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Compact Plant

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Mr.Juice, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Getting started on my third grow. Blue Dream photoperiod started from seed. What I’m wondering is that there is essentially no internodal space, is this normal? Pic attached is 13 days after appearance of first set of true leaves. Is it getting too much light. Started with 600w COB full spectrum LED. Now under 1200w same light type. Hung at 2.5 ft height from top of plant, 25C and 35% RH. Any comments appreciated.
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  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    The lights are too intense for them at this stage. You should raise it even further if you can or replace it with a lower output light such as a T-5. Or you can keep using what you are and just have tighter plants. It’s up to you. There really is no wrong answer and some folks like tight internodal spacing.
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  3. Ok, awesome, thanks for your input.
  4. Dirtbag


    That's a ton of electricity for such a little plant. I'll second using a T5 or two. It's really all they need until they are a foot tall or so. And 2 of them pull less than 80 watts.

    Something else looks off here though. The plant doesnt seem to be producing any auxins that cause apical dominance and stem elongation. It could be a mutation, as hormonal disorders usually are but it could be caused by something else, I'm not sure. I'll check my textbooks for you.
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  5. yeah, LED ratings are funny tho. The “600w” COB has an actual draw of 107 watts. Still trying to wrap my head around how they do that. I have them and we’re just easy to put up on my hooks. I’d appreciate that. If it helps these pics were taken Feb 3, 13, and 16. Can see progression
  6. Dirtbag


    Bizarre. Still looks like some form of hormonal imbalance to me. I dont see anything in my plant biology book on what would cause an absense of auxins though. I'm pretty curious now. It's like it has no stem almost, just nodes stacked on nodes.
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  7. Well that doesn’t sound too good ha. My first two attempts were autos, and didn’t run into this, this is first photo that I’m starting from seed (feminized too) I keep regular notes in a log book. Will keep progression up to date on here if this is interesting.

    Here we have a 4 plant limit (so I’m keeping within the rules) took one down and two more that should be ready in a week or two (3 different strains of autos). My plan was to grow this one, keep it as a mother and take clones when the other ones are down. If you, or anyone else for that matter, thinks it might be a dud and suggest cut losses now and start a new seed lemme know, I’d appreciate any input. Thanks
  8. Couple more pics for scale
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  9. Dirtbag


    If it were me I'd start another seed or two, but Id keep this going for a little while out of curiosity, just to see what happens.. It's pretty mutant looking lol.

    What's your watering like?, are you letting it dry out well in between waterings? What's it in? What are you feeding it? May as well cover all the bases, but I dont think it's something you're doing causing this. I think it's a mutant seed.

    What breeder? Not crop king is it?
  10. Jimster


    Your photoperiod can greatly influence internodal space, as plants grow during the dark period, making energy during the daylight and using it at night...simplified but fairly true. Are you using 18/6 light or 24Hr? Extra darkness can cause some stretching if desired, but it could also be the strain or a dozen other things, including too much light. I would bet that it will self heal itself, once it gets used to the light and other doesn't look bad, just a little different.
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  11. It’s from i49 weed seeds
    Germinated and misted with distilled water, transfer to peat pellet, light mistings until first leaves appeared, put into promix HP, switch to RO, first watering 1/4 strength Sensi cal mag extra, reg strength after 2nd set of leaves, letting top dry in between waterings, roughly every 3 days. First dose nutrients yesterday, Nutriplus grow A and B. Max min 27C-22C, 31-37% RH. Aglex full spectrum COB LED 2.5’ distance 600w(~100 actual watts) now 1200w(~200 actual) now in 5 gal fabric pot.
    Oh and 18/6 lighting schedule

    And to add, so not have to search earlier posts.
    Feminized Blue Dream 60S/40I
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  12. Jimster


    I grow in Promix and don't usually have to provide any nutrients for a few weeks minimum. I would hold off on any feedings or additions for a few weeks if it were up to me. Promix has a little nutrition included..usually enough to get things going and rooting. It is usually pre-buffered, so Cal-Mag isn't always needed. In any event, things look pretty good and your plant should recover from whatever is bothering it. It looks a little hot to me (The soil that is), but it is probably my overly cautious approach to growing and feeding. Keep up the good work!
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  13. Thanks, I will raise the light an extra foot, has IR and UV dedicated LED’s too, cause I think there is plenty of light. I got an RO system during my second go at trying, not realizing that it took all the good stuff out and got some deficiencies. So was a bit paranoid this go and wanted a tad early just in case. I keep detailed logs and take lots of pics. Will keep up to date with my stunty mutant lol
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  14. I agree with @Jimster fully. Maybe add a little overwatered as well. And the nutes and cal mag may have burned or just blocked the young roots.

    The node stacking and purple stems is phosphorous trouble in my opinion. It is having difficulty uptaking it.

    I would simply wait till the pot is like 2/3-3/4 dry down the dirt (pretty light weight, almost alarmingly so) and then give plain water to runoff and see what you got.

    I bet there is plenty of nutrients to get by a few waterings after that already.
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  15. Dirtbag


    Ok, well keep us updated. It could pull out of this for sure, who knows. But I still think this is a mutation for it to have practically zero stem.
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  16. Juice - That thing is Boss

    I hope it stacks into a crystal pylon.
    I hope it blows up and asphyxiates the other three plants.
    I hope ot threatens your pets and flirts with your spouse .

    You planted it, to see what happens,,,right?
    My money is on demon beast mode .
    Give it the love,,,see what happens .
  17. Ha, will see what it does. Think I’ve got an interesting situation going on, will be updating as a go.
  18. Growing update, seems to be growing like a champ, just stumpy.

    Recap, this pic was Thursday, 2 days ago
    It’s in a 5 gal fabric pot

    Side view
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  19. Dirtbag


    Something you could try, although it's a fairly advanced technique is using gibberellic acid as a fert addative. It's a pgr used to promote stem elongation.
    That's what I would do but I like tinkering with sciency shit. Or you could just see what happens. It certainly looks happier, despite the absence of stem..
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  20. I raised the light another foot, going to increase time between waterings. And see how it goes. I just germinated two more of the same seed and will have a couple to compare with shortly. I’m very sciencey, it’s what makes this so fun for me. Going to have a go at making feminized seeds for the fun of it at some point. Posted my colloidal silver setup in advanced techniques section. Appreciate all the comments and input.
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