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Conerstone Research Collective (CRC) in Eagle Rock

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by snowkitty, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. If you are looking to sample strains, the best co-op in the entire Los Angeles area is Cornerstone Research Collective (CRC) in Eagle Rock. Here is their website:

    The owner, M, is a researcher and connoisseur who will sit you down at a counter and discuss your condition and different meds and effects. They always ask you what you liked and didn't like from last time so they can make new recommendations. I've gotten to sample stuff at crc that no one else has because strain hobbyists all bring their stuff there. This is the kind of place that stays open 5 minutes late if you are driving from far away and got caught in traffic before a holiday weekend and you give them a call. Parking is kind of tight and it's important not to impose on the residents. CRC is a really important part of the medical community in so cal. Very big ASA supporters.
  2. Yes you are indeed correct Snowkitty...
    Cornerstone is the best in the whole So Cal area.. no doubt about it...

    Morpheus is extremely knowledgeable and he will work with you on determining a strain that's right for you..He is the kindest and most compassionate soul that I have met in the dispensary business... Most of the growers that sell to M are more likely connoisseurs selling their extra stock than commercial growers as the quality tends to be the highest out there but not in large quantities...
    Morpheus actually set me up with the holy grail of OG genetics that I was able to bring to Hawaii... and it's got some of the local uncles saying WOW!! So if you come across any Island Og in Hawaii :) that came from M..

    I believe membership is closed at the moment, but a friend who is a member can refer you!
  3. Morpheus CO-OPeratively takes the excess medicine from one patient to share with others, and the quantities are not always commericial. It is true, quantity may be limited when he gets in a rare strain. In the fall, he has amazing outdoor (high quantities) for low cost. He only buys what is worth selling...definitely place to check out. Yes, membership is closed but a current member can refer you.
  4. farm702


    i havent met Morpheus yet but this place rox.. :)
  5. Monkey

    Monkey Guest

    do they have clones here?

    Looking for a few strains

    Strawberry Cough
    Strawberry Diesel
    Blue Dream
    Green Crack
    Ali Baba

  6. Oxirous

    Oxirous Guest

    No clones or Beans sold @ CRC. But I did get 6 beans out of 2 eighths of Blue Dream we purchased there, a real threat! CRC by far blows past all the rest in the So-Cal MMJ collective scene. But if your interested in DJ Short strains, talk to M as DJ stops in from time to time.

    Best Regards,

  7. Evening everyone,

    could someone pm me the address or post it here. Someone from this medical club contacted me VIA pm and I don't have it anyone more. They where wanting seeds and my agent is going to be stopping by very soon. Just need to know where the place is. If someone could either post it here or just pm it to me. Thanks and take care.
  8. Hi Guys it sounds like a nice place. if membership is closed and you have to be referred is it possible for one of you to refer me? Thanks for the help
  9. Anyone thats a member can take you to join.. Morpheus Joined The Farm when skunkman posted few months ago but he has posted since then , you could shoot him a PM and ask ..?
    High End nug "rarely" makes it too stores thow... , Most shops are all hit or miss
    depends on your flavor ,
    CRC when i go seems to only have hybrid/sativas and outdoor or green house types , at least the last few times ive been there.
    If your close it's way worth going too, its a nice clean place , girls are cute , prices are not exp but not cheap

    many shops that have just as good if not better day to day selection
    1 is even a consistent member on the farm and has caliconnect nug for cheaper than all most all places
  10. Ho cuzzin!
    Holy Grail of OG Trippppy!
    Why then does Morpheus tell people OG strain came from Florida ???
    According to M@crc OG was made in CO and florida theres 2 completely different strains of OG.. ?

    i prefer to go with Swerve and Raskal's among others info wich is not the same as the Fl story...
  11. HR we must be around the same age I watched that show as a kid. Being a new user I'm unable to pm but if someone can pm me I'd be very grateful for the help. I just called that place and they said I would need to come in with the existing patient

    I'm guessing the Cali Club your talking about is Suite215 or do you know of another?
  12. im pre 70's , 215 is correct
  13. thanks appreciate it. you're older than I thought I'm early 50's
  14. PuffnStuff's right. The Florida origin story concerning OG Kush came from a notorious LA operator whom has subsequently been completely discredited. Swerve and Raskal know the real tale...
  15. Hey Mr Morpheus , i dont mean to come off like a know it all..... im learning like the rest of us!..... =)

    i was lucky enough to sample some of Conerstones Alein Dawg
    Its Amazing .... Top of the Line ......
  16. Purkle

    Purkle Premium Member Supporter

    Any addy or they still open?
  17. hailo


    They are open, but its closed membership...have to know a member....
  18. phobar


    I'm curious if this shop only deal with closed membership then why do they bother posting here for folks that do not know existing members to come and sample their stuff? If its closed membership then why bother advertising? I'm puzzled by this mode of operation for this CoOp. So this claimed about being the best CoOp in SoCal must be just among closed members then?

    The last time I checked I thought most business had to adhere to the following code (well in this case I would think "all persons" means "all props 215 patients):

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination and guarantees all persons the right to “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the grounds of race, color, religion or national origin.”
  19. Our membership is closed because we are located next to a quiet residential neighborhood. We started to grow too big, so we closed our rolls.


  20. To bad!

    To bad there closed to new members, kind of a tease to hear how great this spot is and most of us cant go, bummer!!! I get your comment it makes total sense...