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Co Late Summer Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Wishbone, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. First grow, picked up some rooted clones at the beginning of July and vegged them inside on a T5 supplemented with as much outdoor time as possible until August 1 then left outside. 4 Stardawg, 2 Mob Boss and 3 Blueberrry. Using Elevation Organics Base Camp soil and their veg, bloom and cal mag nutes, all but one blue (7 gal) in 5 gal air pot. Watering every other day, 2-1 feed to water about 1.5 gal/plant ph'd to 6-6.5.

    Veg went really well, but are yellowing on lower fan leaves and have been losing a fair amount of leaves the past few weeks, I think I went to bloom nutes too soon, last feed used a tsp of veg nutes per gal on top of bloom and calmag. Pics are from right after they went outside full time, will get some recent flowering pics tomorrow, all strains are starting to frost up nicely.

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  2. Also been battling bugs the past few weeks, spider mites I believe, been treating them with neem every 5 days.
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  3. Bud pics.

    Mob Boss


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  4. Any suggestions on the yellowing? Also, how long should neem be stopped before harvest?
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  5. Here's more closeups of the yellowing. Also just watered with dechlorinated tap pH'd to 6.3, runoff came out at 7.4, any concern for alarm?



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  6. Tet to do more then neem to wipe em out. If u are trying to stay organic use a multitude of different organic insecticides. Stylet oil, nuke em, exterminator, and tgere are alot more. Also soray a different product every 2 to 3 days till they are all gone. U dont wanna spray in week 6 esoecially not the oily stuff
  7. Great, thank you, I will probably just ride it out at this point as it is getting towards the end here, hopefully as it gets a bit colder in the coming weeks they will chill out a bit as well.
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  8. I also looked back at my feeding schedule before the yellowing and think I went too light on nutes right before they started yellowing. I went out of town for 2 weeks and left instructions for my wife which aired on the safe side, I would rather she underfed them than over, which I think happened.
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  9. Got a new home for the girls yesterday, $100 amazon special, seems pretty solid but time will tell. The aphids are getting pretty out of control, not sure if they are doing much damage or not, but I am not pleased with them on the plants. Trying to find a garden store that has lady bugs still.

    IMG_2410.JPG IMG_2411.JPG IMG_2412.JPG IMG_2413.JPG
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  10. Put my minions to work last night, 3000 of them.

  11. Buds are filling out nicely, getting the greenhouse dialed in playing with the inlet fan and opening and closing the door to optimize temps and humidity. Still getting swings of 60 degrees and 40% humidity, not sure if that would s detrimental at all. I have 2 plants that are covered in aphids, one blue and one Mob Boss, the Stardawg are immune to them, and the other two blues and one Mob have some bugs but not near what the two do. In week 6 or 7 of flower, I would guess another 2-3 on the Stardawg and Mob, 3-4 on the Blues based on how the buds look today.

    Getting some purps on the Stardawg.
    Mob Boss


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  12. NHWhites


    I wouldn't worry much about the fade, naturally happening as the plant ripens and eats itself. I also wouldn't use neem during flower unless you want your flowers to taste like it. Just try and squish the little fuckers if you can. Shake them out and use a house to spray them off
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  13. Thanks, not too worried about the fade anymore, like you said the plant is just consuming itself at this point.

    Haven't used the neem in 3 or 4 weeks. Wish it was that simple, the two plants are realllly infested, like over a hundred aphids on each fan leaf, the seem to be leaving the buds alone for now. I also am not really seeing any negative effects from them l, though I am sure there are some that I am not noticing. Going to just ride it out at this point, too close to the finish line to do much about it now anyway. Probably going to do a bud rinse at harvest to get off as much bug shit and carcasses as possible.
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  14. First thing I always do with aphids is to hose them off (if plant is outdoors or can be moved outdoors). Then apply lady bugs or anti-aphid sprays. The hosing will get about 95% of them off, then the predators have a chance of knocking them back. It's like when you go to the ER with a gash in your hand - first thing they do is scrub it as clean as possible before applying antibioics.

    I had some aphids start appearing this year. Hosed, and applied OG Biowar Foliar spray. I've done this twice now over last 3 weeks, and the aphids never really took hold. Hard to find any now. Good luck!
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  15. Would you advise using the hose this far into flower?
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  16. ladybugs are a waste of time
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  17. I did - but I really don't know the correct answer. I always read that people are worried about bud rot, etc... from soaking big buds. But i also live In a very arid environment, so I figured it was ok. I've done this in the past as well. Obviously it's not ideal to hose down buds, bud you have to make a judgment call as to which is more detrimental: the hose or the aphids. I cringed the first time I had to do it, but my wife who works in a greenhouse encouraged me to keep going, - and all worked out great.

    Also, I wouldn't use the hardest stream your hose can deliver. My sprayer has a shower setting which is strong enough to blow the aphids off, but not damage plant. Just use good judgment.

    Don't hose in direct sunlight. Maybe start with one plant and see how it responds for a day or two.
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  18. I suggest a product called: dr zymes ( flying nuke em would of worked if you would of been earlier, that stuff is good too )
    Insecticide/Fungicide and even then switch it up with 5% h202 all the way to the end of harvest

    This product is OMRI approved , will kill any soft bodied and kills PM . I use their strong dose if any visible pest is around and spray every 3-7 days depending on pest or mold issue .

    The benefit to this product above is you can use it till day of harvest and it kills the pest within minutes of contact and it's safe to have on your buds, so safe you can drink it and you can spray ur grow room with it to clean it. (Makes me sound like a car rep for them)

    Point is majority of products can't be used after 3rd week of flower at best cause they have oil bassis and don't kill so successfully the pest. Yes the product is a little costly but I think if your aren't stupid about spraying it's not bad at all .

    Anther tip: is doing h202 with [email protected] 5% spraying so your not just using one product to depend on it (it's good to switch pesticides on spray cycles )

    Everyone should have a cycle-resistant- plan or they will fail if they aren't doing the synthetic/deadly versions of pesticides
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  19. Thank you, I'll take a look at it. Checked again today and there are NONE on the Stardawg, very interesting how they prefer one strain to another.
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  20. I might give that a go as well. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
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