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Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by greenjoe, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Testing out his ....
    Shut Eye
    Eyes pied shut
    Lemon Eyes...
    I just finished sexing will start next week
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  2. Here is a ...lemon eyes....took me a bit to figure out my led high should i put it.......but i believe i got it down now 20190204_071457.jpg 20190204_071452.jpg
  3. I had the light way to one was getting any side branching going on....all good now...should be good
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  4. download (5).jpg
  5. i grew out lemon fizz last year and it was potent,lemon goodness..really lemony
    did i mention it was really lemony?lol
  6. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Those specks are worrying me a bit.
  7. Thrips.....another spraying .or 2......traps are just about empty.....
  8. there is a soil drench that you can use thats used for mosquito larvae which can alo be used on thrip larvae,very effective....its cheap too....its called aquabac
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  9. Took cuts....i like this gal
  10. The rest...sorry for the lighs 20190210_084816.jpg
  11. Others 20190210_084822.jpg
  12. Eyes pied shut....all 3 strains had very big fans...i took them off 20190213_152537.jpg 20190213_152643.jpg
  13. Lemon eyes....she is my favorite of all.... 20190213_152848.jpg
  14. Shut eye...took cuts from the bottom 20190213_152559.jpg 20190213_152603.jpg
  15. Eyes pied shut....close to 50% stretch on this strain...likes her 10.. 20190219_071050.jpg View attachment 857375 20190219_071144.jpg