Co2 Extractor For Sale

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  1. That’s right,

    We have a Co2 Extractor for sale.


    10k psi capable.

    2 pumps

    3 extraction vessels.

    Selling it for 25K.

    Was in working condition when we bought it from a lab in the east coast. We haven’t used it at all.

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  2. DrGreenGenes

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    Some douche on here told me that if you have one of these CO2 extraction setups the government is watching you...LOL :giggle

    Nice, some person with an extra 25k is about to be stoked.

  3. governement is watching everyone
  4. ent

    ent Farmer

    Some pressure vessels are tracked at the time of sale.

    THCS- why didn't you guys use it if you don't mind me asking?

    Is the price negotiable? I wouldn't expect a warranty or anything but would you be able to guarantee it was in working order if purchased?

  5. We have not powered it on, since we got it, it can be powered on, if needed, and if you know how to use it, try it out before you take it.

    We are not using it, because at this time we do not need this machine.

    It can be best used by someone else, as we are taking a different direction.
  6. More Pics

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  7. Extra parts.

    Includes all this, and one extra extraction vessel.

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  8. DrGreenGenes

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  9. They even have a cam behind that couch. :fighting0085:
  10. Xceptional

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    hey THCF I'll be up front and say i don't have 25k for that but i do have a question about it. first what was the cost of this unit when new and is it from Eaden Labs or some other company? also is this one of those "supercritical" extractors?
  11. Supercritical yes, Eden labs no. We do not know that the unit costs when brand new.

    The unit is a Thar unit. Now known as waters supercritical.

    We bought it used and have not had the chance to use it, and we think we will not be using it at all.
  12. MrTwister

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    hi THCF I'm in the market and looking at this price point but I have questions and I can't PM you- apparently i'm a new user. If you would PM me i can get back to you.
  13. TorGfy

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    Few Questions,

    Is it still for sale?

    What are the various vessel sizes? They look to be a 2L and 1L with 2 collection vessel but I could be wrong.

    What size are the pumps? P-50? or P-350?

    Do you have the datacard/Software/Cableing/Computer for the unit?

    Is there a better way to contact you to arrange an inspection?
  14. TorGfy

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    Is it sold? Or not forsale?
  15. The vessels looks like 1-2 liter, I will check and see about the datacard, but it does have usb cables, attached to some sort of controller. I will double check eveyrthing tomarrow and let you know.
  16. TorGfy

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    Great. Let me know.
  17. Here It is

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  18. TorGfy

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    Can you pm me a phone number or email. I'm interested, if it pass inspection I will take it. Pm me so we can work out details.
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    is it gone? damn wish i saw this like 6 months ago or whenever....