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Bubble Hash Methods??

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by REGISTRD, Nov 20, 2009.


    REGISTRD Guest

    Been getting ready to do a run of some bubble and have had the same bags for about 3 years know..Im seeing theres a new bag. 90.. anyone wanna sell theres?? I heard its crap......Ill buy it either way ill make it

    So theres lots of different methods that ive came across..We should start a thread on what works best from your experience to achieve that best full melt taste..

    Its been a minute but from what im reading the best way to do this know is to mix up my material in a seperate bucket then pour it into the bags...
    Couple of questions here...
    1. I use a plastic paint mixer drill attachment how long should i agitate (15min)???
    2.Once the matter is mixed up in the bucket and I pour it into the bags do I then let it sit for 30min then pull the bags??
    3. How many times can you wash the material??

    So know the product is sitting on the screens ready to be pulled How do you dry it??
    Ive always scraped it with a spoon made a cookie patty and chopped it up on a piece of cardboard and let dry for days on end...
    My problem with this method was that it would always get tooooo Dry... I could never repress it no matter what i tried...

    Share your methods everyone....
  2. strainman

    strainman Premium Member Supporter

    Well I use the 5 gallon kit with the bubble now mixer, pack the bag full of herb and ice and fill the mixer with ice cold water and ice and set it for 3-5mins to get a high grade run then 2nd run at 15mins...(correction) the .25 bag which is the last is sposta be good with hazey strains that have smaller trichs so if it aint on the satty side I dont think u really collect anything substantial in that bag from my experience.
    I usually get a 10% return of some killer bubble and my first 3 min run usually yields the full melt we all crave..
    as far as drying I use the same method, do you ever try to press yours?
    there are simple ways that work like the hot glass bottle method or even putting the dry bubble in a piece of cellafane make sure its sealed put it under your shoe sole forget about it and walk around take it out later on and u will have some pressed bubble!
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  3. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    if it isnt sticky when it drys chances are you are overmixing it with the drill...

    REGISTRD Guest

    hmmm ya I have been known to hold the trigger at high speed!! lol... FUck its annoying sitting there for 15min seems like an eternity holding that dam drill! lol..

    Did you ever get that washer machine you posted in that other thread a while bACK?
  5. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    nope still doing it by hand - torn between getting a washer and a tumbler actually...

    REGISTRD Guest

    how long do you agitate yours by hand?
    And how long do you let it settle in the bags?

    Ive seen a dry tumbler in a 55gal drum that worked sweeet last year up in oregon on the outdoor fields. I would walk up wipe my finger on the sides in it and have a finger full of goodness..:smiley_joint:

    I still think the taste of pure full melt water hash out of the frozen coil burned with a rod is the BEST DAMB TASTING THING AROUND>>
    I talk that back.... The scissor hash out of the frozen coil is and was the best...but how much of that do you really get......
  7. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    ill give ya the quick rundown - I dont let my trim dry out all the way before I freeze it and Im pretty anal about only keeping the good sugar leaf. So Ill let the trim sit out over night spread out on some newspaper just so that when you freeze it it doesnt turn into a big chunk of ice.

    I start off using 3 buckets with no bags - i use a couple plastic spatulas and do 3 - 5 minute mixes at 10 minute intervals... I just alternate between the three mixing - after they all have been mixed I have another bucket with the bags all set up and I run the mix through the bubble bags.

    after dumping and draining all the water in one I just drop the bags in a clean bucket (I use 6 buckets - 3 for mixing and 3 for draining) and run the next batch through - I usually dump about a gallon of fresh water over the top of the greens and ice to rinse down any more trichs that may be in the mix - its assembly line action at its most basic.

    also I dont put more then 4 zips of product per bucket - it takes me about an hour to process 12 zips of trim.

    and I think I pulled about 20 grams of goodness last time.

    REGISTRD Guest

    Exellent.... Thanks for breaking that down for us... seems pretty self explanatory..

    oh i got this from one of your other posts as well I found this to be some great info to save some work and probably a bit easier on the back..
    unfortunatly i dont have the 90 so im gunna do a run with 160,120,73,45

    really your gonna want 4 bags - you still need a work grade bag to filter 150-200 - and then you want a 110-120 which helps your 90 bag be full melt - plus you want a 45 to catch all the rest...

    so a 160 + for straining leaf

    a 120 for contaminates - this makes good cooking grade IMO

    90 - usually the best grade

    45 catch all
  9. strainman

    strainman Premium Member Supporter

    I meant to say the 25 instead of the 90 in my earlier post its been I while since I took the bags out.. but yeah some strains dont produce much in the 25 but the 45 & 90 is always the biz..
  10. Blaze


    Everyone has a different method but here are a few things to keep in mind:

    The longer you mix it, they more you will get, but the lower quality it will be. The less you mix it, the less you will get, but it will be much purer and better smoke.

    Mixing with an electric mixer or something like that is easier and will get you more, but you do not get very good quality (at least by my standards). Mixers tend to tear up the vegetative matter, which results in more contaminants in the end product. Hand stirring will get you much better quality. You want to just agitate your material, not blend it.

    Never, ever, EVER dry on cardboard. The cardboard soaks up a lot of the oils and reins, resulting in an over dried and crumbly product of lower quality. The reason your stuff could never be re-pressed is because you were drying it like this.

    I would recommend that you get as much of the water out as possible before you scoop it off the screens, and then place it on a pyrex plate. Spread it out very thin, to it has lots of surface area, and put it in a spot with good ventilation that is between 65-75 F. Keep a close eye on it, and do not let it get too dry. Depending on the environment you are drying it in, it can be ready to go in as little as 12 hours but I would say on average you want to let it go 24-36 hours. Two days is usually the longest you want to dry, even in winter. At this point you should be able to roll it up into a ball. Be sure to use your judgment though - drying time can vary quite a bit. Also, try not to handle it or touch it too much, especially if it is really sticky and oily- this will degrade it.

    Mixing and sitting times also vary a lot. The longer you mix it, and the longer you let it sit, the more you will get. Mix it less and let it sit less and you will get a better product, but there won't be as much of it. (Beginning to see a trend here yet?) I like a 8-10 minute mix and a 8-10 minute sit before the bags are pulled, but this is a matter of preference. You will get more doing 15 and 15 though.

    However, the biggest factor in quality is that material that you start with. If you start with crap, you will end up with crap. As Rolin J stated, frozen material that has not dried is the way to go. Even if your material is already dry, always freeze it before you use it, as it will help the trich heads break free during mixing. The better the quality of the shake, the better the quality of the end product. Never use the water-leaves, as they generally have no trichs. If you want to make something that is truly amazing, use fresh-frozen bud scraps.

    I would also highly recommend that you check out Sub Cool's thread "Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble". His method is very similar to mine and works quite well - it will produce the some of the highest grade hash you will have ever smoked if done right. If you want to get the best possible bubble that you can, follow his instructions.

    Oh yeah, you can wash the material as many times as you want, but usually those subsequent batches never come out as good. Re-washing it is a good way to boost your yield, but don't expect that great a product to come from it.
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  11. help

    hello ,Does anyone know if i can make ice using fleshly cut leaf . if not why ? thanks ::rastadancing::rastadancing:

    REGISTRD Guest

    hmmmm :cool0041::sign0065:
  13. next tag born lol... bro just start read through the site and get some knowledge
  14. Kfos


    Ok thanks for the info dudes. So I built a rig. 120 l tote. I'm using frozen r.o water for my ice. 5 gal pails smashed with a hammer. Doing 5 lbs is shake st st time. First mix is 3 min light duty. Let it sit for 15 min Then dump. I Added a 1.5" gate valve at bottom of tote.
    I reuse that water as it's already cold as hell and r.o water too. next I washed it 4 times. IKept getting a return stopped at 4. First pull was mint full melt. The next 4 pulls had plant matter mixed in so I blasted that bubble. So I got 12 grams nice full melt and 65g from the other 4 pulls. Blasted that 65 and no have 37g of beautiful shatter in my vac.
    Thanks dudes.
    Next is witerization OF bho and another 10-15 rounds like this one
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  15. hawkman


    use dry ice much easier and less mess and it is much quicker
  16. you ran 5lbs and got 77grams?
  17. Kfos


    That run was closer to 2.5 lbs. And yea 77 grams. Doing a run now of 7 lbs and 3rd wash still getting nice balls. Gonna wash a fourth. Return looks good so far. Will have a dry weight in a few days. This is my first time doing large runs. What is a good return on a lb of outdoor trim?
  18. At this point 20% is a God return. so Use that as your goal.
  19. Kfos


    So after 7 lbs of trimmings and 5 washes.I came out with 106 grams of bubble crumble.that I am now going to rosin press. So that 3% return from trim.
  20. Kfos


    So I did 7 lbs. Washed 5 times. 42 grams of nice bubble and 75 of not so great material that I will rosin press. Is 3% a ok return on 7 lbs of trim?