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C.A.P XGC-1E Vs. Sentinel CHHC-1

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by paperplane, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow Farmers,

    I was hoping some of you guys and gals can help me make an educated decision. I'm in the market for a complete Environmental Controller. Im stuck between these two. The CAP XGC-1E or the Sentinel CHHC-1. Both seem to be great units. Just trying to get the best bang for the buck.....Thanks
  2. don't know anything about the cap unit but i have used a sentinel chhc-1 or is it a 4? anyway, it has a few years on it and zero problems hence the can't remember what exact model it is
    sentinel also has a nice propane burner, piezo fired that i prefer over my old greenair unit as the greenair's pilot will bring co2 up to 2300-2500 ppm over night

    the humidity control relay is a bit suspect though as it trips when my sante fe xt kicks on so i had to get a relay to handle the load

  3. ok had to look today
    it's a chhc-1

  4. I've run products from both companies, and I only buy Sentinel meters now. Zero failures or problems with any of the Sentinel controllers and timers. Lots of failures and problems with the CAP stuff. I started calling it CRAP. That is my personal experience.
  5. The Sentinel unit is now a CHHC-4 not the CHHC-1, make sure you get the CHHC-4, it is the latest unit and has some new features.

    The Sentinel product line is very good and has a very small chance of a return, the CAP products have a very high rate of return.

    I have been using the same CHHC-1 for 3 years, with no problems. Sometime soon I hope to get a CHHC-4.

    Good luck
  6. Cool thanks for your guys' recommendations. Yes you are correct it is the CHHC-4. It is the new model that just came out I guess? So it looks like I will be going with the Sentinel. it's a big purchase so I just want to make sure I'm spending my money wisely.
    Thank you
  7. I was also wondering if there are any Environmental Controllers that have the ability to run 2 separate rooms that are on a flip?
  8. I have had problems with both.

    CAP broke so much i had to have 2 of each so one can be in the shop repairing !!!! Was not digital so it also miss what i try to dial in. Or had to run thing pass what what Painted to get dial in off another meter.

    I had some problems Sentinel CHHC-1 too. Problems with high altitude, any RH% over 90%. Seem to screw up the Probe. Other wise vary good controller! Read the paper on how to set ALL the settings to make this unit work stupid good.
  9. Ran them both. cap products are shit in my book I have had the sentinel cch1 2 yrs no problems. So in retrospect its a no brainer sentinel all the way!! (not trying to butt hurt cap lovers, if there is any but I call them like I see them, and cap has let me down 3 times. 3 strikes your out!)
  10. JonDoe


    i think sentinal only if cap made theres with a remote sniffer.
  11. Well I saved enuff cans to recycle and buy the Sentinel Chhc-4. I just got it the other day. It's hooked up and running. I still got to get a co2 set up. So far no complaints, but we will see how well it works as soon as I get the Co2 hooked up. Will post some pics later
  12. I also just want to report that I have the Sentinel CPPM-4 and the CPPM-1. Both work beautifully with my CO2 Generators. The new one has a warning about digital ballasts causing inaccurate readings. I have tested the unit with Phantom and Lumatek ballasts and seen no problems. So, those ballasts have sufficient RF shielding to prevent any problems.
  13. whats crazy is that it says if I run a burner I cannot use the Fuzzylogic part?
  14. The fuzzy logic will turn the CO2 generator on and off quite frequently, too frequently to be safe and effective with a burner. A valve on a bottle of CO2 doesn't mind opening and closing frequently, but it's a lot to ask of a burner with gas control valves, potential pilot / ignition issues, and buildup of unburned fuel.
  15. I see. I was planning on running a burner since my house house gas already.
  16. Is your house on Propane or natural gas? If it is natural gas, most of the burners need some sort of conversion part or something. If it is propane, plug and play.

    I highly, highly recommend running a water cooled, electric ignition burner.

    I run the HydroGen Pro. I also highly recommend running a prefilter if you get it or a similar unit. They are extremely sensitive to any blockage of the inlet screen. One spec of saw dust or whatever on the screen is enough to kill the gas.
  17. ProdigyGrower

    ProdigyGrower Alien Junkie and bush master Supporter

    The chhc-4 is awesome I originally bought the chhc-1 and they stop making that one so I got the chhc-4 for the price of the chhc-1 and it's awesome works awesome and the green led light DNT mess with the plants light cycle capp products suck all of the period DNT buy Capp !!!!
  18. Wow, no love for the CAP..I have a CAP XGC-1E w/Fuzzy logic, and it works great(once you get it to learn your environment. Which may take a day and 2 test runs). I never have had any problems with it for the 18months of continueious use. I have had problems(twice) with a ballast(Nextgen 1000watt, once was my fault..I forced a hot restart, and blow the ballast, and bulb), and CAP Customer service was great. Sent me a replacement right away. Once overnight delivery for free because I was is the last 2 weeks of flowering. I use CO2 gas tanks, but have had a burner before and it worked fine(just to hot for my set-up at the time..planning on getting a burner for the cold months[as cold as it can get in Los Angeles/SFV], and using CO2 in the warmer/hot months..When I do get a burner it will most likely be the hydrogen(like stated in an above post)....It sounds like the Sentinel is a good product(from the above posts) so if the prices are similar you cant loss out on getting either one..
  19. My house has Nat.Gas...... For now im just running CO2(tank). I will upgrade to the burner set up after I can save up & get a mini split. So far the sentinel is working great. I'm glad i got it. I almost didn't get it because it was digital. I was thinking it would be to complex with to many menu's. But Nope, Super easy!
  20. 1971


    I've used a ChhC-4 and really like it. I did have an issue where it was shutting off on me. Emailed Sentinel and then sent a loaner unit, with deposit, until mine got fixed. They shipped QUICK, fixed it quick, and mailed it back to me quick. Over all, I was super pleased. Turns out a board in the external probe was defective. I'd definitely keep buying Sentinel given their fantastic customer service.