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Damien50 Vs 00 Seeds' Autos Mh 600w Dtw

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by damien50, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. 600 watt cool tube MH/HPS w/440cfm exhaust

    4x4x6.5 Finether tent w/240cfm exhaust

    18"'Box fan

    6"' Clip fan

    Ppm and ph meter

    Aquarium heater

    2 gallon smart pots

    Cocotek brick coir

    00 Seeds' Afghan Mass XXL/Northern Lights/Sweet Soma Autos/California Kush/Kush/Cheese Autos

    10 gallon reservoir

    20 gallon air bubbler

    172GPH pump

    4 - Dramm blue 1/4 dribbler lines

    DIY drip irrigation system

    General Hydroponics Micro, Bloom, CaliMagic, Rapid Start, Floricious+ using Lucas Formula Maxibloom KISS

    So I learned some things from my last grow about humidity, VPD, temperature, training, nutrients, and watering. This grow I'll be using drip irrigation system on a timer to eventually water 6x a day from 10 gallon reservoir(drink cooler) with an aquarium bubbler and pump. I'll be starting the seed directly in the medium with clay pebbles on top to reduce evaporation. Temp(78-86 f) and RH(70-80%) choices are based on VPD chart that I can post later so the wide choice in RH based on heat in the tent.

    Had some initial issues with my hygrometers dying, ph pen being inaccurate, and trying to warm my reservoir water(found an aquarium heater). For whatever reason, I was paranoid, after I had buffered the coco it refused to dry out which I stood before the seeds had arrived.. I was going to do the Lucas formula but I was low on micro and bloom and Maxibloom was cheaper. Last, I bought a WiFi camera because I like checking my plants frequently and I would do less damage with the camera.

    Seeds were ordered from the Original Seed Store and came with Barney's Farm Critical Peyote and Fast Seeds Super Champagne Auto.

    Round 1 - Northern Lights Auto in Coco DTW

    I'll be doing Northern Lights in 2 gallon smart pots with coco. Aiming for watering 3xDay by the end of week two. Two drip lines per pot. Pre charged coco at 375ppm with initial ph of 7.1 and ph downed to 5.9. The goal is 10oz. Just germinated and kudos to Original Sensible Seed Store four the stealth packaging and 8 business day delivery time to the Midwest.

  2. Day 1
    55% humidity
  3. Day 2
    74-80% humidity
    Took some work getting the RH to 75%. Had to turn the exhaust fan off, soak four bath towels in hot water then proceeded to hang them over the tent poles. Humidity swings between 75-80% with temps from 81-86f. Since its going to be a 24/0 schedule I'm not worried about lights off and RH swings but I have set my exhaust to run during the future waterings so the excess won't put me over 80%. I need to look into a fan humidity controller.

    They grew a bit from the first picture to the last two in about 12 hours. Last pic just shows WiFi camera shot. [​IMG]

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  4. This is what I bought. I have used their other controllers for many years and find they are a good budget option. I will be using it with a DIY dehumidifier and an ultrasonic humidifier that you can also find very cheap.,k:ultrasonic+humidifier&qid=1531844123&sort=price-asc-rank. Can just leave the humidifier outside and DIY vent it into the tent.

    Could also put your fan on the dehumidifier plug to lower humidity but you may run into an issue with adequate air exchange.

    Also make sure that the equipment you have will continue your settings if the power goes out as this controller cuts the power to the equipment to control. Devices with simple on off switch you will not have to worry but if you get into programmable stuff it could very well be an issue.
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  5. Awesome. That's what I was looking for. Thank you. With the exhaust fan off, I stay within 75-80% with temps of 82-86, and on with four towels and a humidifier I stay at 50-60% with temps the same. I'm going to buy that controller when I get some money I was looking something exactly like that.
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  6. Day 3
    74-82% RH

    Increased ppm to 480 via 17.5g of Maxibloom in the reservoir. Watering once a day but probably twice by Friday. Environment is staying consistent so I'm happy. Had seen a grow log, by truu, where he was watering 4x a day by day even but I'm not so bold.[​IMG][​IMG]
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  7. Day 4
    71-79% RH

    They are being watered once a day at 600ppm with 6.0ph until 20% runoff or basically three minutes before the timer shuts off. I will keep it at 600ppm until I start watering 3x a day then up to 800ppm. Getting the temp and humidity stable I'm seeing better color and speed. Using the GrowHelper app to track everything especially temps and humidity when I look through the WiFi camera.

    Screenshot_20180718-182024.png Screenshot_20180718-182013.png
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  8. Day 6
    70-76% RH
    600ppm x 6
    6.0 ph

    Brought the light down some more. Moved the drippers a bit. Hopefully I can buy the inkbird humidity controller soon. I would love a grow boss too :) and four cobs too.

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  9. Day 7
    74-80% RH
    500ppm x 6
    6.0 ph

    I think they are looking pretty good to be a week old. I lowered the ppm a bit. Had to throw the heater in my res to warm it up a bit.[​IMG]
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  10. Look healthy
  11. Day 9
    75-80% RH
    750ppm x 6
    6.0 ph[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Day 10
    70-75% RH
    750ppm x 6
    6.0 ph

    Those nodes look so tight.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. Day 11
    60-70% RH
    720ppm x 6
    6.0 ph

    I don't know. Never got an auto this far lol. One has long narrow fan leaves and the other has shorter and wider fan leaves. Both have really small node spacing with the light at 24". [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  14. Day 13
    77-89% RH
    850ppm x 6
    6.2 ph

    Someone told me they were looking hungry so, I had to anyway, cleaned out the reservoir and increased MaxiBloom to 75%/CaliMagic 50%/Floralicious and RapidStart 100%. I did that yesterday. They are working on their 5th nodes with fan leaves reaching the edges of the pots and plenty of growth in the internodes.

    Humidity controller has arrived.

    So I am impressed thus far with InkBird and their humidity controller. I set the humidity point for 75% RH, the dehumidification for 76% and allowed a balance between 70-75% RH.

    Initially I was going to ask anyone or someone if there would be a difference in humidity at the canopy versus general humidity in the tent. After 30 minutes the RH between the Hygrometer and the controller are within my 70-75% range. Temperature is stable between 77-80f.
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  15. Looks like it's coming along nicely. Yeah I have used several of their controllers in the past. I honestly don't think there is a better budget option. And they really back their products up.
  16. It's definitely a step forward in automating my garden at this point. At some point I'll be buying the grow boss, I haven't found anything cheaper, for nutrient monitoring and upgrading the WiFi cameras for tilt/pan. I'm going to grab InkBird's temperature controller at some point too but I think I'll stop short of a doser system and RO.

    I want to build some quantum boards or like a 12 cob set up but I need more research. Thanks for the recommendation.
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  17. Day 14
    70-75% RH
    1100 ppm x 6
    6.0 ph

    It's the end of week two and I haven't heard anything up yet. For comparison sake here's a picture of my first grow at two weeks in soil versus this NL by 00 Seeds(wish we had a rep from then on here). I've raised the light and i am running full strength MaxiBloom. Humidity controller has been probably the second most amazing piece in my garden this far.

    I watched, through the camera, how the humidity right under the plants would raise and lower as if it was breathing every so often. Going between 70-80% RH in cycles and I feel like I was rewarded with more growth.


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  18. Day 16
    70-75% RH
    1090 ppm x 6
    6.1 ph

    This is crazy and weird and it's been a good day for these plants.

    First order of business. I started LST and I see all this vigorous growth in between the nodes on both plants. So I went and researched to discover why LST was so effective. Auxins. By bending the main stem at 90 or more degree you effectively trick the plant into deviating from the usual apical dominance and causing vigorous growth along the inter nodes.

    Second order of business. Look at these roots and that white stuff. I've got roots coming out the sides of the pots and a white wet substance, they just ate, on the outside of the pot. I've read about the white stuff before but it's harmless from what I understand.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  19. Day 18
    70-75% RH
    1100 ppm x 6
    6.1 ph

    The NL1 isn't growing as vigorously as the NL2 with no roots coming out the sides of the pot yet but taking well to the LST. NL2 is bushy and needs to curve at some point as the LST has the apical near the edge of the pot. I did remove some larger fan leaves and pinned some branches away from the main stem to let light and air in.

    I just lifted the NL1 only for it to make me a liar. It has roots coming out the bottom lol. I filled the res back up and went full strength on the CaliMagic.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  20. Day 19
    70-75% RH
    1110 ppm x 6
    6.1 Ph

    Training is going well. I have been defoliating larger fan leaves from the main stem that were blocking light, not receiving light, or packed between branches that had adequate growth. NL1 hasn't been as defoliated as the other but it's leaves are far narrower and less bushy and it's growth has been a tad slower. NL2 is leafy with many branches and I've defoliated more fan leaves from its main stem but the goal is to have them circle the pots and get plenty of light.

    I'm thinking once flowering starts I'm going to bump the feeds to 8x a day, every three hours. I received some free Bud Candy(?) from the hydro store that I'll use I guess. All the side branches are 2-4" long and I've pulled them all away from the main stem forming leafy walls.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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