. Is this the most accurate way?
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  2. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Vapor phase transition would be a good marker for known boiling point? B that’s true for most liquids why would THC differ? Fats/wax would be one factor for a false or flawed boiling temp assumption. I’m interested at your end results! Pls post more pictures if possible at the phase change.
  3. I put a site up for my photos and stuff now for the technically interested. I will put this sort of thing up there because then I can post high quality vids too.
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