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candy kush, c99xdeep chunk, Alien dawg, LA con

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by jansjukebox, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Hi farmers! It's been a minute since I worked on a thread so I though I'd try to get back into the stream of things. I'm about 4 weeks into flowering now. I have 2 c99 x deep chunk, 1 Alien dawg, 1 candy kush and 1 LA Con. I started with 18 regulat seeds, 3 of 6 different strands. The missing ones are OG18 and kush berry which were all boys. Anway, out of the 18, 17 popped through the soil. And I had 5 females out of that which was more than I was looking for.

    For those who haven't seen my grows before, I run a 400w digital air cooled. I gow in promix and use fox farm nutes including open sesamie and beestie blooms, magi cal and molasses. I PH my water at 6.5.

    I have just a few veg. pics so well, jump through those and get to the flowering!

    Feel free to ask any questions or make any sugestions. We are all hear to learn from each other!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. these are about 28 days in veg. This was under 400w MH but it was a coil ballast with an open reflector. Just before flowering I changed out to the 400w degi w/ air cooled reflector. Boy what a differance that light makes!

    LA Con


    Candy Kush


    Kush berry


    Alien Dawg


    OG 18


    c99 x deep chunk

  3. JuJu Farms

    JuJu Farms Guest

    beautiful man ;]
  4. Thanks Juju! Repin' it real on the East Coast! lol

    These are a couple of shots the day I put the air cooled up. I think the plants are about 28 days here.

    This is kush berry. I was so sad that all these were boys!


    This is OG18. I toped all of them because they are so stretchy but again all the og18's were boys also


    And this is my princess! c99xdeepchunk. She may not look like much here, but just wait!

  5. JuJu Farms

    JuJu Farms Guest

    Dam boys ;[
  6. Now here's what we all wait for. These are some pics from 24 days flowering. Sorry about the crappy shots. My chamber is so full causethey got so big, that I can't move them all out of the chamber to take pics of them!

    The c99xdeep chunk is the biggest of the bunch. she's now up to 42 inches. The candy kush is about 40 inches and the 2nd c99 is about 38 along with the LA Con. The Alien Dawg is about16 inches tall right now. She was such a runt, but since everyone is saying that they've got hermies, I was glad to get one girl out of 3. Enough for a taste of her anyway!

    These first 2 are shots in from the opening. c99xdeep chunk is right in front. You can see how big her leaves are!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These are a couple of bud shots. It's right under the light, but you can see mostly candy kush and c99xdeep chunk

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And this is the little Alien dawg:

  7. Looking good! Have to say if you want any yield outta the candy's top em now or tie em down!
  8. Thanks true! I got clones of my other c99x deep and La con, but my candy clones didn't take. I hope I get a chance to work with her again in the future so I can try your advice! But here's a few lose ups of the candy. 24 days in flower and she's already starting to pop trics!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. These are a couple of shots of the c99 x deep chunk. My pictures allways look so much better untill I have to reduce them. The pistols on this strand are really fat and if you look at the pic close up, the pistols almost look like they have pollen on them! But they don't. Just fat and weird!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. cheech


    are your candy kush dna genetics? every time i order seeds from attitude i get dna freebies. last time it was lemon skunk, this time it was la woman and candy kush. hope they turn out as good as yours and arn't a waste of my time and space.
  11. These are not the DNA candy kush but I do have a DNA LA Con in there. I also just ordered some stuff and got one of those lemon skunks but I won't grow it untill fall. This is my first time growing anything from DNA though.
  12. Nice line up yeah those candy kush's are no joke
  13. Thanks venom! I love the way she grows! Her side arms branch just enough to bring them up to a pretty second level canopy. I'm really impressed with the LA Con in the back though. She's hard to get pics of, but her clones have pre-flowers on them. They are really easy to clone. Everything I read about them says that they are slow to veg, but my pheno seems to gain pretty quick.
  14. jan did you get a clone off the little runt as you called it(alien dawg) just wondering just popped a alien freebie from logic would kinda like to hear if it took an how long it took. to show signs of rooting. the grow looks great all the leaves tipped up an happy......... sorry to hear about so many males though for sure this is one time where GIRLS rule an BOYS just bite. be safe peabody.
  15. sorry Peabody. No clone off her. She was so small when I needed them to go in flower that I couldn't even take a cut off her. Although if it helps any, the one male alien dawg looked like it had the type of branch that would clone easily. I have A few of these beans left, but so far I'm not impressed. Maybe her smoke will be good enough to make me go through the frustration again. One can only hope!
  16. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    looking good bro. tobad all the males how many beans each did you pop? and the stretch on the 18 is crazy bro, it gets so tall you think you can climb it. maybe find that golden egg laying goose or whatever it was
  17. Thanks Kid.I poped 3 of each strand. I've heard so much abotu the OG I couldn't wait to grow it but as you see, I got enough to fill my space. The fact is all the males just made it easy for me to decide who to keep! lol I poped extra beans cause I wanted to make sure to fill my space, but I figured I'd have to cull a few. First gow next fall is going to be all fem seeds. Just got some BK that I can't wait to grow!
  18. I've got 4 clones, 2 c99 x deep chunk and 2 la cons, and it only took them about 6 days to start rooting. In 10 days I had good new growth starting. And I also have one big bang fem. in there. I took my clips about 6 days after I switched to 12/12. I was just trimming off some of the bottom branches and I though..what the heck! I might want another round of these! lol Sometimes I wish I had some close growing friends that I could pass clones off to. I'll take a pic of them this evening when I can get to them. Right now I need to smoke a J to get my pain back to a managable level.
  19. JuJu Farms

    JuJu Farms Guest

    Man I wish I could get stuff like this on the east coast. Everythings on the west coast pics look yummy though jan
  20. Yo bro I'm east and I got it..If there's a will, there's a way. And the truth is that their starting to smell really yummy! I'm not shre who I'm smelling in there. The candy kush I think is starting to kick in..Kind of a cheezy undertone..but they are still weeks from being done.