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Cyco Nutrients And Pk Stacking

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Poundcake818, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Hey guys I’ve been using psycho for about a year now. And I’m wondering how to stack PK’s weeks five through 7. Since psycho really doesn’t have any PK boosters.

    right now I run the whole line except the XL. If somebody can give me a detailed answer on how to stack my PK boosters and what additives to use I’d much appreciate it !
  2. Someone at work was talking about this brand the other day, I checked it out and it looks like another Advanced Nutrients type product line. Overkill on product choices, and if you have all those additives you have bloom boosters, so you could always refer to their feed chart if need be.
  3. Ty dude. But there feed chart is basic. Looking for some pointers on how to stack my pk’s.
  4. When I look at their site, it looks fairly thorough. You can use that as a baseline and watch how your plants respond. Try to maintain proper ratios throughout the line. Personally, I think cannabis growers in general try to push P way too hard. I keep K over P in many cases, strain dependent. Based on your soil, your DLI, any CO2 supplementation, etc., the PPM can be adjusted to match other inputs. There's no magic number here, and that's what people need to stop focusing on. The biggest problem with companies like this is that they break apart macros and micros which could all technically be in 1-3 parts. Their base nutrients are severely lacking. The base NPK ratios are just fine (if you want to boost them more, just try to keep the same PK ratio, adding the Potash Plus for instance would be good for boosting bloom), I would focus more on making sure your micro nutrients are proper.
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