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CHEM D bx3

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by gonzo3732, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Get it on :bongsmi:


    A dozen sprouting in rapid rooters, will update progress as things get interesting.

    Here's the strain description of the chem d bx3

    Strain Name:

    Chem D BX3


    Insane Seed Posse

    Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc

    Stabilized Polyhybrid


    Chemdawg D x (Chem 91 x pre-Invasion Afghan) BX 'd to clones of the original mom (repeatedly)

    Parental Information

    Chemdawg D needs no introduction. It's a powerful strain of the highest order.
    But what's the deal with this Chem D BX3 you ask ? Chem D in a seed ?
    Let me explain this lady's history. Some years ago (around 94) we decided to put a
    Chem 91 in seed form. The reason being, " clones onlys " can lose vigor or suffer dna level damage over time, unless optimal conditions can be maintained, religiously. Or worst case scenario, LEO comes knocking and all is lost.
    So, we hit a Chem 91 (clone only mom) with a pre-invasion Afghan father (seeds obtained in Pakistan by Ohsogreen during a hash deal), to create a two sexed line.
    From 94 until 99, we maintained clones of the original mother, and kept selecting multiple males from the Chem 91 x pre-Invasion Afghan offspring, and using them to hit clones of the original mom, to tighten up all Chem 91 traits. All offspring were tested, only the best fathers were used to move the project forward.
    Years later (around 2003), a father from that refined line, was used to hit a Chem D
    (clone only) mom we had obtained. Then those were grown out, and multiple fathers from that cross, were used to hit clones of the original Chem D (clone only) mom, all offspring were tested. Only the best fathers were used to hit clones of the Chem D mom, two more times to tighten up all the Chem D traits.
    So there you have it, Chem D backcrossed & refined, for maximum potency, and structure; but in seed form. Because clones are nice, but seldom last forever.
    That being said, Chem D BX3 can only be described as " One Badass Strain". It's resin
    covered buds, have the punch to send seasoned stoners into the stratosphere. Very mind expanding, a stellar head high, with couch locking abilities as well. It gets one thinking outside the box, inspires creativity, and peaceful thoughts. However, if over toked, it can totally freak out newbie smokers, so be warned, and avoid the Emergency Room visit.
    It's taste and smell are a lemony, earthy kind of funk, with some spiciness as well.
    A smelly lady in veg, and flower, she reeks of wet gym socks, citrus funk, black
    pepper & the occasional whiff of dead skunk. Odor control is a must.
    With a short cure, the flavor becomes a rich, sweet earthy funk, with a hint of lemon, that coats your mouth on the inhale. A hint of pepper will on ocassion come through, but usually only on the exhale. Overall, the sweet earthy funk dominates.
    A 8.5 to 8.75 on our potency scale. Not for first time smokers.
    This strain is best indoors, but can be done outdoors (only if temps do not exceed
    the lower 80's, and humidity in flowering does not exceed 60 %).
    Veg time: 35 to 45 days (min) 60 days veg is best, Flowering time 56 to 70 days.
    56 - 63 days gives more of an up head high, 63 - 70 days results in a stoned / couch-lock high. The shift is quite dramatic / shocking in terms of effect. So, be sure to harvest at different windows to enjoy all this lady has to offer.
    The best yields are obtained with a 60 day veg, and 70 day flowering period.
    Yield: low to medium, depends on growers skills. She's sensitive to temps above 82 F,
    and high humidity (over 60 % in flowering). She feeds medium to heavy, depending on the grow medium (CEC). She can be grown in soil, soil-less, coco and hydro.
    Yields 1 oz minimum per gallon of soil, soil-less (peat moss), or coco, upwards to 2 oz per gallon (dialed in) 1 oz per foot in hydro (min), upwards of 2.25 oz per foot (dialed in)

    Indica/Sativa %

    Sativa Dominant

    Feminized Seeds?


    Indoor / Outdoor


    Bloom Length:

    Both phenos : 56 to 70 days (explained above)

    # of Phenotypes?


    Describe each phenotype expression:

    Pheno # 1: is identical to the clone only mom, in branching, bud structure, smell, taste and potency. This pheno shows up 80 % of the time.

    Pheno # 2: is slightly less branchy, but has identical bud structure, smell, taste, and potency. This pheno yields slightly less, than pheno one, and smells more skunky.
    This pheno shows up only 20% of the time.


    .5 to 1x

    Resin Profile:

    High resin

    Odour Score:


    Odour Description:

    sweet earthy funk, skunky, with hints of lemon & pepper

    Flavour Score:


    Flavour Description:

    sweet earthy funk, with hints of lemon on the inhale, hints of pepper on the exhale

    Potency Score:


    High Type:Creative, Medicinal and Debilitating if over toked
  2. Looks and sounds promising. Cant wait to see some pics of these babies kicking it. Good luck im tuned in.
  3. how did you select the males?
  4. Jeezer


    Ill b watching bro. Sounds interesting
  5. Nice to have you here highagain :rollj:

    Read strain description above, ohsogreen describes how he selected the males

    Thanks for stopping by jeezer :)

    - 100% germ. In a day or 2 they will be in #1 smart pots with sunshine #4 advanced mix.

    Please send your best vibes to ohsogreen and family.

    from biteme on a different forum:

    i just saw a post at another site where one of our members, ohsogreen, was involved in a traffic accident and is in critical condition atm. it was reported he was a passenger in a pickup with two other men that was sideswiped by an 18 wheeler that was going too fast and swerved out of its lane. the other pickup passengers were also hospitalized.

    ohsogreen is a talented usa grower who has been around long before the inception of any sort of organized online efforts where we see him today, and always had an encouraging hint to help you along. he, and his family, could use a prayer from you today as his condition was described as critical. get well soon, ohso! peace-biteme

    Old_Dawg has been keeping everyone informed, this is a post he made a couple days ago:

    Thank you, to all the folks here praying for my friend, and the supportive private messages you have sent. The doctors have now gotten all the broken bones set. The thing we worried about most was the hardware Ohsogreen already has in is back.
    The X-Rays and a CAT scan done this morning, verified it is all still where it is supose to be, and nothing broke loose back there. Praise God. His wife said the doctors got him to wiggle all his fingers and toes this morning, which is a very positive thing. The other man in ICU, is doing better, and one co-worker has been released from the hospital. Please keep those prayers coming.
  6. soopy


    My best wishes and hopes for Ohsogreen and his family.
    Gonzo, those sound great. Sounds like he did a great job if 80 percent of the phenos are looking like momma D. Looking forward to pics.
  7. would love to see a pic of your chem 91 cut
  8. I would if I had the cut.. Doubt I ever will, I wanted to run the D cut next to these, but keep getting fakes.

  9. maybe i misunderstood did u buy these beans or did u make these beans
  10. biggs


    ohsogreen made these mate
  11. yeah thanks biggs!, these where made by ohsogreen. This is a grow thread from the beginning. All breeding and strain details are in first post. I appreciate any help in pheno hunting when the time comes.. :)
  12. Finally snagged a few chem cuts, Chem 91, Chem D, Chem 4, Chem sis, and Chem D x P - Bud. They will be run along side the chem d bx3 beans. Vegging for 60 days

  13. if you got all these bro your one lucky man shit i dont think even chemdog has all these.Cant wait to see some pics
  14. yeah man I'm still smiling, lucky random day scored a tray full of dank cuts. Will be nice to compare all the chems at once
  15. Supp Gonzo real nice score 4sho I gots my pretty lil chem maids all in a row aswell there so fuely and dank ain't they lol..can't wait to see some pics man rock it out!
  16. Thanks sticky! You have a thread up? How far along are they? I'll get some shots after they've had a little time to veg. Freshly rooted seeds and cuts are in #1 smarties filled with sunshine #4 advanced mix.
  17. Illmind


    ya the chem x pbud is super rare. i believe jimmynitz had her long ago.
  18. Supp Gonzo yeah I havnt updated it in a while been tryin to get some relax/chill time lately u know how it is sometimes lol...I've got the chem 91 veggin along with chem sis,chem d,mass super skunk man the Mss looks so similar in growth compared esp to my 91 cut,I ran the 4 for awhile the cut I had was dank but more of a piney chem smell n flav I'm deff more into the skunky diesel chem that was my opinion on that particular chem 4 cut,but deff dank 4sure I'm gonna update my thread here prob a lil later today I've also got mine in sunshine adv with about 30% chunky perlite,what u think about it so far?I'm diggin it myself,can't wait to see them pics bro !
  19. All those cuts I traded for ended up being a bubba hybrid :mad0233:

    Chem D bx3 landed 8 stinky females. 6 are a few weeks into flower, 1 was a runt and just went in, and the best one was revegged. I also kept a nice male d leaning pheno.

    Grow specs:

    - room - 2' x 4' grow tent

    - enviro. - phresh filter -> 4" can fan -> 400 watt hps

    - medium - sunshine advanced mix in #1 smart pots

    - nutes - house and garden bio1, h&g multi zen, h&g budxl, h&g top booster, general organics calmag+, ph down, age old grow








    Runt of the litter


    Best one revegged cause she staaaanks


    Here's 2 aliendog v2's that are going to be pollinated by the chem d bx3. The making of aliendog v3 :pimp:

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  20. Love the stank coming outta these gals. Chunking up nicely for being in #1's. I have no doubts that the famed chem line is just an awesome skunk/haze. Pheno #8, the super stinky assumed keeper will have a few cuts going into flower next week.







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