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Cannabis Oil & Type-1 Diabetes

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by jimmypick, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I've been a T1 diabetic for 24 years and have always been reasonably well controlled.
    However, last month I started taking maintenance doses of cannabis oil, and within about a week I was able to reduce my insulin intake by roughly a quarter.
    My blood-glucose levels have certainly improved, especially during the night.
    Does anybody have any experience of this, or does anyone know of other diabetics who are trying this.
    I'm kinda conducting my own experiment here, and wouldn't mind being able to talk to someone who knows a bit more than I do.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. ive know at least one other person that has tried this with success. also was wondering if your taking a thc or cbd oil.
    p.s. congrats
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  3. Is that somebody you could put me in touch with?
    I think the oil has both. We followed the instructions on Rick Simpson's website.
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  4. ShroomKing

    ShroomKing Best of luck. Peace

    Could you give a more detailed description of what you did to achieve this please. Just the basics. Like what type of mmj did you use, how much? What is your dosage , etc?
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  5. Hi, I'm not sure what mmj is. I really can't remember many of the details as it was mainly produced by a relative for someone else who has cancer a year ago. It's working wonders for the cancer by the way.
    As for dosage, I only have a very small amount on the end of a cocktail stick once a day. Barely more than a dot.
  6. Hi Jimmy,
    My Girlfriend is also Type 1 Diabetes, she is starting to experience neoropathy in the feet and some times she complains that her eyes are sore and she cant read small print.
    Please Please would you recommend Cannabis Oil in your opinion?
    As I am resorting to alternative means. She have never used weed before in her life and we need to know if this really works.

    Please can you give more info on your progress of the oil

    Thank you so much for your time

  7. I have been searching around trying to help my close friends mother, with her cancer problems over the last few weeks!!! What I have come to find about the healing properties of cannabis is that the CBD is the only DISEASE HEALING part of the cannabis plant even tho this was my understanding I have seen alot of professionals make this a known fact in their threads or whatever. Now I will say that, Yes THC is good for nausea from chemo, people with insomnia, PTSD sufferers, chronic pain sufferers and so on but it's only difference from a opi pill which just covers up a symptom and never fixes anything and THC. is the simple fact that one is 100% natural and the other is man made and extremely altered and chemically processed. However I actually ran across some info on the subject your asking about so when I saw your thread I figured that I had better get back on the same site and hunt it down because the information is just so rare still in fact the Info on what all a medical cannabis plant can do to help out or even cure some diseases just is not out there yet In public enough places to make it to the ears of those in need not to mention the sad fact that, their have been a very select few places (all over seas) that have been given full permission to do medical studies of the positive and negative effects of MM well them and the FDA's secret cannabis program that has been going on since the late 60's early 70's and all of these study based labritories have all been Forced to keep quiet about all their findings and if anything positive they find comes out to the public the UN will come in and shut down all operations and imprison anyone involved in the leak of information....... These are some sad times we live in when the worlds governments all together feel that a plant and it's cures not only should be illegal to the public but also have all the healing facts hidden from them with admital to the public that this is what they are doing and will continue to do so.... I feel so ashamed to be a human sometimes :bag:

    Eh hem WOW uhm...

    OK well sorry for just ranting on there like that but it really does effect everyone in a negative way to keep information like this Loken up and makes me just want to cry for humanity......

    Anywho I am happy to tell you that I have some good news for you :joyful:or at least I hope I do anyway. So here is a short article that gives out a little bit if what your looking for I believe this is the one i read actually...

    however I have also put at the bottom of my post a link to the find access to the needed medicine legally, and much more information for you to look at on the subject they have quite a bit of conversation and med articles (mostly from pub med) on diabetes alone and many other really great threads on cancer, tumors, and MS as well as about a thousand other healing power's the plant can/does hold inside.... so without anymore delay here it is for you and everyone else who may need it.

    The Background

    There are limited data regarding the relationship between cannabinoids and metabolic processes. Epidemiologic studies have found lower prevalence rates of obesity and diabetes mellitus in marijuana users compared with people who have never used marijuana, suggesting a relationship between cannabinoids and peripheral metabolic processes. To date, no study has investigated the relationship between marijuana use and fasting insulin, glucose, and insulin resistance.


    We included 4657 adult men and women from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2005 to 2010. Marijuana use was assessed by self-report in a private room. Fasting insulin and glucose were measured via blood samples after a 9-hour fast, and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) was calculated to evaluate insulin resistance. Associations were estimated using multiple linear regression, accounting for survey design and adjusting for potential confounders.


    Of the participants in our study sample, 579 were current marijuana users and 1975 were past users. In multivariable adjusted models, current marijuana use was associated with 16% lower fasting insulin levels (95% confidence interval [CI], −26, −6) and 17% lower HOMA-IR (95% CI, −27, −6). We found significant associations between marijuana use and smaller waist circumferences. Among current users, we found no significant dose-response.


    We found that marijuana use was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and HOMA-IR, and smaller waist circumference. The Impact of Marijuana Use on Glucose, Insulin, and Insulin Resistance among US

    Here is the link I promised

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  8. Hi Vince,
    Yes I'd recommend it, and I'd also recommend a low-card diet, or a lower-carb diet.
    The oil is largely THC I believe, although I don't know enough to recommend any strain of oil - that's just what we happen to have.
    My hba1c last week was my best in around 20 years, and that was with just the tiniest amount of daily oil - a maintenance dose. Literally a tiny dab on the end of a cocktail stick.
  9. My wife has been a type 1 diabetic for almost 10 years so I'm super curious about this. Gotta say im a little skeptic that suck a small daily dosage can be helpful !
    Thou I'm willing to try just happen to have a little access to cannabis to make oil with.
    She's not a smoker besides maybe a hit or 2 of my joint before bed.
    Didn't have time to read kilos post but seems interesting. Ill update here
    Even with insurance I'm paying 2 bills for meds feel sorry for those that need to choose food or med
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  10. Ok so.due to the ranting I did I will shorten it to this and this was said in the message so maybe you should try and read something when looking for answers to something I tried to edit and have it say skip first half or something on top but it was to late

    So what I said was yes you can control it well here is a link to where you can find the proper medicine and also has a ton of detailed information about diabetes and how cannabis helps alot here is the link if u want real info on the subject I would suggest clicking on it

    I truly hope this helps someone who actually needs the information went back and hunted the place down from browser history that didnt take me an hour or longer to find at all fine that's cool but then to just be simply skipped over entierly when the info given is probably the only good info out there at the time you know honestly im good on this thread l8r

    I mean shit man u try and do something nice for someone and then just get blown off. Some people and their children I swear. Just feels rude as fuck that's all and I am Not on you at all @soserthc1 sorry you did not have time come check it out hopefully you will later when you do!
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  11. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Sort of, yes. An old school friend of mine is a TI diabetic, but her's has gotten pretty bad as she's already experiencing neuropathy, has lost a great deal of vision and is now on an insulin pump. She has not noticed having to reduce her insulin intake a whole lot, only very slightly, but she also doesn't use daily. She only likes to smoke, does not care for medibles.

    Mostly she smokes to calm anxiety.
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  12. Read an awful pile about cannabis oil in the last few months, after digesting all this material I would say just keep it simple and follow Rick Simpsons advice from his website and video's on youtube. Basically Simpsons advice is just shut the hell up and follow the procedure I set out at pheonix tears. It's really that simple follow the protocol laid out and if RSO will work for you wonderful ! if not well if you took the oil like you were supposed to and it didn't do what you wanted it to do at least you did your best and thats all you can do.
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  13. I think that we can improve on Rick Simpson's work, particularly with the method from washing the resin from the buds. The resin can be removed with Everclear, and if a still is used to evaporate the alcohol, it can be used again instead of evaporating into the atmosphere. But as far as his overall process of a gram a day of decarb'ed edible cannabis oil for a month or two, hey, let's see how it works. Post up some results. There have been reports of improvement for diabetes patients on the RS FB page, but mixed in with a vast amount of nonsense. Dex.png
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  14. hi, i've been working closely with a t1d for a while now., the method they took was to use cbd oil drops, 3 drops at the same time as insulin before food, 3 or 4 times a day., there is no real psycho active element but apparently there is a small confidence boost associated with it., not only have there been no degeneration or inflammation in eyes and feet, but if they have slightly less insulin than required- or slightly more food - they found levels tended to rest at a more desirable level; between 5.3 and 5.7 more often than not., remove the cbd and it's hard to hit those precise levels again., it is my understanding that the cbd acts as a peacekeeper between the warring cells and therefore stops further beta cell destruction., also, it would appear that if you start cbd treatment early enough, not only does this protect the remaining cells, it also allows the release of the body's own insulin thus allowing for extra, normal control., they are still on a ratio of 1:30 almost 2 years after diagnosis., my studies have shown this is a big rabbit hole., there is growing evidence to suggest that t1 is caused by deterioration of cell health triggering damage to the central nervous system., the most common causes would be continued exposure to gluten and severe stress., this damage can lead to mood swings which in turn are generally treated with GSK3 inhibitors, like lithium for instance., it has been found that inhibition of gsk3 promotes replication and survival of pancreatic beta cells., the plot thickens.....,

    essentially, a gluten free diet high in foods containing chromium, lithium and vanadium, plus cbd oil drops, smoothies, lemon/lime water, selenium supplements, no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, and plenty of exercise and goodwill should see u on the right path to easier control and even a reversal of t1d

    peace and love

    doktor tony
  15. denlyn


    I was just given this information from a friend of a friend I am a T1 diabetic diagnosed 15 yrs ago - I am in good control but would like to find a cure - medical insurance is sky high and getting worse I will struggle when I retire keeping up with insulin and pump expenses - I have not seen any more posts since October of last year - is there anything new with this research going on that can help me & others? I will definitely do some reading on Rick Simpson and thank you for this site and information so far. thank you all! denlyn
  16. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Not related to cannabis, but there is some very promising research for TI diabetics. I track it on my FB since I have a childhood friend with T1 who also uses the pump.
  17. denlyn


    ?? I am confused what is this information got to due with T1?
  18. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

  19. yooper420

    yooper420 Curmudgeonlander Supporter

    My wife has been a Type 1, insulin dependent diabetic for over 41 years. Have read this whole thread and will check out the other sites. THANK YOU to all who posted here.
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  20. Chengmu


    My husband has T1 since 4 years ago. He didn't control it at all. Basically just eat what ever he wants(sweets) and use insulin as much as he needs. He always talks about the oil, and he started to take it a month ago. Honestly, I didn't see he become well. He still uses big amount of insulin everyday and skip blood test. He told me he needs more amount of oil every day. I feel it such waste if he doesn't want to control the diet and start to excise.