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Cbd Oil Processing

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by altitudefarmer, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. I have a low-thc high-cbd strain, and I intend to make a little healing oil with the flowers. I have experience with Phoenix Tears, and was intending to use my refluxing method to extract from the CBD-rich flowers.
    Does anyone have any tips or tricks to share regarding high-CBD oil processing? I do not intend to decarbolxylate, since there is really no THC in these flowers.
    Specifically @Graywolf , got any pointers for me?
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  3. We do our high CBD extractions the same as we do the high THC strains and formulate it the same.
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  5. I'm super excited to be able to get this oil to the folks who don't enjoy THC. And to help some of the folks who are stuck on somebody's waiting list...
    I meet people every day who need this. I may take a break from all my other projects and focus on this.
  6. After using Everclear to extract the oil from an R-14er and adding coconut oil, I decarb'ed at 230f for about 70 minutes, until the bubbles stopped. The oil in 100mg dose does carry some stone, and at 300mg dosage is quite strong, but the body numbing effect is very nice. Just be aware that high CBD oil can get you high, so test at lower dose before going hog wild.
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  7. Almost forgot to mention that you need to decarb if you want CBD, very similar to how THC works, the compound in the raw buds is not "activated" until it is decarb'ed. Credit to GrayWolf for explaining how this works, I had to cheat in order to pass high school chemistry.
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  8. Hee, hee, hee, wish you had had my high school chemistry teacher. She was one of the inspiring influences in my life, whom made me her lab assistant so I could play in the lab during my study hall periods.

    Looking back, she was a died in the wool fox as well, with a taunt athletic body, whom no doubt stirred my hormones at the time, but interestingly I remember her most for her fine mind and sense of humor.

    I do remember that my college chemistry teachers were not as foxy or charming and lacked her knack for communication. All of was also so far in the hoary days of yore, that if I have any serious questions, I rely on Joe, our much younger and purdier biotechnologist to stir ancient memories or implant new ones, some developed in more recent times.
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    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    This is what I remember from my HS chemistry class. Passed with flying colors!

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