CO2 v.s Butane Extraction

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  1. Mr_Marley_Jim

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    Do any of you farmers have the 411 on CO2 extraction?

    I've heard/read that the process is very similar to butane, but supposed to be a cleaner alternative...

    However, I can't seem to find a substantiating case study...

    Until proven otherwise I'm stickin with my 5x filtered Vector and Okief Tubes...

  2. CanadianClassic

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    never heard of Co2 oil in my 15 years of smoking i dunno sounds &%^%'n dangerous to me i would just stick with the butane it works great why mess with a good thing? hehe

    Goodluck with the ladies!!!
  3. TorGfy

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    Butane extracts are far more dangerous. A pressurized pipe filled with butane is also known as a bomb. CO2 equipment is made from custom stainless steel parts that are pressure rated to absurdly high pressures (some upwards of 10,000 psi).

    You should give up on any idea of a cheap, ghettofied version of CO2 extraction. The equipment to safely utilize this process costs anywhere from $30,000-300,000 depending on size and newness.
  4. its not really similar to butane at all other than being solvent extraction but with c02 there will be no remaining solvent as is it is turned from a gas to a liquid back into a gas and its much more complex and many more parts than using an okeef

    it is definitely cleaner than bho can be and can test upwards of 90% thc

    i think bho tastes better but ive had 10x as much bho as C02 so i guess i should wait til i try a lot more 02 oil
  5. goleboy

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    i have 3 types of CO2 extracted dream, chem dawg, and some OG ksuh....CO2 preserves all the terepines in the glands and TRULEY gives you the exact taste the essential oils produce...imo the BEST of the BEST...takes super expensive lab equipment to get it all pristine and handleable.
  6. DrGreenGenes

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    theres a thread titled CO2 oil on here.....ummmmmmmmm
  7. DrGreenGenes

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    There are always things we can learn.
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  9. Colebz

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    The pressure is caused by the plant matter restricting the air flow ( butane flow ). Air flow through tube is less than bottle of butane allowing the tube or pipe to become as pressurized as the can of butane.
  10. Colebz

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    Even though the pressure isn't that great, it could still pop a glass oil tube due to the extreme low temps. IMO The act of making bho is a quite a bit safer, if your smart about it, but co2 extract is cleaner and probably better for you to smoke
  11. In order for CO2 to become liquid it must be super critical. That's far more pressure than butane. Cleaner solvent, but still scary without the right equipment. Peace GS
  12. kmk4eva

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    ive been making bho for awhile and never had a tube pop but i use 7mm tubes and the plant matter anit solided enough to build pressure thats why it blows through

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  13. TorGfy

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    Green Supreme - CO2 does not need to be supercritical to be a liquid. It just needs to be under enough pressure and cool enough. Consult a phase diagram for a good visual representation of this.

    The supercritical conditions that are used for CO2 extractions in this business make the CO2 behave like a gas and a liquid at the same time. MAny people though, are not running true supercritical, but rather sub-supercritical conditions.
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  14. MrTwister

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    subcritical co2 extraction has higher specificity for actives compared to unwanted paraffins... on the other hand, the unwanted paraffins have mass which is sellable. Gotta cut the street juice with somethin ;)
  15. MECCCA

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    I am up to my eyeballs in researching equipment for CO2 extraction, and yes: ITS EXPENSIVE!!
    Does anyone here have experience with any of the manufacturers that are selling these systems, and if so, what was your experience. For instance, do we know if any of the companies are ""pot friendly"", and if you found ones that definately wouldnt work with our industry, could you post that as well.

    All help, big and small is appreciated!
  16. kd0afk

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  17. kd0afk

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    I thought I had posted this already but I can't find it. Watch this film.
    No 50,000 dollar rig no special equipment just a test tube and dry ice. If we can make a pipe out of an apple I'm sure that we can put our collective heads together and come up with something truly spectacular here.
  18. homebrew420

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    Though this is an old thread I thought I might try to breath some life into it. has expensive but fairly reasonable extractors for sale. Also the coldfinger is a legit way of extraction, though I am not entirely certain how this works. CO2 is going to be the cleanest way of extracting, as there are no byproducts what so ever. This is not a dangerous endever if the proper equipment is used. I you think you could build one of these units you had better know a machinist and have good working knowledge of the parts and pieces needed.

  19. kd0afk

    kd0afk Farmer

    so nobody watched the video?

    Just dry ice and a plastic test tube. Cost: around $20
  20. JetLife1

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    so if I have a tank of c02 and an extractor i use for BHO;and I make an adapter so I can blast the c02 instead of the tane what is going to happen?