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Cloning - dome or no dome??

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by l0g1c4l, Jun 11, 2010.


  1. DOME

  2. NO DOME

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  1. They aren't children, so I don't lament the loss of a few of them. Some are just destined to not suk water up the stalk, it would seem. I've got the process down to where I can do about 50 or 60 clones an hour, when the market demands them & I have the vegged out product to do it. The tent I mentioned holds about 100 easily. Right now I'm using these cheap Planter's Pride self watering trays that hold 28 clones each. I put the peat pellets in the 6 cm pots that go in holes in the tray. Peat pellets can dry out on ya in a hurry if ya don't pay attention, so these are handy as long as you don't over water. Peat needs to be moist but not wet to promote vigorous root growth. Once they go in you never have to touch them. & as I said no need to spray the leaves, which delays rooting, since the humidity of the tent is adequate for the clones to survive.

    Thanks for the tip about Roots Excell, maiden. I just picked up a 48 ounce bottle of Miracle grow transplant & root promoting juice for 7 bucks. Since Olivia's is about the same price as gold per ounce, I'm gonna do the next few waves without it & save. I did use this once b4 many moons ago, to clone a bunch of Norhthern Lights for a farmer friend & if my memory recollects, the results were fantastic, as far as quick rooting & survival rates.
  2. I'm surprised that many farmers arent doming it!
  3. I have a 24 site bubble cloner i made running 4,12 inch air stones and it takes 7 days on average to get good roots on about 75% of the 24 cutting's with no dome and pretty much no effort with just some thrive alive in the water,But i also use rapid rootters with a dome,Basically without a dome and a cloner its ez as can be with no real up keep and the Rooter dome way is quicker but demands more attention pick one method or do both like me!

    Goodluck with the Ladies!!!
  4. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    No need. Seriously.
  5. jonnynu

    jonnynu Premium Member Supporter

    Never lost a clone...never used a dome.
  6. sedate


    This has everything to do with ambient humidity. . .

    I cloned without a dome for years but it was more due to environmental conditions (backwoods of a Virginia swamp) than actually being a good idea.

    The water you are cloning into/bubbling serves the purpose of the humidity dome - it keeps the ambient humidity of the foliage - just above the bubbling water -at a level appropriate to keep the cutting alive.


    Hmm. Maybe you live by the ocean?

    I can clone w/o a dome here in Colorado, but I have to stay on top of the 'effers with a spray bottle nuted to ~150ppms. Like 8 - 10 sprays a day.

    Very possible, but far too much work w/o a dome.
  7. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Nope, Sierra Nevada. My area is under our house, relatively stable conditions, but I stopped using the dome so extensively before I moved that part of the operation downstairs. Current relative humidity is 39%, not too bad, considering.

    I can clone w/o a dome here in Colorado, but I have to stay on top of the 'effers with a spray bottle nuted to ~150ppms. Like 8 - 10 sprays a day.
    My veg-table, which is used for moms, clones, everything that's in veg and not ready to flower, is made of that OSB with the reflective stuff on it. Not sealed up or anything like that, but closed up enough I think to allow suitable conditions. Except specifically for The White, I have what I think is pretty good success. No, not 100%, closer to 90%-95%, but that's acceptable to me.
  8. nice stealthy garden maiden!

  9. lmao enough said
  10. Amazing

    Just an amazing statement, IMHO. You must elaborate & give us all the details of how such a thing is even possible. 100% success rate, man I gotta be doing what ever it is ur doing.
  11. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Thank you. Not intended to be stealthy, just suitable. I can thank my husband for all of it. I imagine, he executes. This table made him make a face, though. He likes to have everything planned out, and I hit him with the table when we were at Lowe's. Got him totally flustered. But he broke it down and broke it out. :heart
  12. use a dome faster results
  13. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

  14. Dubwobble

    Dubwobble Guest

    I use a dome for the first 3 or 4 days, then remove it.

    If I don't use a dome the clones wilt and bend over.
  15. fat

    fat Guest

    no dome here i use rockwool on a heat pad then i have a cloner works great never no problems
  16. Fred

    Fred Premium Member Supporter

    Use a dome for at least 4-5 days. I vent my dome after day 5 but keep it on for 4-5 more days before taking the clones out. If your humidity is high enough you won't need a dome at all.
  17. ez-cloner no dome..
    rockwool with trays and domes..
    depends on the method used I guess.. both methods work..