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Build My Own Tent

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by gwheels, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. gwheels



    I was thinking of buying a 4 x 8 gorilla shorty tent but then i started thinking.

    I will have mould tough drywall (the bathroom stuff) and all the stuff I would need to frame in the space i want. I have a roll of 4 foot by 100 foot mylar film already too. It is under the stairs so there is no light leaks where it is going as long as i wall off the space.

    Other than framing it in, giving it a circuit and cutting holes for air flow is there anything else you need to do building a room to prevent problems? I would put a ceiling in and leave the floor as is and probably put a door on it. And cut 6 inch holes for extraction fans and make intakes that fit a house furnace filter.

    This will be a flower room. I will use a small tent to veg it big enough to go flower and just keep it up every 4 weeks or so.

    I think i have to part with my 315CMH. I only have about 5 feet total height and that light needs some space. Too bad i really liked it.