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Damien's Photo Grow: Malawi X Panama Edition

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by damien50, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Thanks to the fine folks here I bought myself some Ace Seeds gear. Without further ado

    4x4 tent
    HLG 480h 42a
    12 x Bridgelux EBb 3000k
    3 gallon smart pots
    Coco coir Botanicare
    Pure blend pro/Liquid Karma/CaliMagic
    FIM - Hopefully
    Monster Crop - Hopefully
    6 x Malawi x Panama Fem

    Just put these seeds in last night after charging the coco with 500ppm at 5.8ph. Controllers are set for 75-80f and 70-75% RH.

    Never scrogged before, second time growing photos, and first time using LEDs.

    IMG_20190228_181945780.jpg A4DA222C98FF.png
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  2. exciting. Do you go bean to bud in those 3 gals? I too grow under bridgelux with a few cree in the rig. How many watts are you pulling? And what is your lamp height? 3-12-19.jpg
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  3. 480 watts. Yeah I'm going seed to flower then switching to eventually cloning. I plan to pheno hunt this strain and Northern Lights. The light is around 48" or more right now
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  4. They have all germinated. Pictures of my lights too.

    IMG_20190313_174752228.jpg IMG_20190313_174831788.jpg IMG_20190313_174804322.jpg IMG_20190313_174820293.jpg
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  5. I'll start today as

    Day 1
    Coco coir - charged to 580ppm
    Liquid Karma/Pure Blend Pro Hydro
    74-77% RH

    All but one have germinated and to my surprise one of them germinated as twins. Finally got the drip system together, lights dimmed and hung 24" above. Finished setting timers and controllers.

    IMG_20190314_185824958.jpg IMG_20190314_185813070.jpg IMG_20190314_185816518.jpg IMG_20190314_185819977.jpg IMG_20190314_185829053.jpg
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  6. Day 3
    Coco coir - 580ppm/5.8 ph
    Liquid Karma/Pure Blend Pro Hydro
    77-80f Leaf Surface Temp
    74-77% RH
    14350lux/270 PPFD 3000k Average
    12" Light Height

    So I amended my journal format because I don't measure ambient temperature, though the strips are at 75f on average, rather I use an IR gun to adjust my controller to hit 77-80f on my leaves. My fan is strong and lowers leaf temps to 68f if I leave my controller at 80f rather than 82-86f.

    I located a website to convert my lux output, 14350lx on average from leaf level, to umols hence the average 270 PPFD. Though measuring the light on the plants near the walls, they hit around 14700lx whereas the middle plants are around 14000lx. Either way I had my light way too dim before talking and researching what was discussed in that thread.

    The last seed did germinate but it pushed the cotyledon out but the tap root was still in the seed so I covered it up and watered it. Otherwise everyone is growing fine since I adjusted the driver intensity and the color is looking fine so I know I didn't mess up yet.

    IMG_20190316_214729342.jpg IMG_20190316_214853418.jpg IMG_20190316_214849760.jpg IMG_20190316_214733904.jpg IMG_20190316_214736711.jpg
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  7. Day 4
    Coco coir - 850ppm/5.8 ph
    Liquid Karma/Pure Blend Pro Hydro/CaliMagic
    77-80f Leaf Surface Temp
    74-77% RH
    15700lux/300 PPFD 3000k Average
    12" Light Height

    They were looking light this morning and I got to thinking about my water being 188 ppm initially so I figured increasing the ppm to 800 would work better. I tried low initial ppms on my first coco grow and they seemed under fed as well.

    The one that germinated last I had to pull the tap root out of the shell. I watered it separately and I'm hoping it will grow. It had the membrane on the cotedylons which I removed.

    IMG_20190318_202554296.jpg IMG_20190318_202548432.jpg IMG_20190318_202437121.jpg IMG_20190318_202426239.jpg IMG_20190318_202414758.jpg
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