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Co2 Climbing Like Crazy

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by rosco23, Sep 15, 2018 at 2:59 PM.

  1. rosco23


    can anyone tell me why my co2 levels climb like crazy when i am in my room during the night cycle working with a green LED headlamp on? Co2 levels otherwise are fine during both when lights are on or when i am in the room without the green LED headlamp working
  2. I would highly doubt the green led pays any factor in. My guess would be that because the lights are off your cooling isn't running. Meaning if you cool via an exhaust fan the air is not being blown out and if you cool via an ac window units and floor units will vent air from compressor out causing air to get pulled in anywhere it can be. The source for the co2 would likely be you and your breath. My co2 skyrockets when I'm in my room and ac is not on.
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  3. One potential effect the green light could have is it means your working and breathing harder/spending longer in there than you would without it? Can't really think of any other connection light could have.
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  4. Lol y'all silly have zero to do with light. You need to exhaust at night period. My large rooms used to do this before adding the night exhaust
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  5. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Moderator Staff Member

    room level co2 always rises with lights out. You need a some form of lights out ventilation for lights out and your Rh will rise as well.
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  6. Your c02 will always rise when you are in the room. @sixstring i believe just witnessed this first hand recently.
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  7. When you exhale its co2.
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  8. Yup!!!
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  9. I was told plants give off oxygen during the day, and give off co2 at night. Is that true? Cuz that would explain it...
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  10. sixstring

    sixstring Moderator Staff Member

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  11. A few things to note:

    - At high levels of CO2 (usually somewhere above 1000ppm), it can have negative health consequences for humans. I would be cautious about being in there at this point of high CO2.

    - Plants have a natural respiration and metabolic cycle, this is why I am not a fan of 24/0 light schedules, plants may not "sleep" like animals, but there are different functions that plants undergo between day and night.

    - During the dark period plants are releasing CO2 (whereas in the day time they are primarily consuming it), and taking in O2. The inverse of their daytime functions. Watch as that level sharply drops within the first 1-3 hours of the light cycle.
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  12. I should add, those levels of CO2 aren't immediately dangerous, but I would minimize expose near the 2000ppm mark. Some people seem to be more susceptible to the ill effects of CO2. Around 1600ppm and I simply start feeling like crap after 20 minutes or so.
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  13. Yup. One plants don’t use the co2 in dark period they want oxygen
    and 2 the co2 that isn’t being used is being added to by you being in there.
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  14. Missed this but this is it.
  15. rosco23


    The room doesn’t do this on the nights i don’t go in. After paying attention to it for a week I’ve concluded, like others have said it’s just from me being in there and breathing. Don’t need to exhaust for me personally.
  16. rosco23


    I feel dumb not thinking of this before posting lol