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Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by CaliShark, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. I just want to start the discussion on cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). I'm a chronic daily user of marijuana. I smoke 3-5 times in a day, usually once is the morning, then multiple times in the evening. This past year I've been solely smoking concentrate in the form of BHO. I make it myself, I have the proper equipment and I'm educated on how to make it properly. So before anyone can say I was smoking bad BHO, this wasn't the case. My product was clean and of very high quality.

    This leads me to CHS...due to the extremely high concentration of cannabinoids in BHO vs regular flowers. My body built up a toxicity to cannabinoids in system. Almost kind of like alcohol poisoning. This toxicity built up over time from chronic daily use of BHO. I was not smoking flower at this time.

    It started out slow. In the morning I would feel sick to my stomach, cramping, pain, almost like I had to take a bad shit. I would end up vomiting and the feeling would subside. This went on for two weeks, I didn't understand what was happening, I thought I was having bad bowel movements which was upsetting my stomach causing me to vomit. My family calls these the "sick shits". I kept smoking, not thinking anything of the cannabis I was smoking had anything to do with what was going on. Well one morning I woke up had the same feeling as before, but this time was much different, extreme stomach pain, bad cramping, uncontrollable vomiting, body aches and lots and lots of sweating. I couldnt hold fluids or food down I would throw them up instantly. This day I threw up about 20-25 times. I was starting to cramp up from dehydration and I was feeling horrible. I absolutely hate doctors, but I knew I was in trouble and I sent myself to the ER. Sure glad I did, they got the necessary fluid back to me through an IV, and started giving me nausea and vomiting medicine to help with my uncontrollable vomiting.

    My 5 day journey in the hospital started, test after test, cat scans, endoscopy, bloody work, anything they thought of to try and diagnose me. At first they saw inflammation of my colin, which later we found out was due to all the vomiting I was experiencing, so they at first thought I had colitis. They ruled that out because I wasn't passing blood or having diarrhea. All my test, blood work and body functions were coming back normal. So they thought I was experiencing cyclical vomiting syndrome, which is almost identical in symptoms as CHS. In the beginning, they always ask if you're a smoker in hospitals due to that causing a lot of health problems, I usually respond with not tobacco, but I do smoke marijuana, most time they don't care and move on because smoking marijuana isn't even close to smoking tobacco.

    Well it came down to them diagnosing me with CHS. They told me I had built up a toxicity in my body to cannabinoids and it was causing me to have these symptoms. At first I was skeptical because my beloved plant has never caused me harm in the 7 years I have been smoking it. And we all hear of the medicinal benefits it has. I didn't want to believe this was the cause. I started doing my own research and reading when I was sitting in the hospital. There is no question I had CHS, they were right.

    I had built up a toxicity to cannabinoids due to the extremely high concentration that is found in BHO. And my body was hating me for it. I was in the hospital for 5 days with uncontrollable vomiting, stomach pain and cramping, and bad body sweats. I couldn't hold fluids, food or medicine on my own everything had to be giving to me through IV. Finally it slowly started to subside and I was able to keep water down and hydrate myself. It took two weeks for me to start to feel "normal" again. I had to stop smoking to get my body back on track and so my symptoms wouldn't come back. I lost 25 pounds in one week from CHS, which made me feel really weak from lack of proper nutrition. I'm slowing starting to gain weight and strength back but it's gonna be a while until I'm back to my correct weight and my normal 100%.

    So I just want to put this out there for people to be aware of so they can protect themselves and not go through what I had to experience. Do your self a favor and google cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and get educated, and learn that moderation is key. You can overdose on weed. I did it. I want this to be a open discussion for everyone so we can all learn.

    mods I placed this in this section because I feel people who smoke concentrate need to read and hear my story.

    Anyway I want everyone to take care of themselves and get educated. Peace and love to all my brothers, and sisters. May your health stay strong.
  2. saw this same story on icmag almost word for word. was that you?
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  3. Nope, I just wrote this up. This is my own personal experience. I haven't read anybody else's view on it.

    Can you send me a link so I can read his experience...
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  4. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Thank you for sharing this and your experience. It's caused me to do some searching and I'm finding a few papers and case studies. One case study mentions rather specifically a timeline of 7yrs of use.
  5. Everything in moderation and concentrates arent moderate,lol.Glad your feeling better,lets fish!el nino year coming up.
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  6. starr


    I've researched this for awhile. I believe this too be something like gluten allergy where it greatly effects some more than others. I personally smoke a rip of hash every 10-20 minutes all day everyday with flowers mixed in between never felt any side effects ever. Honestly without it i lose concentration easy sleep all day and dont eat but once a day. With all the expansion of people trying cannabis now im sure we are going too see more people coming forward with issues like this. But we pass pharma drugs with a simple rd 50/50 . Canna ain't for everyone, but as an overall medication too reduce pain seizures sleep issues appetite migraines pms and mood enhancement is unmatched by anything our race has ever discovered.
  7. Very true wonders for most people but not everybody..this all was a good read..I didn't kno this syndrome existed so thanks for Sharing your experiences ..happy farming everybody :D
  8. Glad you did some reading, it's one reason I put this info up, so I can help educate people. Very interesting about this 7 year time line. I pretty sure it all began a year ago when I started smoking BHO exclusively. I can't say for sure, but I believe if I just stuck with flowers, I wouldn't have developed CHS.

    Yeah concentrates are the opposite of moderation haha. Hit me up with a PM so we can fish...killing the yellows right now at the Coronado's. Speaking of yellows the one in your avatar is a TOAD! Last year was epic, such an insane season. The dodo's were fucking every where. Huge bulls like you'd see in Costa Rica or panama. Not to mention the tuna. I limited out on more trips then I ever have before. Can't wait for this season. You fish on private boats or party? I do both. Hit me up let's get on the water!

    I agree CHS effects only certain people. Not everyone is gonna develop CHS from smoking too much. It's a individual thing, that effects everyone differently. No doubt about cannabis medical benefits and the powerful healer it can be. But we can't fool ourselves into thinking there is no side effects. everything has side effects, just because you can't see or notice them doesn't mean they arnt there. And fuck big pharm drugs, I hate taking pills.

    You're welcome thank you for taking the time to read it.
  9. Or, mah own theory of everything in moderation, including moderation, when too much is not quite enough!

    I believe life was meant to be lived with gusto, while paying attention to the details, one being chronic dosage.

    I qualify for being chronically dosed since about 2005, as I take my first dose on arising and dose throughout the day as needed, using both sublinguals and vaporizing.

    I've over dosed and suffered an extended bout of vomiting, and sometimes get mild waves of nausea normally dosed, but they pass and are never bad enough to actually vomit. A sip of cold seltzer water is a fast way to make it go away for me.

    I have noticed that I sometimes get itchy histamine reactions from some strains, which I attribute to the monoterpenes, each of which have their own medical properties and allergenic reactions.
  10. Flowers fTw. Smoke some raw poppy in a bowl or spread on a joint, chew on a coco leaf. These things are are Pretty much harmless, and if they have shown us anything is that when man starts pouring it chemicals into it and restructuring the way that molecules work other than the way mother nature made them, this is when shits starts to get fucked up.

    I really dont care how many people think bho is safe . Im good there is not enough scientific evidence to back it up, even if there was, the guide lines on which what the general public should be allowed to intake is up shit creek without a paddle and the water fall is coming up fast.

    I smoke my flowers for years and years and i have heard nothing but problems since this bho nonesence has hit the seen. Ultimate black market form of cannabis, and imo giving it the bad rep we have been trying to pull it out of all these years.

    Stories gonna be" well they tried but to many udiots blowing them selves up".

    I digress.
    happy farmin;)
  11. Skoosh


    All I can comment on is my personal experience.
    And I'm pretty positive my C.O.P.D. was exacerbated mainly from switching to dabs exclusively.
    I'm also pretty sure I made that happen by blasting garbage (CL) or not thin film purging enough (I vacuumed purged whole OZ's one inch (or more) thick.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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  12. Bro if you are saying this is caused by the marijuana i kinda doubt that... are you growing your own, making your own concentrates... man if there's pesticides in your weed or other chemicals and you concentrate that, you're concentrating the chemicals too. this is true!! and then you're smoking it, at this point its any impurities are "weaponized" and being inhaled by-passing your organs going straight into your blood stream, and into your brain. I fell like your adverse reaction and what led you to the hospital was something other than marijuana. just my opinion tho.
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  13. there's a reported case where a person was smoking a lot of dabs and had a chemical reaction. Can't remember the medical name but basically it happens if the body inhales toxins or chemicals the throat shuts and swells closed. So there are chemicals in iso, hash oil all those things. using hexane and acetone to make hash, not smart!
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  14. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I think you should dig in and read some of the papers on this. Basically it appears that the endocannabinoid system is overwhelmed by cannabinoids, which causes the very symptoms cannabis is good at diminishing. In other words, too much of a good thing.
  15. starr


    Again every human on this earth is born with a gluten allergy. As you grow older it increases. For some its never something youll notice. For others you fart shit and get constipated to a point of possibly going to the hospital. Im sorry but is there any difference at all....itd be kinda stupid too think any one subtance wont cause someone discomfort. Bummer it effects some people. I just see this shit being the slippery slope too adding more regulations too an already saturated area. Does anyone using viagra bitch about a four hour A man would never whine about a four hour boner...take a nap stop smoking dabs and stop with the warnings too the community. Most here smoke dabs and flowers from sun up too sundown. This movement is finally getting traction we dont need shit on the ground too slip it up. Again rd50/50 bitch at the pharma biz not the canna biz. This is my personal opinion no one get your panties twisted its simply my opinion. And im done.
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  16. Bro I am saying this is caused by marijuana. Is cannabis completely at blame, I don't think so, I believe there are other factors that play into developing CHS. But yes what I'm saying is smoking a high concentration of cannabis is building up a toxicity level in your body causing almost allergic like reactions. Is this going to effect This is noted in the research CHS effects only certain people and not everyone who smokes concentrate all day is going to develop CHS.

    I grow my own, I have been the last 4 years. I don't spray poison or pesticide or any other nasty chemical onto my plants or in the water which I feed with. The only thing that gets put onto my plants is benefical bacteria from OGBiowar. I spray in veg and stop by week 2 of flower. Nothing gets sprayed into flower. The whole reason I started growing was because of the nasty chemicals and molds that people often over look or just don't care about because they are worried about their bottom dollar.

    So you can be rest assured that chemicals or poisons, pesticides, or molds are not to be of blame. I simply built up a level of cannabinoids in my body that maybe or maybe not mixed with another thing, caused my body to have a reaction.
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  17. CHS only effect certain people, this is in the research. So your gluten analogy does have some truth behind it. Some people aren't going to show any symptoms to CHS, while others, like my case, are going to have a reaction to the extremely high level of cannabinoids that are in my system.

    The industry DOES need more regulation. If you think it doesn't you ARE BEING STUPID! The green rush causes people to do stupid things and that has adverse effects on people. This industry needs to have standards set and regulations put into place to keep people safe. Just like the food industry.

    "take a nap stop smoking dabs and stop with the warnings too the community"

    This comment is insulting. Take a nap...what a joke. CHS is serious, the day you may or may not develop this tell me if taking a nap works for you. For now you can do us all a favor and shut the fuck up because you are clearly uneducated. I will continue to post my "warning" because people need to know this condition exists. I know for a fact I'm helping people. You on the other hand are clearly blinded by your dependency and can't see that everything you put into your body is going to have side effects good or bad.

    I hope you are done, until you go read and educate yourself on this matter, then come into my thread and let's have an intelligent conversation about this.
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  18. starr


    If you have an issue smoking pot dont smoke it. Dont go to a cannabis cup prolly shouldnt be around friends who smoke. Why would you want too regulate me i dont have an issue with smoking you do its a bummer you cant enjoy cannabis. But its not my fault or problem. Putting regulation for something like this is basically you not taking responsibility for yourself and hehealth.Put the fucking dabber down and whoa no more chs....fucking wild huh.
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  19. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I thought you said you were done. ;)

    He's not telling you you can't smoke or do anything you want to. He's putting factual information out there. So, it doesn't jive with the classic "miracle plant that can do no harm" schtick, but what does that say about cultivators as a group if we do what we get so pissed at others for doing--squelching the truth if it doesn't fit our personal paradigm? We can't exactly get mad at others who do it when we turn around and do it ourselves. Better to be completely up front, honest, and in full knowledge.

    We're going to be regulated. Period. Doesn't matter if you don't like it, it's happening. And if we as a group don't regulate ourselves, others will do it for us. If we step up and at least take full ownership perhaps it won't hurt so much.
  20. starr


    I was done till he called me a fucking idiot and said i should shut my fucking mouth. This is NOTHING new. High times wrote about this in 1999,2001,2004,2014 treating yourself did it in 07 5 pages about it. skunk in 2010. This has far from been pushed under the rug. The issue is it effects a very very very small amount of CHRONIC smokers. Not someone picking up a pipe for the forst time. Im not disputing CHS itself but rather pointing out that regulating in anyway because of an issue brought up by chronic over indulgance is complete crap. You cant regulate common sense. If smoking hurts you dont smoke it really cant be said any more clearly. But hey why not throw some more hoops and bullshit too jump through.