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Caregiver and felonies

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by Seed Buyer, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. I am looking to move to MI. However, I have read that if you a prior felony drug convection the state will not issue you a caregivers permit. Does anyone know if there is a way around that or exceptions? Or if its just for felonies in MI?
  2. Pretty sure no drug felonys allowed when you fike your caregiver attestation form there is a spot on there that tells you that there gonna check your record. I know 2 people been rejected for prior coke convictions. Pretty sure anybody can be a patient.
  3. I wonder if they were rejected because it was coke? If someone has a prior manufacturing marijuana charge, I wonder if there might be an exception since you are applying to grow herb?
  4. No I am sure there is not, as this OCCUPATION is a privilege not a right.
  5. markscastle

    markscastle Well-Known Farmer

    Doesn`t mater in Cali cause the patients deside who they want regardless. Doesn`t it seem out of place with the state making calls who you can have work for you?
  6. You may be able to grow your own as a patient not sure.
  7. no. someone with a prior felony drug conviction cant be a caregiver in Mi

    but u can get a card as a patient and still grow ur own.

    also theres a law where u must be a resident in Mi. for 2 years before ur eligable to be a patient
  8. i can't find this 2 yr. requirement wording anywhere. where did u read this?
  9. its there man, deu to all the confusion in mi about the laws we had our lawyer break it all down to us. were plannin on openin a disp with a few buddys but the laws are so iffy and worded to only benefit LEO. truthfully if u look closely and read carefully dispensarys, clone and seeds sales are still illegal. il see if i can dig it up off a mi forum for u bro
  10. swisscheese

    swisscheese Guest

    No it's a natural right as a human being to grow a plant and support a family/yourself whether or not you have a felony. You can say what the law says all day I've read it too but if there's no victim or harm to society there's no crime!
  11. Then fuck the law. Unjust laws breed honor among outlaws. Follow your own moral compass. Just be prepared to suffer the barbaric consequences if caught by the MI pigs. I grew up, and still own property there. Some of the biggest dick cops in the country.

    If any of you plan on opening in Michigan, you better have all your employees armed. Lots of cats in the Robert game back home. My buddy has shot two people in his glass shop just over the border in Toledo. Good Luck.
  12. My opinion

    Felony is a broad word the categorize someone as fit or not fit to cultivate medical marijuana for another person (being a caregiver). Some folks with felony's are not a threat to society nor would they be a threat to the legal growing of marijuana. Cultivating MM for yourself could be argued as a human right.

    However to grow MM for another person is not a "a natural right as a human being....and support a family/yourself whether or not you have a felony." Most people, 51 percent or more, with felony's are idiots, IE. rapists, murders, repeat offenders, meth/crack/coke/heroin dealers and the like. Idiots shouldn't be allowed to be a caregiver let alone "support a family/yourself whether or not you have a felony." profit from it??? Not in my eyes.

    -My opinion, no hard feelings

    GROW ON!
  13. swisscheese

    swisscheese Guest

    Definitely agree too much government.
  14. dont do the crime if you can't do the time....laws the law, felons aren't going to change it.. the lawmakers aren't on here and if they were they dont listen
  15. Im with hidu on this one u could easly support a family with a 12 plant limit. I mean that u could live comfortably at least and stay off the radar.
  16. spiderman

    spiderman Guest

    must be cheap where u live!
  17. swisscheese

    swisscheese Guest

    I totally agree 12 plants can do a lot for a person and respect the law, I am only rocking 9 right now.
  18. that only works in the mitten where the average person makes $20k a year. the rest of the world has bills and costs.

    I mean really the costs to do this properly and to just have herb readily available for personal use are 2 different things.
  19. Umm 12 plants 4 1000wt hps 3 harvests a year min 8-10 pds per harvest. 24 pds per yr. 4g per pound almost 100g a yr. Some people are clueless
  20. Like 12 of these [​IMG] [​IMG]