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Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by petermc1951, May 30, 2018.

  1. Would anyone have an idea of how Long I should be adding Cal mag to my reservoir drip to waste system using Coco. First week of flower? Or continue throughout grow? Thanks for advice
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  2. G gnome

    G gnome

    Up to wk 5 or 6, imo
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  3. Ty
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  4. i stop at 4 when i start pk boost. coco dtw
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  5. Ty:)
  6. I use RO and about 100ppm of Calmag in straight coco, until the plants tell me they don’t need it anymore. Basically, once they start to get too dark green I cut it out. Around the 2nd week of flower for me. Then I only use it if I’m addressing a deficiency later in flower.
  7. PharmHand


    Probably the most important factor in determining its necessity would be your water source. City tap, ro, well? What’s your source waters ppm/ph? Impossible to give a solid answer without knowing that
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  8. All great answers here. I don’t use calmag because my base nutrient comes complete so I believe ones base nutrient composition is also something to consider.
  9. PharmHand


    2nd week??!! Mine don’t get that lush green look til about week 5. What bass nutes you using bro? Just curious
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  10. I’m using Remo this run so it may work out differently. However, last run with Dutch Master Gold A+B I cut it out after the stretch without issues. This was what they looked like when I flipped them.
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  11. And then around the end of week 3. About a week after stopping calmag.
  12. PharmHand


    Definitely lush green. Nice. Remo hey? You using the recommended dosing? I found remo mixed up weak even at full strength, maxed out at about 800ppm(1.6ec) even w all the additives. I didn’t like the npk ratio of remo for coco. Too much potassium for coco imo definitely was formulated for peat based mediums. Coco has a lot of potassium naturally occurring. Check out @nMEEKS contributions on here man I think you’ll like the knowledge he’s dropped.....
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  13. Thanks, I’ll check him out. I agree with what you’re saying about the ppms. But I don’t feed much above an EC of 2.0 even in flower. Right now I’m feeding 1.4 EC with Remo M+G, silicate, calmag, Bio-Cozyme. I flipped to flower this week, so I’ll see what I end up with swapping in the bloom and Astro flower. I’ll see how I’d does and maybe change up again next run. Looking at veg+bloom dry mix as a possibility. So far I’ve ran FoxFarms, Advanced Nutrients Sensi line, and Dutch Master Gold line.
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  14. I stopped at week 5 and 3 days later c- so back to cm lol. Only 5ml per 10ltr water.
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  15. right on... i always up base a lil first. i use mono so add cal or mag as needed.
    last run i stopped both before flip n had no issues....
    every strain... even pheno is a lil different imo
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