CO2 foliar they work?

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  1. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Farmer

    just wondering if this stuff could work for outdoor plants? has anyone tried it yet?

    CO2 Fixing Foliar Spray

    CO2, is a revolutionary calcium carbonate foliar spray proprietarily-derived from a natural occurring compound.

    C02 utilizes a new form of nanotechnology which processes the compound to such a fine size that it is able to permeate the foliage of plants. Once inside the cell walls, CO2 is released as both calcium and usable carbon dioxide, increasing photosynthesis levels three-fold.

    Directions of Use
    Dilute 1 Tablespoon per gallon of water.
    Spray 1 Gallon of Diluted CO2 per plant, applied foliar to both sides of the leaves, every 1-2 weeks.
  2. mal

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    tried carbonated water before

    For a while I used to spray my plants with carbonated water. It seemed to me that the little boost they got was shortlived. Then again it never hurts to try

  3. edux10

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    shit, if it has nanotechnology in it, it must be good stuff.
  4. Blaze

    Blaze Well-Known Farmer

    Sounds almost too good to be true. I've seen this product myself and was most interested by it. Someone should do some test with it.
  5. Kosmo

    Kosmo Farmer

    iam in the middle of testing a few of Xtreme Gardening products. there a local company so thats a plus.

    currently testing their CalCarb (CO2 Fixing Foliar Spray) and Azos (Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria)

    "How does it work?
    Calcarb is applied as a foliar spray, which enters plants through the stomata where it is then converted within the intercellular space into Co2 and CaO. Co2 increases photosynthesis, while the calcium strengthens the cell walls and prepares the plant for increased production.

    Since plants utilizing Calcarb receive Co2 via the intercellular space, the stomata of the leaves no longer have to remain open trying to fixate c02 atmospherically. The stomata can now remained closed, significantly lowering transpiration and effectively increasing plant water retention by up to 75%. This means that growers can save up to 75% more money on irrigation costs."

    Its to soon to say, but cant say i see that 75% they speak of. Because even the control plants and the tester plants all need water the same day.

    on the other side, my Azos tests have really shown some noticeable differences. Much darker greens, and at least 3-5inch height difference. plus it only requires one application, upon transplanting.

    i;ll be sure to report back on the CalCarb (CO2 Fixing Foliar Spray) after a few more applications.

    On a side note: i remember foliar feeding my mums back in the day with carbonated water. cant say i still use that tek anymore lol. But damned if i didnt feel like calcarb was just resurrecting the same ol, same ol, tek. At least its not overpriced IMO, because for once your not paying for 95% water in a bottle.
  6. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Farmer

    nice one bro let us know how they turn out.

    i have been reading alot about Azospirillum Brasilense. its been used in Asia and India and other poor countries were the farmers sometimes cant afford nutrients. from the reports its been said to increase yield from 5-20%. there is a few companies selling it now. its cheap so im gonna give it a shot
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  7. Blaze

    Blaze Well-Known Farmer

    I've been impressed with XG, Azos kicks ass, so does the Myco product they make. Super cheap compared to rip-off products like Great White and works great.
  8. Kosmo

    Kosmo Farmer

    hmm just wanna straight this one out. great white is a soluble mycorrhiza product much like Mykos WP (XG's soluble mycorrhiza product) but at the same time there totally different products produced at totally different labs and using different techniques.

    for one mykos wp only contains glomus intraradices at 80 spores per gram. and in all seriousness thats all the mycorrhiza some of us will need to have that symbiotic relationship with our plant. (10ml per gallon required)

    But Great White goes a step further, bring in beneficial bacteria aswell as the mycorrhiza fungi. and to top it off the mycorrhiza fungi are in a much higher spore counts. Bring u even better odds at spore germination and that symbiotic relationship to exist. (only 1.25ml per gallon required)

    Also XG thrives themselves on the fact that even their soluble product isnt all powder, witch they claim helps the spores keep intact in transport etc. But then again Plant Success have their labs and partner labs that produce there great white and after its all turned to powder still produces high spore counts. so you see they all have their place, and without a doubt they will all work. their just little different in there own little ways, and are in no way rip-offs themselves.

    and now theres even a higher spore count contender out there, (and at this point it gets to the point spore count smore count lol) Humboldt Nutrients White Widow. witch would be perfect for them mpb growers that wanna benefits of mycorrhiza fungi without the worry of destroying there sterile environment with unwanted bacteria. oh and as an added plus it only contains endo spores. witch if yall havnt gathered it is the only mycorrhiza fungus that will keep the relationship with our beloved plant.

    Idk about u guys but i wanna see more company's developing endo-mycorrhiza soluble products. ones with bacteria for us soil growers and a sterile product for them dwc,rdwc,enf,nft, etc. users. because idk about yall but iam sick of paying for spores/fungi that dont do nothing to my plants. bring on the benefits people!!
  9. Blaze

    Blaze Well-Known Farmer

    The main reason I thin Great White is a rip off is that it contains a bunch of organisms that have been found to have no beneficial effect on annuals. Ectomycorrhizas (which GW and many other products contain) are formed between the roots of around 10% of plant families, mostly woody plants including the birch, dipterocarp, eucalyptus, oak, pine, and rose families. AFAIK no annuals have been found to benefit from these organisms. So why pay for something that doesn't work on the plant you are growing?

    I've used the GW a few times myself, and it did work, but the XG products work just as well and cost pennies on the dollar compared to the price of GW. I spent about $20 on XG products there year to do my whole garden, where as it cost over $400 to do my garden with the GW the year I used it.
  10. sfzoo

    sfzoo Farmer

    Bumpin this to see if anyone has anymore opinions or experiences.
  11. tricomb

    tricomb New Farmer

    I use it cause xg sent me a big Ass sample pack...never did any tests but all their products are great...I used it in veg once a week and first 3-4 weeks of flowering on my outdoor
  12. phil420girl

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    hey guys i did a test with tha Increase Bloom and Grow Co2 From GREENWAVE NUTRIANTS. It Did not work at all. as a matter of fact it burnt and killed most of my plants... what was left tasted so bad:(. i recommend never spraying anything like that on them. also plants are not suppose to have co2 at night and with this garbage it sits on your leaves and plugs up your pours all day long. Very crappy product. go with a air release Co2 product...... DO NOT USE INCREASE BLOOM CO2 OR GROW CO2 WILL DISTROY YOUR PLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  13. Ohiofarmer

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    ^^^ there are so many problems with the statements up there that im speechless......Take it easy