Bubba Jack

Discussion in 'Cannabis Photography' started by rockymtnbuds, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. rockymtnbuds

    rockymtnbuds Farmer

    Bubba Kush meets Jacks Cleaner 2. Very good smoke and a hella producer.[​IMG]

  2. KushArmy

    KushArmy Premium Farmer

    Hows that shit smell? Big ups to the rocky mountain way.:party0042:
  3. Fred

    Fred Premium Farmer

    Interesting. I like the sound of it. Looks good too. Nice!

  4. sky high

    sky high Well-Known Farmer

    Sllllluuuuuurrrrrppppp! Lookin' mighty fine, bro!
  5. rockymtnbuds

    rockymtnbuds Farmer

    Bubba Jack is one of Lorans creations and has become very popular. Smells and tastes like Bubba but with a lemon Pledge undertone. The high is pure Bubba all the way.
    Next I'll be popping some of his Abusive OG Kush x Jacks Cleaner 2. Word is it turned out more potent and better yielding than the Abusive by itself.
  6. bluetooth

    bluetooth Farmer

    there very nice plants and by the look of it big yeilders
  7. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    Damn talk about a yielder!!! Those look great bro!
  8. winta

    winta Well-Known Farmer

    nice buds bro how she smell/taste?
  9. altitudefarmer

    altitudefarmer Well-Known Farmer

    Nice looking plant! Looking forward to seeing what the Abusive/jc2 cross produces.
  10. greenbdman

    greenbdman New Farmer

    Lookin good man, glad to see some of lorans gear rockin the farm!