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c99 grow from clone

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by 420Alchemist, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all this is my first post i just want to introduce myself and my plants currently i just started vegging some c99 clones i recieved yesterday they are growing in a mix of
    20%coco coir
    10%worm castings
    50%peat moss

    I will be flowering under a 600w hps after they have reached an appropriate size thanks for stopping in will update with pics weekly
    left side.jpg
    left side close up.jpg
    right side.jpg
    right side close up.jpg
  2. onlytoken

    onlytoken Guest

    C99... yummy. This should be a pleasure to watch!

    Good luck my friend.
  3. doco


    Are those already rooted or fresh cuts?
    Im a big fan of C99 - its some of my favorite smoke. Check my gallery for pictures of my last Cindy grow. Currently have some C99 x Grapefruit going and will be running both of Moscas varieties down the road.
    Best wishes for your grow.
  4. update. lost one clone have no clue how must have been a weak cut or something everyone else is coming along fine.To answer your question doco there rooted i got them from my local dispesnary
    dead clone.jpg
  5. Jobo

    Jobo Guest

    definately gonne watch this one. should turn out nicely
  6. had similiar problem with a cut from a dispensary. it was weird. it was going good and all of a sudden it started dying well others around thrived!! i guess only the strong survive...

    how long you gonna veg those girls for ?
  7. those cuts dont look that happy either, hopefully with your care they will start to green up. Lots of cali clubs have trash cuts, its like hit and miss for me
  8. ya they didn't look to good i was concerned for a while.
    Then i gave them a shot of b1 and seaweed and they perked right up except for one which i have now culled.
    They will be vegged for 2 months or so.I'm going to be putting them under the 400w mh as soon as i set up a room cuz there just growing at the side of my bedroom for now.
  9. ALB3RTsWeeD

    ALB3RTsWeeD Guest

    i think you need SuperThrive ;)
  10. I have now made the final cut 2 more were lagging behind so they got chopped i now have 4 healthy clones coming along nicely.On another note I'm going to be starting 10 of mandala's hashberry and 20 of DP's autoflowering variety tundra today and i was wondering do i start a new thread for that or should i just keep it to this one
    The final cut.jpg
  11. hey everyone srry its been a while with no updates been rlly busy as of late so onto the grow this is my first up date in three months well to summarize whats happened the girls got topped my room got set up and I ended up getting bubba kush clones instead of starting those beans and I've just started flowering the c99 while i continue to veg the kush heres the pics.6 kush then 6 kush then a top view of the c99
    right 6.jpg
    left 6.jpg
    top view.jpg