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Cannabis For Parkinsons?

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by highcrop, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone!

    new here and looking to connect with others that have experience with this and are willing to share. have tried a few different oils so will add correct info for that later!
    here's where I'm playin.....
    1- the disease and symptoms as they show up
    2- prescription meds and side effects
    3-trying to fit cannabis into the mix

    I like the oils I've tried as they don't involve smoking which brings me back to the 70s/80s
    and eliminates the coughing/hacking!! thanks for reading.
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  2. here's an update for cannabis oils I've tried.
    1-- 1:10 27.5 g 60 mg/g my first try lasted like twelve hrs! a couple hrs lag time to kick in.

    2-- 3:1 27.5 g still get the high after a couple hrs but less intense / shorter duration.

    3- 20:1 I went through a bottle of this, don't have empty for exact info . better when
    operating machines/driving.
  4. depends on the day/time! I couldn't tell difference other than stoned!! I seem to have too
    much going on ….disease symptoms..... med side effects.... didn't feel worse. hard to figure
    out on your own. there's more than I've tried in oils out there. I did one at a time to try and find
    what worked. wish I had more to offer..... let me know how it works for you!!!
  5. Thanks for posting this. Have you tried cbd at all? Have you tried consuming complete flower? I have to use complete flower and full spectrum extracts for medicinal value. I find much more value in eating than in smoking, though i do both. I have Crohn's, not Parkinson's, but work with a lot of patients who have found similar.
  6. no have only tried oils which take hrs to notice effects. tried cbd oil but no noticeable difference. would you mind sharing what and how you are using? and how it helps you? thanks!!!!