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Colombian Red Point

Discussion in 'The Breeders Lab' started by thcnology, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. thcnology

    thcnology Guest

    Hey all, Found this from another site...I'm interested in picking this one up...anybody ever ordered from them?


    Field collected in December 2002.

    This seed lot is a first generation accession made in December 2003 with 14 plants using selected males(2) on 2 different female phenotypes.

    Germination test in January, 2007: 18/20

    SATIVA/INDICA: Pure Sativa
    Indoor/Greenhouse finish: 18-26 weeks
    Outdoor Finish: Late Dec/Jan, at 30 degrees and south
    odour Level: Low
    Mite Resistance: Low
    Mould Resistance: High
    Stretch: 3x and greater
    Yield:: High
    Skill level: Experience with landrace Sativas

    Seeds: 12 Per Pack

    Punto Rojo Colombian is a rare and distinctive cannabis genotype found in the coastal and central highland regions of Colombia.

    Translated as 'red point' from Spanish, Punto Rojo is a very high energy pure Sativa that was regarded as a boutique speciality kept by the local farmers as a favourite for personal use. This line was selected from the best of the regions Punto Rojos.

    This line is one of the most rare and special of Colombian highland Sativas and we are thrilled to be able to make them available to the world's Cannabis lovers.

    These seeds were collected in Colombia in December 2002 on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains near the city of Cali, upland from the Pacific coast. It can be found on the northern slopes near the Caribbean coast as well.

    The finished herbs in Colombia are a gorgeous shade of mauve, pinkish rose with faint gold and red hues also present. Flowers are relatively small be extremely numerous on a fully grown field specimen.

    This Punto Rojo line effects can only be described as a 'no ceiling' effect whereby the user can continually use and not find a diminishing return from tolerance. Highly psychoactive and mentally energetic.

    Uncontrollable laughter has been known to occur, particularly with users new to the pure Sativa experience. Daytime use can give the user an edgy, racy feeling that could lead to undue paranoia but becoming more familiar with its effects can subdue that tendency. Heartbeat is increased with sweaty palms and forehead usually from fully matured, outdoor grown samples. Night time use can readily prevent sleep as the mind is too active to fully relax. It is very potent natural medicine to be treated with respect.

    This special line is wonderful herbal inspiration for musician's, writer's, and artists. Flavours range from a mango type fruitiness to a spiciness that defies description with a swirl of semi-familiar notes. A tropical pot-pourri that requires an extensive cure to calm down a hay like harshness at harvest. Effect is generally not immediate and may seduce the user to take in more than necessary while waiting on its arrival.

    The delayed, creeper onset can result in disorientation and momentary confusion over everyday situations. This smooths out beautifully as the elevator effect takes the smoker out of their mundane concerns and replaces any adverse condition of one's attitude with a feeling of happiness and positive mental outlook that stimulates the creative centre of the brain and motivates the user to accomplish the day's tasks with composed energy.

    A truly world class breeding line and a connoisseur cultivators dream. The seed lot is a first generation accession from the original field collected lines.

    All Breeders Choice seeds are made using only fully organic or bio-organic cultivation practises, at no time in the history of this Punto Rojo line has any chemical product or pre packaged product of any type been used.
  2. thcnology

    thcnology Guest

    Diggin around a little more... leads me to believe these may be now a little harder to get, if anybody picked these up get at me, or if you just happen to have any 10 degree +/- sativas from the Americas.
  3. Breeders Choice isn't taking any orders if you haven't found that out yet . Dissappointing what has happened to BCO . From their start , they seemed to be the only company with the balls to offer what no other company is willing or able to offer . Hopefully they turn around and deliver . Tropicals are hard to find on the commercial seed market . If you don't have any success finding Punto Rojo or gifted something similar from another member , look into Ace's Old Timers Haze . The OTHaze is your only other option for a true tropic variety .
  4. thcnology

    thcnology Guest

    Hey Trich, I hear you about BCO...too bad. I hadn't seen ACE's OTHaze yet, they also have a nice panama red/columbian red point sativa. I think I'll pick em both up. You wouldn't happen to know of a reputable outlet for their wares? I wonder what it takes to get em over here?.....hey Logic?
  5. Agreed , Logic needs to get the wares from ACE/CBG crew (and how about Real Seed Company as well) over here at the farm . You can order directly from if you don't want to go through Sbay site .
  6. 4 Dragons

    4 Dragons Guest

    I wouldn't buy from BC but that's just me. So many lies I just can't justify. Ace has Panama Red F3's coming out bred for the red pheno which is really Punto Rojo. Should be very good.
  7. FUQ

    FUQ Guest

    BCO has a couple lines over at Breed Bay . A bunch of desirables
  8. Please don't order anything direct from BCO, you won't get anything. Breedbay is sound though.

    Ace Panama is a good bet for a nice sativa and Ace don't have the bad karma of BCO, dubi is one of the good guys, much better to support him than BCO.
  9. highroller

    highroller Premium Member Supporter

    Too bad really, because I have the greatest respect for Zamalito and feel he is a very knowledgeable and kind person. As far as HHF goes, I want to believe in him...he says one thing tho and shows me different. I truly wish they could get it together because they hold some of the best landrace sativas and indicas that would make for some awesome breeding projects.
  10. i waited a year to get my order and still did'nt get what i ordered but HHF did send me a few good strains including columbian diesel , x kush, super star, and the aloha white widow that i won at auction..
  11. I waited for about a year for credit fom them . I didn't bother them with emails or posts about when I was going to be compensated . I just waited till I seen a post where pistils confirmed that seeds were on the way to be first distributed to back orders . I sent HHF a PM and he quickly took care of it . Didn't receive what I asked for , but I'm not going to complain . Got Colombian diesel , Puna Sativa , haze mix , bangladesh & Sri lankan pures and one or two others I can't remember ATM .

    I just placed and paid for a small order a few days ago , so we'll see if everything's together . Someone's got to take one for the team .
  12. oldhand

    oldhand Guest

    I waited 1 year from the time they received my money (cash)... after much bitching & moaning I finally received what I ordered, in full + freebies... haha who waits a whole year for beans tho... kinda funny now that I think about it... your best bet is get the ones that subcools auction has listed... doc bob is a badass & I've never lost a package from over there yet...
  13. hello, not pictures┬┐?
  14. lol , you'll have to provide pictures for now ;)

    I'm still waiting for seeds to arrive . It would be nice if they arrive soon as I ordered all three colombians (gold , red , black ) . But even if I do receive the seeds , they will have to wait a year or two to be grown , as I have old African seeds that need to be grown out first before their germination rate becomes a real big issue .
  15. Just a head's up , BCO is deliverin':cool0041:
  16. I have some punto rojo seeds straight from colombia. I haven't even germed one yet.
  17. Reeferman

    Reeferman Guest

    I have a large collection of colombian genetics , that being said I just sent a large selection of my sativa's to colombia most of the modern cultivars have drifted beyond being worthy of a demanding pallet , my best genetics are from a Indian tribe I don't want to misinform anyone so let me ask a friend from colombia to confirm there exact natural habitat .
    My santa marta colombian golds are true and really are the very best colombian genetics in the world today imop I just sent a number back to colombia in pure and hybridize form .
    I worked with punta rojo and made a few nice f-1's .
    The Punta rojo really lacks any flavor it flowers very fast for a landrace sativa and it has a decent buzz when grown well it does not have the wonderful high's SMCG is known for .
    As for some of the breeders mentioned here I was in spain in 2002-03 before that I had shared seeds that were only suppose to be used in joint projects and sold as f-1's .
    Upon arrival in spain clones of these plants were being sold from the house I visited and since than I have seen that many breeders in spain have had unlimited access to the these genetics this is why I just started selling them despite having put tons of work into them .
    I find that some of those mentioned are honest only when forced to be so they jump on bandwagons with whiny water boys and disenfranchised pollen ponies to:character0103: justify there inability to keep there word .

  18. Columbia is a great place to visit for some cheap great grown weed, you can also pick up some great seeds while your there.
  19. Hey reef, does that mean that Colombian Gold x Manali seedline you can buy in Spain used one of your CG cuts?
  20. Reeferman

    Reeferman Guest

    Who knows at this point BH my nepalese is in the hands of every hack in the biz not to mention lebanese colombians , vietnamese , chinese indica the list goes on .

    The agreements were broken as fast as seeds were germinated and cloned they used my stock to trade for whatever anyone had .