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    A handy form of medication for me personally is capsule form, and I’ve developed a Cannacap that is efficacious pain relief for me and which has developed a following of patients, whom claim first time relief for ailments ranging from covert Spina Bifida to Phantom Limb syndrome.

    To produce the capsules, I decarboxylate BHO in a 240F oil bath and for every 10 grams of BHO, I add three grams of virgin unrefined coconut oil and enough corn starch to turn it to silly putty, which is around 22 grams.

    Because a standard gram scale is normally accurate only to one decimal place, it is not accurate enough to stuff these caps at only 452.8 grams to the pound, so you either need a milligram scale, or use a firearm powder scale calibrated in 7000 grains to the pound.

    At that mix, I found that a 1 grain dose in a mostly empty 0 cap, is about one dose for a light weight and three grains are about one dose for me and the high tolerance patients testing this medication.

    On set is 30 to 45 minutes, in my case with pain relief and a general sense of well being.

    We are currently experimenting with replacing a portion of the inert corn starch filler with other complimentary ingredients. More as test results are available.


    PS: Zero stomach upsets reported using this med.
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    ^good info;) need to give these a try.
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    Those sound very good! Gotta love caps for long term relief.
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    Sounds good GrayWolf. Very interesting. I've never had cannabis in pill form. Only ingested cooked into brownies, firecrackers and the like. Would love to try making these for myself sometime. Good info bro.
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    You said the magic words! Oral caps produce longer term relief than vaporizing or smoking. Mine lasts 4 to 6 hours, which is about the average reported as well.

    They are also more predictable than brownies and you can always enjoy unmedicated brownies or blueberry cheese cake later.

    I make medibles occasionally, but usually stick to concentrates, because people with a sweet tooth sometimes over indulge if it is just too, tooo tasty.

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    GW- I have had a problem too with patients overindulging on my medibles because they are so tasty, I make lollipops with bho and used to make them huge for heavy medicators, but patients with low tolerances would eat the whole thing and pass out or freak out, so I had to make them smaller.

    I've often thought about making capsules, and now you've given the instructions! Lucky me and my patients.

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    I decarboxylate BHO in a 240F oil bath. what is a oil bath?
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    ok i got it never mind. heat it up in the coconut oil. sorry