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Day 57 Are Need Help !

Discussion in 'Cannabis Harvesting & Curing' started by Gsclover420, Oct 12, 2018.

Should i harvest :)

Poll closed Oct 19, 2018.
  1. Yes harvest tomorrow

  2. No harvest this 3-7 days later

  1. Hello fellow growers im fairly new to thc farmer but everyone seems to be helpful. Im nearing harvest its day 57 for this french cooke pheno ive tooken macro trichomes pictures if any growers could help me out on weather to harvest that would be very appreciated! ✌
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  2. More pics from 2 days ago
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  3. That looks nice, chop when your ready mate. Personally though I'd keep a close eye on it and leave a little bit longer
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  4. Thanks mate was thinking chop in 3 days but some had told me from another site to chop right now because there getting all amber but i only see about 2-3 amber trichs on each actual bud(pistil) and the rest mainly cloudy
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  5. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Fuck that dude! :) Imo your ambers are on your sugar leaves, those trichomes are older than the ones on your calyxes so they mature earlier. But there are less of them compared to the ones on calyxes, i also cut most of those leaves when trimming for an even smoother smoke.
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  6. Madbud


    Its Christmas
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  7. When would you suggest i harvest her ? I dont want to smoke it and be sleepy i want to be able to walk around and enjoy my high with that indica pain releaver in the backround
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  8. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    You can harvest whenever you want, but its not necessary to harvest now. You can keep it going for couple more days if you like, you know, to give it a good fade and stuff.
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  9. I don't think anyone experienced is going to tell you exactly when to chop. It's up to you, we don't have the time invested in your girls , nor are we there to get a proper look at them. Your pics are good but even the best pics can be deceptive. You are "the man on the ground", it's your call.

    They look early to me too but I won't tell you when to cut. Use your best judgement and lean on your experience.
  10. Your right i wanted her to fade more shes fading on the edges of her leaves her pistils are fat with purple at the end i heard gsc fades from green to purple at week 9 so imma push her 3 to 5 more days to harvest her at week 9 might aswell wait i put to many months into this i just dont want it go fully amber on me even tho i personally see only about 2-3 amber heads on each pistil on the bud and mainly cloudy but there changing from cloudy to amber i heard they can change instanly overnight thats my only concern guess i have to watch her closely then as i push her more thank you all for the feedback ✌
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  11. Your right im the only one that can determine on weather i should harvest just want to hear second opinions thank you for feedback ill push her 3-5 more days she should look good by then i flushed her today her runoff waters light yellow piss color her ph was 6.5 so throught the grow i fed her with fox farm nutes in flower mainly beastie bloomz after week 4 and URB organics humic acid with micro organism
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  12. I grow outdoor and outdoor girls may reach 30-40% before the internal trichs are ready. Indoor flowers tend to have less environmental stress, mainly the sun. I've read that an indoor plant will have only 7-15% amber when the internal trichs are at their peak potency. It also varies from strain to strain. Some Sativa will have no amber before they're ready.

    I'm looking at the sise of the calyxes this year as the primary indicator on my girls. But will still be watching to make sure there's no more than 25% amber. That's just the % I'm comfortable with, not an official %.
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  13. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    From another thread as to when to cut ! But she looks ready mate!
  14. Yeah I reckon a few days like you say, just dont let em all turn
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  15. Did a refresher through the Cannabis Encyclopedia, if that is indoor weed then it's just about perfect and 3 days shouldn't make a difference but 5 is pushing it (if they are perfect, again pics aren't easy for us to tell because lighting can effect whether they look clear or cloudy). If they are outdoor the trich can be predominantly cloudy and some (very little) amber...

    According to the book, clear, well formed resin stalks like these signify indicate it's ready...

    (My review of the The Cannabis Encyclopedia, "It is a fine book and Cervantes should be proud that he didn't make even more spelling/editing errors than the thousands he did, considering how stoned he was while writing/ghost writing it."

    The following pics of photos and text are from the Cannabis Encyclopedia (c)2015, George F. Van Patten, aka Jorge Cervantes.)
    20181013_075234.jpg 20181013_075307.jpg 20181013_074925.jpg 20181013_074936.jpg

    Had to post a review to comply with copyright law and the guidelines stated in the Cannabis Encyclopedia itself.

    I'm of the opinion the top pic would be a good indoor ripeness comparison while the lower pic represents a proper outdoor ripeness, according to The CE.

    Hope this helps some more.
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  16. Seeing all cloudy but today more and more amber popping up today thanks for your help
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  17. Plants leaves noticably turned a lighter green as yesterday i flushed her hipefully she starts eating her leaves soon !
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  18. Jimster


    When you harvest it shouldn't affect much as far as making you sleepy VS making you more functional. Indicas tend to knock you out more/sleepy while Sativas typically are more mentally stimulating. The amount of CBD, CBN, THC and all the other stuff are like a orchestra, with each compound contributing to the music a little bit. Truthfully, I harvest when things look "ready" to me...going by specifics doesn't always work best since all plants mature a little differently. Missing the "best" time by a day or two isn't going to make a real difference in the finished product as much as most folks would imagine the difference. A blind test will usually show that folks can't tell the difference between a few days difference. IMHO.
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  19. I think you're right on the nose.

    It's the "golden week" we're looking to harvest in. I'm aiming for the pinnacle of that week where the terps and stone are just right.
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  20. They look really tasty.