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Cal-mag Cut Off

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Cleancanna, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Hey guys just wanted to guage how other hydro growers use cal-mag in flower. Im in promix hp cc (coco) with a top feed 3x daily DTW using Veg+Bloom. Iv been recently cutting off their cal-mag at week 3 of flower due to the added nitrogen and iv found it helps my nug structure and overall bud quality. When i cut the cal-mag off is also when i start adding Shine (pk boost) to the res. Any thoughts or other methods people want to share?
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  2. Are you using tap or RO? It makes a huuuuuge difference in this context.
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  3. Using RO water with veg+bloom RO/soft, i buffer the starting water with calmag before adding base
  4. I peel back on my calcium feeding once the plant stretch begins to slow. Then I increase the magnesium and sulfur feeding through other additives. No need for excess motility of nitrogen once the plant is no longer growing laterally/vertically. Phosphorus for weight, potassium/magnesium/sulfur for oils. I don't cut calcium completely but the plants will see a maximum of about 15-20% of what they would typically see during vegetative growth. I like fiddling with gibbs during the middle few weeks of veg as well, so they usually want a bit more calcium at that point
  5. Cal/mag first always seems to help with pH stability in the reservoirs from what I've experienced
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  6. r/o soft and tap/hard are ph adjusted formulas. You shouldn’t see to much swing with out it.
  7. Here's a very simple chart I picked up somewhere along the way, it shows what the plant is needing when. Of course, anything like this should only be used as a basic guideline, none of these types of charts are going to be accurate for every strain.
    Obviously the first section is veg and the second flower. Good luck!

  8. I'm not sure I understand this chart - All macronutrients are required at all stages of growth.
  9. I second this, both phosphorus and potassium are essential in vegetative growth along with your secondary and micronutrients. I'd be careful with that chart you have over there
  10. I believe the idea is peak usage, when these nutrients are most needed by the plant. I can't quite remember the exact context of the article I took it from other than it simply being what you see there.
    There were plenty of times earlier on in my growing when I would start a plant in nothing but Pro-Mix and a little EWC and I gave them nothing but water until they went into flower and most of the time they were very healthy doing it that way. Of course, as time goes on and you get into it more and more you always do more and more it seems, instead of sticking with the KISS method.
    To say that ALL of them are required at ALL stages of growth doesn't quite ring true for me either. But hey, I never claimed to be a master grower either, like so many seem to do these days.
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  11. The reason your experiment worked is that EWC contains the vast majority of macro and micro nutrients.

    By definition macro nutrients are required at all life stages. This isn't my opinion, it's a scientific fact. That's what makes them macro nutrients, they are the primary building blocks of all plant processes.
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    Apologies for my ignorance but could you tell me what RO water is?
  13. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Reverse osmosis
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    Stupidity again on my part—what brand of nutes are you using?
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    Oh cool!!!!!
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    We always just set tap water out overnight—blindly trusting evaporation.
  17. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I'm only recently using Veg+Bloom, RO/soft as well. Where a lot of nutrient lines have necessary amounts of Cal/Mag built in, V+B is designed for the user to "structure" the water with CM or Stackswell prior to base and additives. I'm by no means an expert but that sounds scary to me.