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Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by TheKoreanKid, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Most of my plants are turning around after I nearly killed them before asking for your all's advice on what I was doing wrong. This is one of my two strongest looking plants but I have noticed the tips turning brown and crispy. They are still very young and I am giving straight water, with a ph of 7.5 if it matters and ppm 220ish. Temp hovers around 80, humidity at around 50%. Lights are about 18 inches from them and I have a slight breeze blowing through.
    What are your thoughts?
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  2. The bottom leafs are brown from when I was doing it all wrong, so pay no mind to those. Its the ones at the top of the photo which are just barely tipped brown.
  3. Its time for nutrients. It looks like your plants are a bit nitrogen and magnesium deficient. Feed them and they should begin to green up.
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  4. They are on week 3 "maybe" from sprouting.
  5. great, its time for them to have some food. Don't use full strength on the nutes, start at half strength at most.
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  6. I know its not natural light, just a pic from my gopro time laps. look at insane difference between these plants, the small ones sprouted a few days after the ones not in solo cups. why they so different?
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  7. That is what happens with seeds, they are not all the same. You are experiencing the differences in phenotypes of your variety. Each phenotype (sorry its really genotype) grows differently because of the differences in their genes. Think about siblings, they have the same parents but do not look and grow and act exactly the same, this goes for plants too. Also it looks like you have different medium in your cups than you do in the tote, is that true? If so that is another reason you are seeing differences. But your plants in general are way past the point where they should have been getting nutrients. Start feeding your plants.
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  8. Kot


    Just remove them all and start over. Stressed plants from the beginning do not recover well and produce very little.
  9. I started them all in the same soil and moved the ones you see planted about a week ago to a new enriched soil I mixed.
  10. I wish I was so lucky as to be able to start from scratch. I do not have really access to seeds where I am at unless I make a long drive to a state where I can buy some. I am too nervous to order online.
  11. @Kot isn't wrong, those plants will likely struggle through their life. With that said, how did you come across these plants? How were you expecting to do another round? So while I get that you don't want to start over at some point this grow was coming to an end, from there you would need to either take that trip or order, no?

    Ok, if you are going to try and save them, start giving them some food. You never said what kind of soil you are using in the cups or what the amended soil you are now using is, and that is important information to have if you want help with the problems. Hopefully the new soil mix helps, but ultimately my answer will remain the same as it has in pretty much all my other posts here, feed your plants.
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  12. Soil is nectar for the gods #8
    I mixed with:
    3 cups of worm castings
    3tbs bat guano
    2 tbs lime
    1/2 cup gypsum
    4 cups ground alfalfa

    For watering
    1 tbs molasses
    1/2 tbs liquid kelp
    1/4 tbs bat guano
    1/4 cup alfalfa
    I let this steep overnight.

    I was told to do 3 days of regular water then 1 day of nutrient feed.
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  13. What bat guano? Not all are the same. You may also want to alternate one day feed, one day water. Are you bubbling that mixture or are you just letting it sit in the water?
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  14. Down to earth 9-3-1 and i am bubbling it
  15. Just my opinion, but if I were you, I would just order some seeds online. Nothing will happen bro. They don't search domestic mail, and if you do get some from overseas, they would only throw them away even if they did find them.

    Look at it this way, anyone can mail anything to anyone. That's why they don't go after you. You could easily say you had no clue anyone was sending you mail. If I knew your address, I could mail you seeds right now. Will they arrest you? If I want to get my neighbor arrested, should I just mail her some seeds? lol.
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  16. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Imo the problem is you took an amended soil and amended it some more. That’s asking for trouble. A soil mix like that should be used as is or cut with something inert if you think it’s too nutrient rich.

    Take for instance Fox Farm Ocean Forest. A notoriously hot soil mix. If you were to take this soil and add more amendments to it you’d be in a world of shit. It would burn up your plants in the next room, lol. Now take that same soil and instead dilute it down with some coco coir (or peat moss or anything without much nutrient content) and perlite and you’ve got something you can grow in and not burn your plants up.

    Most soils only need amending when they are lacking. The soil mix you bought wasn’t lacking nutrition from the bag. It’s meant to be used as is without anything extra for a couple weeks and then nutrients should be added as needed. If anything it might have been a little hot for the seedlings but it shouldn’t have been too bad and usually what happens is the plants will be a little stunted and adjust to it and take off on their own after a week or two. To avoid this initial stunting I like to dilute the soil mix down and that seems to do the trick for me.

    Here’s a plant that’s 13 days from seed in a soil mix that’s very light on nutrients. It’s biobizz light mix which has a nutrient content of 0.5 - 0 - 0. It may seem weak but it’s great for young seedlings and freshly rooted clones.

  17. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Your leaf tips are burnt because the soil is at this point practically toxic. The nutrients aren’t being absorbed because the roots are probably burned as well. The best thing to do at this point is some minor flushing with straight tap water and pray that it recovers. Once the roots can get situated and healthy (which is going to require them drying out after the flush) then wait a week or two before feeding them nutrients again.

    Once they start really growing you can gently introduce some ferts at fractional strength. Maybe start at 1/4 strength every other watering and work your way up from there.

    The main reason I know this is because I checked out the soil mix on the Nectar for the Gods website and read about the nutrient content and compared it to their other mixes. It sounds like a rock solid mix straight out of the bag. So much so I might actually give it a try myself. I have been impressed with their other products and feel their nutrient program might be damn near fool proof. They spell everything out for you and that’s pretty cool.

    They have developed a modular nutrient program. You can start simple and add parts to it to make it more robust. Imo that’s ingenious. They have three or four tiers you can choose from. You can start at tier 1 and then add a few parts to it to get to tier 2 and so on until you’ve got the whole line up in use. Now granted it will be expensive by the time you’re finished but you can get their free sample kit for the cost of shipping alone. That will get you in pretty far into the game. And that’s not a bad way of introducing folks to your line of nutrients from a business standpoint.
  18. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Btw I’m not trying to contradict you or anything at all, he has pm’d me a few times to ask for pointers. I did not tell him to do as he has done though. But that’s why I had a little more info than what has been posted here. And why I did a little more research as I was curious about that soil mix as I had no idea NFTG had soil mixes.

    For the record you grow circles around me, hehe. Just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t trying to step on your toes bro :)
  19. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I wouldn't throw em out. Learn everything you can on this grow and use it on the next.
  20. And I swear I am not trying to blow off any of the advice you have given me! You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink lol.
    I am doing my best to apply different things of different people's advice on the matter.
    I am out of the country for the next 20 days so I have given a close friend instructions written out as how to take care of them while I am gone. I FULLY expect to come home to dead plants, I will just have to order some seeds when I get home and do it right. I will order some starting soil like you have suggested. As for the full on grow portion, what soil mix would you tell me to use?
    Thanks for all the help everyone!
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