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Dairy Queen strain?

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by FORMULA51, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. I picked up a few clones from a close friend and all he knows is it's called "Dairy Queen". He picked it up from a dispensary, and says the owner had pictures of it in catalogs all flowered up. That's ALL he knows. Does anyone out there know anything about this strain? I hate getting strains with "new" names then the strain turns out to be a maui or some other common strain that's been renamed a brazilian times. Thanks!
  2. biggs


    hello mate, heres a bit of info for you on dairy queen:

    hope you enjoy it.
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  3. Rabbi

    Rabbi Guest

    TGA seeds

    Uk cheese x Romulan x cindy 99

    60/40 S/I
    medium producer
    flower - 55-60 days
  4. awesome guys.. thanks for the quick replies!
  5. Just FYI, it's pretty easy to google something like "Dairy Queen strain" - info would of popped up right away.

    Anyway - decent strain. Grew it out a couple times. For me wasn't a big yielder but taste & effect were nice. Very smelly though, overpowered everything else in the room - makes for great bag appeal though! Get some carbon filters & some ONA - maybe even hang some of those green pine trees from the branchs (just joking!HA!).
  6. ya you can google anything and find eleventybrazilian POV's. This was more of a "outta the horses" mouth type of thing. wanted to find someone "real" who've had some time with the strain.
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  7. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

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  8. Rednick

    Rednick Guest

    Because of Subcools breeding practices all of his beans pop REALLY distinct phenos, a lot of variation.

    So a lot depends on your pheno. Don't know about the dispensary. Could run the gammut from: poped a ten pack found the best one and cloned it to sell, poped a hundred pack found the best..., or got a dank/or not so dank clone from a customer/vendor and cloned it out.

    You'll find out.
    I personally love the smoke. Liked it soooo much, had to kick out other ladies to make room. No room for lazy bitches here.
    I break it down this way: The cheese gives it that little bit of skunkiness in the grow and flush, the Cindy 99 gives it that dank crystal blessing, and the Romulan gives it the vigor of an Eastern European landrace.
  9. ojaijim


    This strain was the first I ever grew ! When I got my first script I went to the dispensary and bought 3 clone and put them In the ground . It was the best plant I ever grew and really didn't know what I was doing ! Just popped a few seeds to see if I can duplicate !
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  10. i have had such horrible luck with TGA... pretty much im never going down that road again.
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  11. It's a gamble with TriBrids.
    I got lucky, but I put that down to my 20/15 vision.
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  12. Dorje


    I agree with Tripsick. If you grow a TGA strain, watch out for nanners.

    I also don't like the high of any of his stuff.
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  13. ...and you guys just did a great little proof of why I'm a clone only grower; I want and keep only phenos that people really like and kept near and dear. In the case of DQ, I have a very flavorful, bushy, strong growing plant that is in such strong demand I had to cull other strains to make more room.
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  14. Jboys3


    Good Morning; I was given a heads-up from one of the moderators to this sight that you are an indoor CO2 burner grower. I am also an indoor grower, but from Oregon. Fairly new to the game [a little over a year now]. I was wondering if I may ask you a few questions, pick your brain, and just see if I can actually find someone who is growing in the same type of environment as I am.
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  15. " junior"

    Lots of people on here are growing in your same environment, so just ask questions, or better yet, organize those thoughts on a notepad, then start a thread clearly identifying your questions (but take some time to formulate, research and organize, otherwise you are going to get a lot of "need help finding the search bar???").
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  16. I run tanks, but yes- mine is a sealed room style. I'm always happy to help! To properly help you, I'll need some idea of your local climate; temps, humidity. Tell me what you want to grow?
  17. Jboys3


    Thanks for the advice.
  18. Jboys3


    Our local climate is pretty mild. Current outdoor temperature is 75 degrees and my system is set at 72-74. Humidity is really not an outdoor problem in Oregon and I set my indoor humidifiers at 55 in veg and 50 in bloom rooms.

    I would like to find strains that are better for indoor growing. Shorter and bushier the better. I would also like to find a strain shich is low in THC and high in CBD's. Basically a pain killer without the high as some of my patients have anxiety issues when they ingest meds.
  19. As close to landrace Indica as you can get.
    Most strains these days are hybrids, thus even the Indica dominant strains have lots of THC in them from the Sativas. Look around, Oregon should have some of em, lots of cats interested in the medical properties out there.
    So as close as a pure Indica you can get, will be higher in CBDs. The more Sativas (aka Skunks, ect.) that have been bred into it's lineage, the more THC it will take on.
    I don't know specific strains though, but labs can test for you, costs money though.
    Or, my favorite, the Bic test. Wanna just sit on the couch, because you can't move? Indica.
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