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Can I Use Gen Hydro Nutes Foliar Spray Bottle? What Do You Think Of Crop King Autos?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by TerpyTyrone, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. I have 5 autos from crop king. They seem to be doing alright, I fucked up by overwatering and possibly too much nutes. I used the schedule I found for coco/perlite medium. I didnt know that autos use less nutes than photo seeds. Is this already halved from the original manufacturers recommended dosage because its for coco? Also do I dilute it again being an auto? Is it too soon to use a 1000 w mh @ 50% 30" away? I don't understand the theory of watering until you get 10-30% runoff. Clearly that was too much. I don't think the light causes my issue I believe it was a combination of over water and too high of a ratio right from the get.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this community. -Ty

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  2. That schedule is for growing in coco. Coco needs less food more often. It's considered a hydro grow. You basically can't over water in coco. If your in compost or a soil you don't want to water every day or try to achieve a 30% run off every feeding. You can, but be sure to let your medium become dry or light by weight. Your risks of root rot are higher not letting your soil dry out between feedings. Coco has no nutritional value for cannabis or any plants. It's only source of nutrition is what you feed it. So any deficiencies are the growers fault. But coco is very forgiving. Unlike composts it shows the results of your feedings much sooner. In 24hrs. you can gauge your feedings and adjust accordingly. It's very easily washed so any mistakes can be corrected with less damage to the plants. In coco the 30% runoff is hard to avoid. I use a 2 gallon pump garden sprayer for feeding. It takes more time but the coco retains much more if fed slow. It seems if your using a half tea spoon of the GH nutrients is soil you should be good. If your not using a PH and PPM or EC meter you need to. Nutrient lockout is very common for growers who choose to wing it. My first grows were good. But as we grow we learn more and learn by error the need of knowing what your plants are being subject to. It can become a labor of love keeping your plants food and water supply at the optimal levels. But at the end of week 9 of flower your girls will reward you for your efforts. Not a huge fan of GH trio. It's not 100% aimed at cannabis. But with some additional additives if can produce some big fat stinky buds. And it's affordable. I have no input on the metal halide. I use LED panels. But 500w @ 30" seems fair with proper ventilation and humidity. But I really don't know. Happy growing and keep the dirt dry PPM's down and PH in the sweet zone. Peace.
  3. What are some things that the gh trio is lacking? Silica? I use the cal mag. And ph double down. I have to post some pictures, I make co2 using the sugar and yeast method. My room is concrete walls so I am still figuring out how to set it all up. The humidity is around 50 and the temp gets up to 80-85° f which shoukd be alright as long as the co2 is good enough for a 6 x 8 room
  4. Thanks for your reply .Pics as promised .Any help would be appreciated .I am diluting it to 1/2 recommended dosage and they all seem to be at different stages or leaf color .I am using the same soil but trying to figure out what size pot will work best.
  5. Today I had to reconfigure my whole room. Once I realized my room was entirely too hot. I have lost a few plants, but hey its only time and seeds .I've got 19 more autos.. I don't wanna start new ones until I know this is a lost cause. I'm gonna give it til the weekend to see if I can get em to snap back. Has anyone tried diametrceous earth? It is food grade and I apply it to the soil to keep bugs away. I am a bit over my head here. I have a whole new setup and limited experience. I think I need to just be patient and not keep being so worried about how far I am. I have heard a few stories about autos but I guess I will see whether I should have stick with photos