Cream Caramel & Black Jack Autos under FeroLED 864

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    When I first received my first LED I thought it would be a good idea to try a few random auto seeds using the FeroLed 864. One of the things I wanted to establish was:

    Could a led produce weight and quality to match the maximum recommended by the seed companies for a dwarf auto strain?

    When I've started seedlings under HID grow lights in the past they often shriveled or stretched way more than I liked, so to give me a feel for this new light I planted 6 auto seeds donated by original-

    3 x blackjack (sweet seeds)
    3 x cream caramel (sweet seeds)

    I'll call the day the seeds sprouted Day 1. It took 36 hours for all seeds to germinate.
    On day 1 I potted the 6 seeds into 10cm (4") pots with a mixture of 50:50 compost/perlite, and watered with a 6.3pH water.
    From this point I proceeded to over love my babies :). I was so fascinated by the new FeroLed 864 LED grow light that I spent all my spare time with the plants. This, combined with the slower rate of transpiration and evaporation under a led to me over watering them .... hmmmpph. Enough said about that: I should have known better! Still, its all a learning curve ... At first I couldn't believe the problem was as simple as over watering and continued to mistreat the plants for a few days while I worked out the problem.
    Here's a photo of an over watered seedling (Cream Caramel, day 13), where the over watering led to a nutrient lock out: ouch!


    After running a few experiments to determine exactly what the issue was, once I knew it, it was time to treat the problem.

    I needed to encourage the roots to start to take up water again .. and yet the difficulty was the roots were already soaked. The answer? More watering! However this time the water was loaded with 3% H2O2 at 3mm/litre. This mix was poured over the pots until water started running out the bottom (flushing): this drives stale air out of the root system.
    After a few days I started to see new and healthy growth emerging from the tips. To be honest the wait was agony - I couldn't believe I'd f*****d it up! As you know once a leaf is damaged like this it will continue to deteriorate, and we need new leaves to keep the plant going. Also on a short-lived plant like a dwarf auto, all vegetative growth is essential.
    By day 14 there was new growth, so I transferred one of the white dwarfs into a 4.5L (1 gallon) smartpot, the others into 10L pots. I used a coco/perlite mix instead of soil. Every two days I watered the plants with a half strength feed, pHd to 6.0 and kept watering until there was at least a 25% run off. The nutrient I'm using just now is Agua Vega by Canna. I would use their coco mix solution but am having a hard time sourcing it locally.
    You can see from the photos that now, at day 28. they've fully recovered and are doing well under the LED grow lights. Over watering is obviously an issue that needs to be considered when growing marijuana using this lighting - its not a fault of the LED, just something to be aware of.

    Cream Caramel day 26

    Black Jack day 26

    (I'm doing a series of trial grows using LED lights and autoflowers; if anyone wants to read about the other trials eg the 250w HID vs LED 357, they can be followed at Comments are always welcome!)

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    ok I've realised that I've been keeping my lights too close I had brought them down to 45 cm but I noticed that the node spacing was way to close although not stressing the plant I need them to stretch up a little more lets put on a bit of height girls so I put the light up to 60 cm and Im starting to notice a better upwards growth

    Here's a photo of my cute cream caramel day 28


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  3. Sweet Seeds

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    Hi mate! Thanks for the pics and comments ;)

    Yes, I also think that the extremely short internodal space can be "stopped" by putting the light at a bit more far away from the plants. That will help them to stretch properly, growing to 40-70cm of height and branching a bit also. If they were not autos the very short internodal space would be a problem, like this it is also not a problem but I also agree that the plants can give their best if they stretch a bit when they start to flower. I'm sure they'll do it.

    Unless it is any problem with the soil, it's hard to be sure... Did you use that same soil mix in your previous grows?

    How's the smaller CC doing?

    Good luck with them my friend, hope they end up producing a good harvest. Keep sharing the news, sweet regards,

  4. rara

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    Ty for responding
    great minds think alike :) this is a soil less coco/perlite mix and no I've never tried with this medium before normally im a big nft fan for indoor grows however due to the many trials I am doing present on seperate led lights and my small breeding program I needed to be versatile and I don't think that there is a problem with the medium
    for the last few years i've been growing outdoors in Spain in mother earth although I had some security problems this year and im a bit disapointed with my fellow man
    but thats another story :)
    the other cc is of equal size athough Ive a problem with the blackjacks showing a lot of purple stems and very thin new growth heres a picture of most of the plants under this light the small flowering ones sre white dwarf from budda wont be trying those again they are way to small for how I like to grow although they were very fast into flower there also a couple of my own strain of ww autos but there early days yet as on this run I only had 20% carry on the auto trait (a lot more work to do yet altough they are very vigorous I hope they dont lose that as I go down through the proccess of stabalising them. in total I have 4 different strains in this 90cmx1m space

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  5. DXTR

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    very good, also I have done a led grow with the auto CC. I'll be watching this.
  6. 619ster

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    Nice grow so far. Good recovery on them girls. Here for the show as well.
  7. rara

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    tx guys for taking a seat i'll try to keep you entertained :)
  8. rara

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    Day 32

    hey guys whats up ! Just a quick update
    CC is showing strong side branching (Phhhew I was getting worried)
    I am starting to enjoy growing this plant, by far my favourite strain that I'm growing at the moment... don't much like the blackjack though ! strange plant! however I may yet get surprised by it, when they start putting on weight over the next 4 or so weeks we have left
    I've also been bending the main fan leaves under the shooting tips to help them get a good start :) cant help fiddling :)
    il be back with anything new as stuff comes up

  9. Sweet Seeds

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    Hi rara!

    Thanks for the good news, I hope now they just keep on branching so that they can hold some nice caliber buds very soon ;)

    Thanks also for explaining it all in your previous post, I understand now everything about your grow parameters.

    Keep it sweet my friend, I'll be around to check how they develop. Kid regards,

  10. rara

    rara New Farmer

    ty tommy yes things are going very well will post dsome pics in the next few days and see if you think if I am doing it right :) tx for your support
  11. rara

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    hey guys im sorry I havent been good with the posting a lots been happening the last month or so for full information on the cream caramel grow please follow this link to our blog spot (if its not allowed tell me and I will remove the link)
    but as a summary and a couple of photos here you go
    black jack 1 (led)
    9 weeks 14gs led grown 25 cm
    blackjack 2 (led)
    11 weeks 20gs 24 cm
    blackjack 3 (led)
    12 weeks 22gs 26 cm
    cream caramel (hid)
    12 weeks 41 gs 55 cm
    cream caramel 2 (led)
    13 weeks 69 gs 62 cm
    as far as the smoke goes I found the blackjack ok but the smell wasnt great either in the bag or smoked
    yet wow the cc is fantastic in fact I ordered 20 more the smell is very strong
    very skunky in the bag I had a couple of gs in my pocket and About 4 people told me I stank :)
    and when you smoke it well even worse ppppphew completely wrecks me
    so as far as Im concerned anyway I wont be trying the black jack again but the cream caramel.......... I think ive started a love affair :)
    anyways heres a few pics for this board
    not sure why 2 copies of each photo has appeared but the short ones are the black jack with all the fan leaves removed just before harvest
    and the big one are the cc about 2 weeks before cropping

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  12. Sweet Seeds

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    Hi rara!!

    Thanks for the update!

    Yes, amazing autos as usual with Sweet Seeds strains ;) Nice to know you also enjoyed them and will be doing some more very soon. Always good to see people happy.

    Great production as far as it is possible to see in the pics. If quality is also great then I'm sure you'll be a happy grower :) And yes, Black Jack Auto is a very "cathedral" like aroma, not suitable for everyone, it is very pungent and aromatic but I understand some people may fin the aroma a bit odd, to say the least, hehe.

    See you around my friend :yes

    Sweet smokes!