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Cant Kill Cannabis Aphid, (not Ra) Cannabis Aphid. Photo..

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by The Humanure, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. year one, spider mites.
    Year 2, Russets. Sprayed hard never seen another Spider mite.
    Year 3, cannabis aphid
    Sprayed harder yet and now no Russets.

    So cannabis aphid are borne with 3 generations of clones inside. They can pump out new females at an astonishing rate of every 20 minutes.

    I have been using Plant therapy and its controlled the russets.
    The cannabis aphid just keep coming back.
    I got a very strong paint sprayer one that actually has a kick to it like a shotgun.
    We used Conscerve SC

    Phorodon cannabis—literally the “cannabis aphid"
    I scoped just now, all kind of them on a leaf.

    My buds look great., Not wide spread panic.
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  2. If you are having this much bug activity you are probably packing in too many plants or some other variable is helping them thrive. Not necessarily but i'd take a look at everything and clean heavily. Indoor plants shouldn't have pests regularly even without ipm.
  3. Hello this is outdoor forum. We have a small grow at the rest home.
  4. I thought you mentioned clones is why i said indoor. I figured by the layout the first part was about outdoor. Anyways, what is your current ipm for outdoor?
  5. The article is short and informative. some guy brought them to clone fest and they branched out to 100s of farms. they mutated to live on cannabus. this is the new bad boy bug. hardy and reproduce 80 fertile females with a long adult stage.
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  6. Thanks for this post. Definitely interesting. My current mix of meds tends to leave me mega tired and braindead. So you have this on your plants this year, yes? What have you tried so far and how? Be interesting to see what has and hasn't worked.
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  7. 123grow


    I'm pretty sure it was aphids that we treated and we used Lost Coast Plant Therapy as per the instructions. (for 5 days, every other day. sprayed 5xs total) . We had about 8 bugs on 1 leaf and about 7 bugs on another leaf that i happen to find. Although i can't say there 100% gone, i think there under control, not gonna worry too much about them. ~( I'm going to try and take a picture of a paper with info about Aphids that we received after we were treating them, from a city by us in California.) Julie
  8. Have you tried pyrethrum/pyrethrin yet?
  9. 123grow, thats the same boat im in. sprayed and sprayed with plant therapy. switching to big time next.
    Toaster79 have not used pyrethrum yet.
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  10. someone gave me Methomyl that is for tomatoes and grapes and I was WTF, I mean WTF is Methomyl.
    I did not use that stuff but he said its awesome but its poison!
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  11. 123grow


    Not sure if this is helpful or not.. I hope you can read it. ~Julie
    Screenshot_2018-09-13 (13 unread) - julienascarno88 sbcglobal net - att net Mail.png
    Screenshot_2018-09-13 (13 unread) - julienascarno88 sbcglobal net - att net Mail(1).png
    Screenshot_2018-09-13 (13 unread) - julienascarno88 sbcglobal net - att net Mail(2).png
  12. 123grow


    lol.. it was kinda strange that this flyer showed up after we had been treating for Aphids. if this is something that might be of help and you cant read it then let me know and i can try to do it again? Good luck ~Julie
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  13. I suggest Getting PyGanic 5.0 ( organic certified)
    It’s a amazing Pyrethrins product. You can use it indoor/outdoors/greenhouse and if you look at the % . I wouldn’t fuck with any other Pyrethrins . It killed previous my thrips,aphids and other issues in past years.

    Than rotate with this: combine with botiguard 22 wp & grandevo wdg ( I even use yucca as a wetting agent)
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  14. quirk


    Orange oil and Garrett Juice. 1 oz.ea/gal. Foliar and drench. Apply once a week for 4 weeks. Spray after sundown or on a cloudy day, drench anytime, and be sure to spay undersides of leaves. No more aphids
  15. Conserve sc is great ( I saw you your using it), the same company even makes a 2x the concentration and it’s organic of it, but it’s like 450 bucks. Being that’s 22% and organic approved, sounds interesting eh

    Downside You just can’t use it (conserve) more than 4-5 times . You should rotate pesticides (even if it’s works wonderful, you know that) to make sure your killing all stages and keep resistance at bay.

    Too many growers I see they rely on only one pesticide and then wonder why we now every few years companies are making more and more dangerous pesticides to treat/kill the bugs. It if they would of jut rotated and followed the instructions we wouldn’t have a lot of super bugs
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  16. 2HI4U


    Question.. What happens with these bugs at harvest, when you realize that infact they are not gone but still very active?? I know spider mites just gather to the end of the branch while its hanging to dry and they die. Do the Aphids just die too??
  17. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Eww! Burn it down. Damn.
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  18. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    No they migrate to the buds and will ruin a harvest! I I throw everything I have if they get this bad. Clean the grow. Spray the snot out of the space and man bro pray they never come back
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  19. 2HI4U


    What do you think I should do? The plants are an outside grow and will be ready to harvest real soon. We harvested Berry White a few days ago and didn't notice the bugs on them, guess I better check since they were next to the Blue Haze which is where those leaves/bugs came from. Harvesting Doc OG today. Is there anything I can or should do before their harvested? Thanks, Julie
  20. At this stage, this is what Id use. If they aint buddin, Id use Floramite, and Avid.

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