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Cbd Hash, Why No Taste Samey?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Greendummy, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. So I'm in the UK and have been experimenting with every form of CBD imaginable, from 0.2% thc weed, to waxes, crumbles, terpsolates, pure vape liquid and so on. So far I've not liked the taste of 90% of it.

    First was GDP terpene infused terpsolate, 90% CBD. They describe the taste of this stuff as "fruity", "earthy" and all these words that I feel are, in short, TOTAL BOLLOX :)
    To me they mostly taste chemically with lingering aftertastes that go on for days from just one puff of the stuff, and obviously taste nothing like weed/hash THE ACTUAL PLANT in any way shape or form (I smoked weed and hash 20yrs ago). Next I tried an 80% wax and wow, the very first hit on the vape pen was pure squidgy black flavour. BINGO! Sadly every hit thereafter on the same amount put it in obviously tasted shite as the main terps must go instantly on the first vape, despite that amount then producing tons of vape smoke down the line. I've read this is cuz vape pens are crap and you should use a dab rig for proper flavour/effect. bleh

    So next I tried more 90% terps, gorilla glue and tangie banana, one meant to be day use, the other night. Gorilla glue again tastes chemically, which I think is the "fruity" word they decide to use instead, for me it's CHEMICALLY!! And again left horrid after taste for days. THe banana one was more crystally, and had no hints of banana whatsoever.

    Next onto some vape liquids at £50/g carts, not yet tried a distillate one, which according to the one UK company that does them DOES taste like hash, but I tried another equally expensive one, asking what the make up is of the fluid, 40% CBD, apparently the rest is terps. Well, the taste was RIDICULOUSLY STRONG, and way way to sweet and fruity. Loved how it worked, u don't even need to click a button, just inhale and it heats by itself, and the effects seemed very relaxing, but my god that taste was far too strong and again, NOTHING like the plant itself. I ended up sending that back and they only refunded me 70% of it.

    Next was CBD weed. Now THIS totally smelled and tasted like the real stuff. End of. But I still want that squidgy flavour.

    So now I've stumbled some CBD bubble hash, again just one company in the entire country that I can find, and gave that a go. Received today, when you apply a flame to it the smoke coming off is 80% hash, it smells like the real shiz. However, upon smoking it, no, nothing like it. Stale old hemp tastes basically.

    Now my question is this: Most CBD products are no doubt made with industrial hemp, 0.2% thc most of the time, but thc is tasteless, surely the rest of the flavinoids are still the same? Why can't you get proper tasting hash with very little thc? The weed I got isn't industrial hemp, as it's nearly 20% CBD, it's an indoor hybrid of some kind. And this hash is quoted 10% cbd, so again that seems to go against it being industrial too does it no? As industrial I thought is only 3-4% CBD?
  2. Beacuse it's sucky lol. SNOLEPERD
  3. Most of the flavors are mono and sesquiterpenes, regardless of the cannabinoid content and balance.

    The cannabinoids by themselves taste phenolic, because they are a phenol.
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  4. souf69


    Gray, are you able to give an approximate idea of how much cbd oil can be made with an acre of female hemp plants? How about distillate?
  5. I can't, but I'll check with Pharmer Joe who does consulting in that industry and report back.
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  6. Bro i smoked hash 4 years, red Lebanese, black Nepalese, gooey afghani, all of it, when i tried that stuff they call hash today very disappointed in all fairness I only did it once, so may b i got crap but crap it was.
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    Thank you GW, with all the madness in the industries I am now starting a female hemp farm, and plan to complete an fda certified kitchen plus lab. Any input would be positive.
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  8. Good for you! As effective as CBD is as a pain reliever, once the word gets widespread and accepted by the suspicious nay sayers, it should be like gold, and certainly <0.3% THC hemp is not as heavily taxed, controlled, and regulated as greater than >0.3% THC Cannabis, and it is allowed places that CBD from Cannabis isn't.

    Like gold, it will draw other prospectors, but good to be at the head of the pack.

    Joe was out of pocket, so I left him an email. More when I hear.
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  9. Joe says: "Roughly 2 ton per acre and the yield is highly variable between 3-15%."
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    Nice, any chance he will qnsult a small 8 acres? By the way no mean to jack thee thred gyys.
  11. Probably; email me at [email protected] and I'll hook you up and you can ask.
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  12. What are you comparing to? US "hash" is made out of bong scrapings and febreeze regardless of Cannabinoid profile.

    I just tried some medical grade GDP "shatter" that clearly tastes of pepper spray, soap, store bought fruit scented nutrients, etc. The companies website claims 1.8% terpene content. There's nothing weed related in the flavor or smell, just chemicals and sprays.

    Their "terp sauce" is only .86% though.. The legal industry is total bullshit. All the bud either taste "earthy" (like rotten peanut shells and moldy oak leaves) or like synthetic lab chemicals (smoking meth tastes better).

    Someone above posted that thc tastes phenolic. No, it doesn't. Sounds like an industry minion trying to explain away why his bud smells like plastic, lol. It's the Cannabis bro chems. How else would Blue Dream and Chem Dawg both smell plum scented pencil erasers and taste like literal tree sap? The only reason Us weed isn't as cheap as tobacco is because the growers use all the expensive fake resin fake smell, steroid boosters that turn 5 grams of dry crap into 7 grams of sticky contaminated crap.

    People can pretend this isnt widespread all they want, but it is.. I haven't tasted weed other than my own in 4 years except 3 times,and i try dispensaries every week.
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  13. Ummmm THC is a phenol, which gives it's characteristic flavor.

    We make our own concentrates, but samples are frequently dropped off by other extractors, and I've found most of it good stuff. Some of which wins cups at various competitions, leading me to believe my tastes aren't unique.

    Tis true that a segment of the market has shifted to adding terpenes from other sources, especially the cart market. I personally don't consider the cart market in the same category as the shatter or live resin market, as it is more about convenience than optimum aroma and flavor.

    There is a market for both Bud Light and Micro Brews, as well as jug wine and estate bottled grand crus, depending on taste and pocketbook. I'm pretty happy tastes do vary as much as they do, because if us man childs all fell for the same woman, we would have killed each other off by now.
  14. PS, Here in River City, USA, we actually make our hash from dry sieve or bubble.

    The stuff scavenged from bongs, we refer to as "Reclaim".
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    My my my.