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Co2 Extraction And Multi Stage Sepration

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by FarmerMikeH, May 4, 2017.

  1. I've recently been looking into the extraction process using super critical CO2, but I'm a little confused on what actually comes out and what post processing needs to be done to achieve oil (for vape pens)...

    I've seen some articles and websites that use post processing techniques such as winterization to remove unwanted particulates. Others have said they use a multiple stage separation during the extraction process, which then doesn't need post processing.

    Can anyone please educate me on the multi stage separation? What are the pressures and temps in each separator? Does this truly not require post extraction processing?

    Thank you!
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  2. You're more than likely going to have unwanted particles like fats and waxes inside your oil while extracting. Unless your material is already decarboxylated and you have the perfect parameters while running your system via molecular density. It's not impossible, but extremely hard to find that sweet spot. There's also advanced extraction systems you can acquire that fraction different degrees of volatile oils while they're running: IES (Isolate Extraction Systems). For vape pen oil though I'd extract your product and run it through a heated centrifuge to separate the unwanted particles while still preserving the terpenes. Make sure the oil is activated before putting it inside a vape pen too.
  3. i extract co2 oil and make vape pens and its not just about the oil. i use carts designed for use with thick oils so i can use my co2 oil with no post processing at all.
  4. [​IMG]
    this it what it looks lik right outta the machine
    or this
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  5. BigRitz


    Hello ,

    I am new to the co2 side of extraction and am working for a large scale industrial hemp start up and am really looking for advice as to what all equipment we will need other then the extractor itself ie vac oven , roto vap , ultrasonic wand, but what else ?

    we want to make vape , edible , waxes of various form crumble shatter butter , and water soluble

    TIA for any help or dierection