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Cal-mag Deficiency Or Mites??

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Kastrioti, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, this is my first grow in DWC
    1x White Russian

    600w hps,
    3.25 x 3.25 x 6.5 tent,
    Water temp 68f
    Temperature 75-78f,
    Humidity %45-50,
    PPM 994
    Ec 1.9

    What is this? Something's going wrong.I looked carefully under the leaves, but I didn't see anything harmful or eggs. What do these leaf tears mean?
    IMG_20190306_222700.jpg IMG_20190306_222537.jpg IMG_20190306_222559.jpg IMG_20190306_222519.jpg IMG_20190306_222532.jpg IMG_20190306_222445.jpg IMG_20190303_074300.jpg IMG_20190302_230457.jpg
  2. Dirtbag


    What is your water source? Tap? RO? Are you adding cal mag?

    This could be because you were feeding at almost 3 Ec at one point if I recall from your other thread. The High Ec probably caused uptake issues and locked out calcium. As it does look like Ca- in a couple pics.
  3. Yes sir, now ec 1.7-1.8 ph 5.9-6.2
    I used r.o water because my tap water 160ppm??
    My plant is drinking 2.5-3lt of water a every day. and ec nevers fall When I complete the missing water, I add cal-mag and b52 as nutes.I haven't used a fan in the room for a while because it makes a lot of noise. And some leaves look wet(transpiration) . Could it be about that?
  4. If they are drinking only water then lower the nute concentration.

    They are heavily over fertilized like dirtbag said.
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  5. Dirtbag


    When you say that, do you mean extraction or circulation fan? Either way, both are essential. You need air circulation and you need fresh air. (unless you are running Co2, but that brings in a whole world of other considerations)

    Tell us more about your setup. Cubic feet of growspace, extraction fan type and size, what's your day/night Hi/Low temperature and humidity readings?

    There could be numerous factors for what's happening, but overfeeding and inadequate ventilation are your likely culprits.
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  6. Ec 2.0 ppm 1000 ph 5.8 and I have humidity & temperature controller
    The circulation fan is now active. Outlet fan 380m3. But I'm using it at half speed. I don't use a fan in the entrance. My tent is 3.25 x 3.25 x 6.5 ft. I don't know about Co2. Humidity day 45-50% and night. Temp day 75-78f. Night 67-69f. Thank for your time.
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  7. Dirtbag


    I think you just need to get a bit more Ca into your nutrient mix and lower the Ec a bit. In DWC I would run an Ec1.5-1.8 max, with a ph of 5.5

    At your stage of growth it needs less fertilizer overall, but a higher proportion of Ca and N.
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  8. That rust is from PH swings
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  9. I respectfully sort of disagree. The rust spots are typical calcium deciciency symptoms. I think there is too much mineral buildup blocking the roots.

    The excess calcium will raise the medium ph further exasperating the problem.

    I would leach the system and fertilize less than half the present ec with a complete balanced nute.

    That should reset the medium ph and wash out the excess.
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  10. Dirtbag


    IIRC the OP is rockin DWC.

    Hey that rhymes!
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  11. I dont know agree to disagree. Cal mag is more pin spot rusty imo of course
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  12. Cal mag is 2 different things. And as a product usually contains iron and other micronutrients.
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  13. Lol

    Same effect if adding to much to the res I guess.
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  14. Yes I'm aware they are 2 different things. I don't claim to know much so I could be completely Incorrect
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  15. Didnt mean to come off like a wise ass. Just that calcium is immobile and magnesium is mobile and they are very different elements with different symptoms and conflicts.

    I expect to be corrected when i am wrong. I want to learn too.
  16. What should I use to avoid mites ? want to be cautious.

    IMG_20190308_074750.jpg IMG_20190308_074801.jpg
  17. Week 3
    IMG_20190312_220147.jpg IMG_20190309_072116.jpg IMG_20190312_220149.jpg
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  18. AngryBeeman

    AngryBeeman Premium Member Supporter

    Anything with rosemary oil, organic of course! Copy the label off Sns217, and make it your self for pennies on the dollar!! Organic oil’s only
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  19. Dirtbag


    I wouldn't be spraying the plants with anything in flower for mite prevention.
    Do you think you might have them? or just being precautions?

    Keeping the tent clean and using a filter on your intake is the best prevention. Then monitor for signs.
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  20. Get a a 60-100x min magnifier for looking for issues like any pest/issues (check daily on multiple plants as a IPM plan ) then as a suggestion you could do as a ( every 7-10 day prevention clean) clean all (walls,floors,scissors,ladders, anything that has contact ) with 3%-5% h202 . Then spray physan 20 on all contacts you did with h202 and let it dry. Don’t remove since it’s your algae, virus, fungus defense

    If you don’t have a hepa filter on your room/tent ( best invest I made against pest!), then always have “growers clothes “ ( I have dedicated clothes with chem coveralls , and get yourself dedicated footwear ) wearing bear footed or your outside shoes = bringing the outdoors and everywhere they have been. Same with no pets

    * On IPM sprays that are safe but good to protect spider mite/ most soft bodied : grandevo, venerate xc , azaguard , pfr 97 , pyganic 5.0 ( read all manuals to see what week to stop spraying )

    Just a few tips on IPM to get ya started
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