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Conerstone Research Collective (CRC) in Eagle Rock

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by snowkitty, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. ^ I'd take Morpheus's word over everyone else. He knows his stuff. once he told me he knows a very reputable source who claims OG was first grown back in 1978. No club in the planet currently stocks as much AAA quality kush as his.
  2. ogencalii

    ogencalii Guest

    Can anyone refer me here please? My friend never has the time to go with me.
  3. Hi! I see you reviewed the Cornerstone Collective in Eagle Rock. I would love to become a member and was wondering if you would refer me. I would gladly buy you an eighth of whatever you like if you can get me in.
  4. You can't just refer someone, a current member has to bring the person to join.
  5. CRC unfortunately is not what it used to be. I have been a member since the beginning and have not been thrilled for the last year or so with the place. I actually wonder if Morpheus even has anything to do with the shop now? I haven't seen him for way too long.

    I am however willing to vouch for someone, if you don't make me look bad. Don't get me wrong, the place is a model dispenser if there is one. I just remember it when it was REALLY cool.