Chocolate Rain

Discussion in 'Cannabis Photography' started by rawman, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. rawman

    rawman Well-Known Farmer

    These are at week 5 and just sick looking meds!

    Here's 2 phenos mixed together their both frosty as a mofo.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Kuntjoose

    Kuntjoose Farmer

    very nice rawman i have been wondering how my chocolate rain would turn out. Mine will just be going into flower soon. I have 2 females., 1 that looks like chocolope and 1 that had spotted leaf varigation.
    Im very excited after seeing yours. You'll have to let us know how they turn out.
  3. Dr CandyMan

    Dr CandyMan Breeder

    Looking good homie. mine should start showing sex any day now.
  4. robbiedublu

    robbiedublu New Farmer

    Looks good. I have a small one coming down next monday. I'll post some pics then. Yours looks frostier than mine but mine was flowered in a beer cup so will probably do better in a proper sized container.
  5. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    Hows the smells? ARe they chocolatey?
  6. zoeronerer

    zoeronerer Farmer

    nice frost on the leaves not alot of pics or info on this one thanks.

    i may pop my pack
  7. robbiedublu

    robbiedublu New Farmer

    Here's mine. Taken today. About 20% of the trichs are amber. I have a clone of this one only much bigger about 2 weeks into flower. The buds seem very dense and it smells really good. We'll see how it smokes in 6 weeks or so.

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  8. waayne

    waayne Moderator Staff Member

    Very Very Nice!!!!
    how does she smell?
  9. robbiedublu

    robbiedublu New Farmer

    My smeller doesn't work very well so I hate to even try to describe the smell. After it's dry i'll have some friends try it and get back to you.
    I don't mean to hijack your thread rawman. Let me know if you care and i'll move along.
  10. rawman

    rawman Well-Known Farmer

    Nah idc Robbie.. Yours is lookin dope bro.

    But Wayne n Grit thanks for the props I must say my one pheno favors more cocoa kush but the other is raspberry chocolate smelling for sure. Also mine are pack on the weight for sure.
  11. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    Damn rasberry choco sounds pretty dank!!!
  12. biggs

    biggs Farmer

    yea, going to get me a couple of packs of these just for the freebies that you get with them. dank as fuck.
  13. PHEN

    PHEN Farmer

    Let it rain chocolate yes sir, nice dank rawman, thanks for posting. :winking0067:
  14. GET MO

    GET MO Farmer

    NICE! I got four of these veggin right now, lookin forward to flowering, after lookin at yours I guess Ima haveta take cuts before I flower um....
  15. rawman

    rawman Well-Known Farmer

    Deffinitly do bro they cured out real nice. I see your stuff over at the other place. All I have to say is u straight up have been killing it. I loved that mislabeled DC*SC.
  16. thatspoker422

    thatspoker422 Farmer

    Damn raw how much shit you got? Your a freakin maniac and people think i'm crazy. So what is Choc rain? Shorts Cocoa kush x with what and by who? I'm gonna pop my Cocoa's in a week or so.
  17. rawman

    rawman Well-Known Farmer

    It's CocoaKush*Chocolope it was real tasty for sure.
  18. TortureKill

    TortureKill Well-Known Farmer

    These are sweet. Just got my hands on some Dabney Blu x Chocolate Rain, Cant wait until I get the opportunity to run these. I hear huplas working Shmoes CJ x Chocolate Rain. That will be a beautiful plant. I hope ot score some of these.
  19. rawman

    rawman Well-Known Farmer

    Nice Dab blue sounds nice to add into the mix!
  20. TortureKill

    TortureKill Well-Known Farmer

    sure does. Theres Pictures at opengrow. Looks incredible. Theres some really deep berry phenos.. Super yielder!