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Co2 Extraction; Extract Varieties Using Subcritical Settings.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by TheBrachShow, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Anyone making extracts with subcritical settings? The company I work for has an Apeks 2k5l and the owner has the chiller setup with water, not a water/glycol mix, (so no high temps right now and getting this guy to make changes is...taxing, at times.) I talked them into buying a small, I think 1.5 gallon, aluminum vac chamber to run tests on, and he proceeded to take in about 3 lbs of extract for me to process.

    I'll post some pictures that I have, but he keeps complaining that the concentrate looks too "wet". I've explained possibly terpenoid-to-lipid ratio, and that if he wants crumble then it would probably take supercritical runs and a better vac oven, then I've tried explaining that pigs do not, in fact, fly, but nothing is seeming to work .

    Pics posted below of a purge after it ballooned.

    Would it be best to winterize it, filter off the fats, and e-vap it to distillate consistency?

    Any other suggestions?

    Having an interesting time. Honestly, can't wait to submit some for full-spec testing to see what comes back.