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Botanicare Liquid Karma Vs Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by mastacheeser, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. ill start with the facts


    advanced nutrients nirvana


    from what im seeing, the nirvana owns all. azomite as a bug deterrent built in. plus fulvic. lower in nitrogen so i feel safe using late in flower. id assume the alfalfa gives a small N boost, but nothing to crazy. a lil higher with the P but id stick with the cheaper liquid karma during veg anyway.

    i used liquid karma back in the day and wasnt a fan. i didnt know what the hell i was doing at the time either. i see alot of people using the karma still but i always assumed it was a $ thing

    gearing up for a coco run:mad0233:
  2. nirvana mixes a lot cleaner also. it doesn't drop the ph and is more stable in res over time ive found. i believe its less expensive also.

    i have had better results with nirvana and i use it in veg too.
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  3. Jimmy28


    I was always under the impression that Liqiuid Karma and B-52 were similar products?
  4. motherlode

    motherlode @Rolln_J Supporter

    good thread here - isnt b52 mostly b vits?
  5. l use LiquidKarma for my cuttings @ 10ml/gallon. Thats all l use it for and it works great for this, roots in 6-7 days with rapidrooters. A little quart lasts me quite a while...

    l use it because its organic and seems to be low in ppm, it doesnt burn my cuttings while their trying to root like my normal GH ferts sometimes do.

    This is all the experience l have with LK, seems to work great for cuttings


    I use Liquid Karma mostly in veg. for my indoor, and every other or every third watering with my outdoor. The reason I use it (use molassas every other or every third watering also) for my outdoor is I'm trying out true living organics this summer, both in and outdoors. This is when the biological activity in your soil works in symbiosis with the root system to feed the plants. These microbes must be fed, and must not be given salt fertilizers or chlorinated wated.

    Liquid Karma (Molassas as well) contains ingredients that feed both the beneficial fungi as well as bacteria in my soil. It also helps to drop my PH naturally to an acceptable level. If it gets too low I use Protect silica to bringit up, and apple cider vinegar to take it down.

    I immagine the Nirvana would do the same thing for me in this regard, but I think it much more expensive, no?
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  7. i think they are close in price, i thought nirvana was cheaper but maybe not.

    honestly i like them both. i do choose nirvana for the reasons stated in my first post though, but maybe LK is better for veg. i buy 5 gallies so i usually have some leftover LK that i use when i run out of nirvana. Botanicare products have a certain smell/taste to them that i get sick of sometimes so i don't run them consistently. i do like grape sweet, nirvana, sensizym combo between every 3 or 4 feeds though, mmmmm.

    sometimes i take a little more organic approach to this and do an earth juice catalyst/ budswel combo. i freakin love the catalyst, been using it for years. kind of hard to run in a res though so i blast them with it between changing the resi tank. gotta let it do its rebound thing though and bubble/flog it for 24 hrs so the ph can come back up.
  8. bingo!! i guess its supposed to be ANs' version of superthrive or something. i'm using nirvana right now in my soil & as a foliar feed this is my first grow with it wanted to try an organic bloom booster my plants need to be staked now that i never used to tie up and they're not @ 40 days yet
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    BTW B52 rocks for me in my hydro coco. I feel it is one of the variables that allows me to hit the target 2 per light number. I run it with GH 3 part (only run the micro and the bloom) along with Big Bud, Bud Candy, Hygrozyme, Overdrive and drip clean. Roots excel for the first 2 weeks of bloom.
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  10. great discussion, never tried either product..
    Does azomite act as a root zone therapy at all or just for bugs :wondering ?
  11. FYI azomite is a mined mineral like rock dust and is used for trace minerals etc. Not really for bugs.
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  12. Wow, I thought I was done with AN, but compared to Liquid Karma, I like what it has in it. I usually use Liquid Karma and B1 Rapid start (with Yucca 0-2-0), and Nirvana seems to have all that and more.

    Has anyone done a true side by side?
  13. GH's "Floralicious Plus" is similar to both but has beneficial bacteria in it. It is highly concentrated at 1ml per gallon and is a better bang for your buck then the other two mentioned.
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  14. I use Floralicious Plus and it absolutely does not have beneficial bacteria in it. In liquid form, unless suspended, any live culture would multiply, consume its food source and die.

    If you mean " Floralicious Plus will also encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root zone."

    All this means is the ingredients feed the bacteria and fungi.

    But yes, I think it's a great enhancer as well. It's a toss up for me between Floralicious Plus and Liquid Karma though. I would say I usually use FP for foliar than I do LK.

    Also, if I could figure out more about what is actually in Liquid Karma and Floralicious plus, it would make my decision a lot easier.
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  15. ]
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  16. According to GH the Floralicious Plus contains dormant bacteria.
  17. Yo so i have a bottle of liquid karma laying around i got as a free sample from my store they gave me like 5 little bottle of it ...anyway on my bottle it says

    dervided from : fermented yeast extract and kelp sea weed extract
    also contains non plant food ingredients
    0.1% humic acid derved from leonardite
    0.1 aloe vera extract
    0.1 yucca extract

    I dont know when they changed shit but it looks like they did
  18. THeres actually more stuff in FLora than you guys have listed. Plus heres a link to gh blog and there is a representative replying back to posters with specific answers to what's actually in the product.
    Here are some quotes
    "But I can share that it is a vitamin complex with L-amino acids, carbs, and a blend of seaweeds. The entire formula has upwards of 50 different unique ingredients."

    "So, hereā€™s the deal: The formula of Floralicious Plus has never changed. You can count on the kelp and the b.subtilis. But, complying with state labeling regulations is intricate. Each one of the 50 states has a different set of rules for label restrictions, and those rules are often changing"
  19. went with the liquid karma. its exactly what my veg regiment was missing. threw vermiT back in there to and 48 hours later, new growth is exploding. im sure the greatwhite and rootsxl helps a lil too.

    on a side note, good or bad thing that nobody in my area keeps nirvana in stock? had to pre order the shit for flowering
  20. Thanks masta for starting this thread. Now I'm using lk in veg and nirvana in bloom. Also happy about the lack of nitrogen in this formula (trace from alfalfa).
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