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Canna Coco A & B Question

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by thebombhehe, May 29, 2018.

  1. Hello guys, I am trying to find out what I need for both the flowering phase and growing phase of my plants.

    I got two kits of Canna Coco A & B; they have the same numbers written on the bottles. So, two liters of A, and two liters of B. I was told that I need a separate set of Coco A & B for both my growth phase, and flowing phase of my plants.

    Now, these are the numbers on the bottles I see written. Canna Coco A: 4-0-1 Canna Coco B: 1-4-2

    Again, I will clarify that I have a double set. This wasn't my intention to get, but I just opened the packages today, and I see that the numbers are exactly the same.

    I saw a Canna Coco for sale online; it has a 0-4-2 number, which is different than my Coco B number, but matches my Coco A number of 4-0-1.

    I am confused on what I exactly need for the entire process of both flowering and growing.

    Could anyone help me? Thank you.
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  2. This is what I have. 2x of this picture, so four bottles total.
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  3. i presume that you are growing in long as you are you use the same mixture from start to finish, just at different ratios. they have a feeding chart on their site, or any grow shop that sells canna products have paper ones to put on the wall to make it easier.stuff works great though, did you get rhizotonic and cannazym as well?if you're growing in coco you should have these as grows the roots and the other eats the dead ones. keeps a good balance.peace
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  4. thats all you need.. are you growing in coco?
    i use canna coco
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  5. agreed.
    if you follow the chart, use the light feeding schedual.
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  6. are you using ro water or tap...?
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  7. is the soil I am using, yep. Thank you for the confirmation. I did not get these other items you mentioned, as I was not advised to.
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  8. I am planning on using tap water.
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  9. Thank you for the confirmation. But what exactly do I have right now? Which bottle is used for the flower phase, and which bottle is used for the growth phase?
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  10. you have to mix equal parts of a and b together in water. these two have to be kept seperate until diluted in water. do not mix parts a and b together before putting in water. i put in my a first and mix well and then my b and mix well and i usually let it sit for a while before using although this isn't absolutely to answer your question both parts a and b are used all the way through the growth and flower stages. there is no seperate nutes when using canna coco. in soil and everything else there is different nutes but this is made to go from start to finish.i also use canna boost in flower but its pricey. you still have time to figure out flowering , do you have any plants growing yet?as bicky studs said try a lower strength at first and see how they look.its alot easier to fix under fertilizing than over. good luck
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  11. Thank you so much for the valuable information. I really appreciate the info, bro.
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  12. have a look on theres a feed calculator there.
    set it for light feed put in how much u making and it tells you how much to use.
    are you growing in coco?
    ur gunna need a ec and ph meter if u dont have 1
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  13. I am indeed growing in Coco. Thanks for the advise about the meters. I'll definitely be buying an EC meter. As far as the PH meter goes, I was told that that wasn't really necessary.
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  14. well ph is going to pretty much determine if you have a good run or not in coco.
    have you grown in coco before?
    what sort of setup are you running?
    what watering system?
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  15. Yeah, I'll probably buy one if it isn't too costly. It's going to be my first run, and I'm getting my advise from a friend who's grown for years. However, I just found out about this forum, and boy have you guys been helpful already.

    As far as the setup goes, I'll be using a 1000w light, and I plan to purchase 15 seeds; start growing them in plastic cups. Then, I plan to transfer them into a tent that I'll buy with the dimensions of 140x140. I plan to keep things simple; cheap for my first run. Your input is greatly appreciated man.
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  16. so the simplest and cheapest also arguably the best with coco is dtw.
    so the first things you need to understand is coco is not like soil in any way. its hydro.
    always feed with nutes... not every othertime or something
    never let it dry out. if you think its damp enough.... feed it, if you think its too wet...feed it. its really hard to over do it with an established root zone.
    if you think its too dry... u fkt up!

    so dtw would meen multiple feeds with 10-20% runoff each time.
    this is important!
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  17. Thanks for the tips bro.
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